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A- GRAMMAR (56p.)

I- Complete the sentences using “do, does, don’t, doesn’t” (8p.)

1- __________ she work in a hospital? Yes, she does.

2- What _________ you do in the evenings?

3- Chase __________ go to school at weekends.

4- My parents __________ eat fast food.

II- Fill in the blanks. Use “their, his, its, your, my, our, her” (8p.)

1- This is my dog “Bonnie”. _________ ears are very big.

2- My mother is good at cooking. __________ best dish is Mantı.

3- Are you new at this school? Is it ________ first day here?

4- I have a lot of dresses, but ________ favourite one is the blue one.

III- Circle the correct one (12p.)

Usually, Greg (1)eat / eats /is eating anything he wants and (2)don’t worry /doesn’t worry / isn’t worrying about what it (3)do / does / is doing to his body. Now, he (4)compete / competes / is competing in swimming and has to change his eating habits.

IV- Circle the correct one (8p.)

1- You have to / must stop when you see this sign.

2- You needn’t / can’t make U turn.

3- You don’t have to / mustn’t pass at the red light.

4- You can’t / have to go below 80 kph.

V- Look at the picture and complete the sentences with the correct preposition (8p.)

1- The teddy bear is ____________ the bed.

2- There are some books __________ the floor and ________________ the desk.

3- The alarm clock is ______________ the table lamp.

4- The window is ______________ the bed and the desk.

VI- Put the words into the correct order to make questions (12p.)

1- yesterday / were/ where/ you _____________________________________________?

2- have / fun / at the party / she / did _____________________________________________?

3- visit / did / who / you / last weekend _____________________________________________?


I- Complete the sentences using the words given below (10p.)

“distinguish – fly – communicate – live – reach”

1- Camels can _______________ for a month without drinking water.

2- Penguins have got wings but they can _____________.

3- Giraffes can ____________ at the top branches of the trees.

4- Cats can __________________ the colours.

5- Dolphins can ________________ each other by whistles.

C- WRITING (14p.)

I- Write questions about the pictures and give answers as in the example (6p.)

E.g. (walk) Is she walking?

No, she isn’t. She is sleeping.

1- (laugh)

___________________________________________? (1p.)

___________________________________________. (2p.)

2- (play the guitar)

___________________________________________? (1p.)

___________________________________________. (2p.)

II- Look at the chart and write sentences about what Jack and Angie “can” and “can’t” do (8p.)

speak English drive a car play the piano do the ironing ride a horse

Jack ü ü X X X

Angie ü X X ü X

E.g. Jack and Angie can speak English.

1- Jack _________________________ but Angie _____________.

2- Jack and Angie ______________________________________.

3- Angie _______________________________ but Jack ___________.

4- Jack and Angie ________________________________________.


Lost was a television series on the American TV channel ABC. It was on screen from 2004 to 2010, consisting of six seasons. It became very popular and spread all over the world. The story was about the survivors of a plane crash on a mysterious tropical island in the Pacific Ocean. It had a very large cast and a real setting, so it cost a fortune as a TV series.

Because of its great success, Lost took part on the list of top ten series of all time. Almost 16 million US viewers watched each episode of the first season, and it had over 11 million viewers during its final season. Lost won a lot of awards including the Emmy Award, the British Academy Television Awards, the Golden Globe Award and US Screen Actors Guild Award.

I- Read the text and write True(T) or False (F) (20p.)

1- The ABC channel broadcast Lost for ten years. ____

2- The number of the viewers decreased during 6 seasons. ____

3- The director shot Lost in Hollywood Studios. ____

4- US viewers can still watch the new episodes of Lost on the ABC channel. ____

5- Lost was a very expensive TV production. ____


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