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2019 ydt ingilizce

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 As soon as the computer was invented, a growing —- for computers by scientists and engineers evolved, and numerous universities started their own projects to produce them in the 1940s. isolation concern
awareness demand

Any mental exercise helps cognition —- building, lengthening, or strengthening the pathways that carry information —- neurons. in / upon at / with
off / from towards / beneath
by / betwee


Global warming will bring significant changes to the world as a whole, but the particular types and scales of these impacts will be (16)—- affected by local conditions. Climate change will not just have general global effects, but (17)—- time it will create specific impacts within your very own neighbourhood. Because the changes people will face vary from place to place, local governments will be best equipped to address these problems as one-size-fits-all solutions (18)—-. National governments that signed and ratified the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change agreed to undertake adaptation planning. Several countries, (19)—- the Dominican Republic, Cuba, and others in the Caribbean, are also undertaking regional planning. But fundamentally, (20)—- climate change is happening globally, people need to react locally.
profoundly unintentionally
lightly cautiously


Because of increased migration, geographical proximity, and/or political conquest and colonisation, —-.
bilingualism is often defined as proficiency in both languages
in many countries, monolingualism represents the natural or norm of language development
multilingual education programs aim for proficiency in more than two languages
bilingual education is the instruction that uses two languages as the media of instruction
few countries today can claim monolingualism as the nor


Jesse Jackson fought for the rights of African Americans during the civil rights movement of the 1960s. Later on he became involved in politics and world affairs. Jackson joined the civil rights movement when he was a student. In 1965, he began working for a civil rights group led by the famous Martin Luther King, Jr. In 1971, Jackson founded the group People United to Save Humanity (PUSH). This group helped African Americans to get jobs and to open businesses. In 1984, he founded the National Rainbow Coalition (NRC) to help all kinds of people, not just African Americans. Jackson ran for President of the United States in 1984 and 1988. While he did not win either time, he did better than any other African American presidential candidates who had come before him. Jackson also gained a lot of attention for his role in world affairs. He spoke out against apartheid (separation of the races) in South Africa and took part in peace talks in the Middle East. He also worked with several countries to free US citizens being held as prisoners.
 What can be inferred from the passage about the African Americans in the 1970s? No one was willing to help them during this time.
It was difficult for them to find employment.
They were all members of the PUSH.
They were not allowed to run for president.
They were held in prisons in several other countries


Teacher:  Have you ever read a book by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle?
Student:  Yes. I’ve just finished reading The Return of Sherlock Holmes.
Teacher:  —
Student:  Because it’s the collected short-story adventures published after the Great Detective’s return from the dead. Can you tell us what you really liked about the book?
Why do you think the book is called so?
Do you know why the first one was titled Sherlock Holmes?
Why does the writer have a collection of stories?
Why is Sherlock Holmes so famous in fiction?


As shown in a study in which young adults became better sleepers after three weeks of listening to classical music at bedtime, music can have a profound effect on our lives. A study has found out that listening to classical music at bedtime for three weeks helped young adults sleep better, demonstrating how strongly music affects our lives.
According to the results of a study, young adults should listen to classical music at bedtime for three weeks to increase their sleep quality since music has a deep effect on our lives.
As proven in a three-week study, bedtime classical music has a significant effect on our lives, particularly helping young adults improve their sleep quality.
Thanks to the profound effect of classical music, young adults were able to become better sleepers at the end of a study after listening to it at bedtime for three weeks.
Music can impact our lives to a great extent, as young adults who listened to classical music regularly at bedtime in a study were able to sleep better for three weeks.


 Your friends have invited you to a concert; however, you have already made plans with your grandmother to go shopping for an upcoming special occasion. So, you tactfully decline their offer by saying: —Sure, as soon as I finish shopping with my grandmother, I’ll be at the concert hall. See you all there!
Thanks for the invitation guys, but I’ve promised my grandma that I’d help out with some shopping as we have a party coming up.
I’d rather spend the day with my grandmother shopping than go see a concert with you. It just doesn’t sound fun to me.
I’m afraid I’ll have to pass. I’ve promised my grandma that we’d hang out together and then see a concert.
I can’t believe my favourite singer is in town. Can I also bring my grandma to the concert?


A scientist at Japan’s Osaka University built a robot for one purpose: to pretend to listen to you. When two or more are placed together, they will simulate people having a conversation. If a human attempts to join in, the robots will smile, nod, and respond to comments by saying things like "I see" or "interesting point". They will not actually understand what has been said, but will appear to. —- But the motivation behind the robot was to try and model the subtle body language and polite niceties that are so important to conversation. This is, of course, an entirely pointless achievement.
Robots that seem more ‘human’ and less intimidating are being built.
Equally important for roboticists is an understanding of human psychology.
The team hope to make robots with more realistic behaviours.
There must be a balance between the psychological and the scientific when building a robot.


 By looking at what you click and the pages you like, some social media companies can infer your preferences, then use this information to target you with adverts. Bazı sosyal medya şirketleri, tıkladığınız şeylere ve beğendiğiniz sayfalara bakabilir ve böylelikle tercihlerinizle ilgili sonuçlara ulaşarak size reklam gönderebilir.
Bazı sosyal medya şirketleri, tıkladığınız şeylere ve beğendiğiniz sayfalara bakarak tercihlerinizle ilgili sonuçlara ulaşabilir, sonra da bu bilgiyi size reklam göndermek için kullanabilir.
Sizi reklama boğmak amacıyla bazı sosyal medya şirketleri, tercihlerinizle ilgili bilgilere ulaşmak için tıkladığınız şeylere ve beğendiğiniz sayfalara bakmaktadır.
Tercihlerinizle ilgili sonuçlara ulaşmak amacıyla bazı sosyal medya şirketleri tıkladığınız şeylere ve beğendiğiniz sayfalara reklam gönderebilir.
Bazı sosyal medya şirketlerinin tıkladığınız şeylere ve beğendiğiniz sayfalara bakarak tercihlerinizle ilgili sonuçlara ulaşmak istemelerinin sebebi, size reklam göndermektir.


Düşen doğum oranları ve yaşlanan nüfus sonucunda, bazı zengin ülkeler küçülecek ve daha az etkili olacaktır. Some rich countries with falling birth rates and aging population will get smaller and less influential as a result.
As a result of falling birth rates and aging population, some rich countries will become smaller and less effective.
Decreasing birth rates and aging population are the reason why some rich countries are getting smaller and less efficient.
Falling birth rates and aging population will eventually cause some of the rich countries to become smaller and less effective. 
Getting smaller and less influential is the consequence of decreasing birth rates and aging population in some rich countries. 


 (I) One essential requirement of healthy nourishment is that a meal must be complete. (II) In other words, it must supply all types of nutrients, those used for structural purposes (protein), those used for energy purposes (carbohydrates and fats), and those used for regulatory functions (minerals and vitamins). (III)  Only consuming a variety of products from different food groups will guarantee the supply of diverse nutrients that the body needs. (IV)  One should not take up even a standard diet without consulting with a doctor. (V) That is to say, only a varied diet containing different types of food can provide the body with the range of nutrients that it requires. I II III IV V

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