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2006 uds ingilizce saglik bilimleri mart

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2006 uds ingilizce saglik bilimleri mart

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1.In England, the general public’s —- of medical advice from the government stems from the fact that, in the past, such information has often proved vastly inaccurate.

A) approval              B) inadequacy        C) mistrust distraction              E) preference

2.Many researchers now focus on poverty and poor education as explanations for —- mortality.

A) probable             B) intense                C) preventive               D) occasional             E) excess

3.Heart disease, stroke and lung cancer —- constitute 35 per cent of all deaths in the US.

A) together               B) readily                 C) exactly              D) fairly                 E) well

4. Controlled diet studies —- that saturated fat increases cholesterol levels.

A) prescribed          B) confirmed           C) disturbed             D) regretted          E) deduced

5.The worst fires firemen have to —- are those that emit stifling smoke and noxious gases.

A) take over             B) put over               C) fill out               D) cope with            E) pull through

6.The correct time to start a baby on solid food —- its needs and readiness.

A) builds up           B) depends on            C) cares for         D) puts forward          E) slows down

7.Most of the world’s population —- on natural exposure to sunlight —- adequate vitamin D nutrition.

  1. relies / to maintain
  2. has relied / to have maintained
  3. used to rely / would have maintained
  4. will rely / having maintained
  5. is relying / to be maintaining

8.Shanghai —- curb pollution or its citizens —- rapidly increasing ill health.

  1. needs to / have faced
  2. had to / had faced
  3. has to / will have faced
  4. will have to / would face
  5. must / will face

9.Any drug development effort —- neurodegenerative disorders —- carefully any possible side effects.

  1. combating / would have examined
  2. to combat / will have to examine
  3. to have combated / will examine
  4. having combated / had examined
  5. to be combated / would have to examine

10.Foot massages —- those who —- balance problems.

A) may have helped / are having

B) will help / had

C) could help / have

D) have helped / would have

E) would have helped / may have

11.Until quite recently, no one —- the deadly germ that causes anthrax —- outside a living host.

A) had thought / would have thrived

B) thinks / is thriving

C) has thought / will thrive

D) would think / had thrived

E) thought / could thrive

12.Bleeding after oral surgery can usually be stopped —- keeping steady pressure —- the surgical site for the first hour.

A) for / to                  B) in / to                    C) with / up                      D) by / on              E) from / of

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