8 sinif ingilizce teen life testi

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İngilizce Dersi 8. sınıf 2. Ünite Teen Life Testi

1 – 3. Soruları aşağıdaki tabloya göre yapınız.

Şeyma Fikret

read a book go shopping sometimes

ride a bike play football usually

study English ride a bike always

play football study English never

go shopping read a book often

1. How often does Şeyma play football? A) often B) never C) sometimes D) always

2.What does Fikret always do?

A) He goes shopping. B) He reads a book. C)He rides a bike. D) He studies English

3. Does Şeyma always ride a bike?

A) No, she doesn’t. She rides a horse. B) Yes, she always rides a bike. C) No, she doesn’t. She sometimes rides a bike D)No. She usually rides a bike.

4. A: What kind of music do you want to listen, pop or rock? B: I don’t like pop much. I prefer ____ to _____.

A)pop/pop B) rock/rock C) pop/rock D)rock/pop

5. Sarah and William never get on well. They always _______ whenever they run across.

A) argue B) have fun C) chat D) stay late

6. She always leaves our room in a mess. It is really ______. I hate this situation.

A) nerd B) fun C) trendy D)unbearable

7. This isn’t a formal party. So you can wear ______ outfits.

A) casual B) formal C) trendy D) fashion

8. Serkan is a really _______ boy. I have never seen him smile

A) funny B) serious C)ridiculous D) tidy

9-11. sorular aşağıdaki paragrafa göredir.

A uniquely acrobatic and energetic game, bossaball is an exciting blend of sport, music and great fun. It includes elements of volleyball, football and gymnastics. Players play it on a specially designed inflatable platform integrated with trampolines in the middle. It is possible to play bossaball without music but Bossa Nova tunes usually sets the rhythm of the game and it is a major feature of the sport.

9. Which one is false? A) Bossaball is a game similar to volleyball. B) It is played on a platform. C) People play it usually with music. D) People can’t play it without music.

10. It is an acrobatic game and includes elements of gymnastics because __________.

A) only gymnasts can play this game B) players perform gymnastic moves C) It is played in a gym D) Bossa Nova is an acrobat

11. Bossa Nova is a major feature of the sport because __________________.

A) it sets the rhythm of the game B) it is the basic rule of the game C) it is the name of the platform D) it means new game.

12. A: Why don’t you come with us? B: _________, I don’t like that singer. So, I prefer staying at home to listening her.

A) I’d love to B) Of course,yes C) To be honest D) It sounds great

13. Kerem always watch thrillers. He is crazy about them. He is ___________ romances.

A) fond of B)keen on C) interested in D)sick of

14. Yonca likes hip-hop. She ____ likes hip-hop.

A) and B) but C) also D) so

15. Gonca is ill. ___, she can’t come with us. A) And B) But C) Also D) So

16. A: What do you think about trying zorbing? B: I don’t know even what it is. A: Well, imagine that you are in a big transparent plastic ball and you are rolling. B: Keep it away from me. That is ________. Everybody will laugh at us.

A) fun B) ridiculous C) terrific D) trendy

17-19. sorular aşağıdaki bilgiye göre yapılacaktır.


17. Elif and Ece are good friends. They are going to ______ concert together.

A) fish B) trailer C) rock D) romance

18. Elif isn’t an emotional girl. She is crazy about horror and prefers watching _______to ______.

A) TV/reading B) trailer/romance C) romance/trailer D) reading/TV

19. Elif _________ watching romances. A) can’t stand B) is keen on C) is fond of D) loves

20. A: I feel sorry for Mine. She always studies too much to be successful. She has no fun in her life. B: You’re right. She likes _______.

a) chatting b)eating c)sleeping d)studying


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