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assus was the tomb for King Mausolus. Although King Mausolus was not a great king like his father, he ruled the kingdom for 24 years. Halicarnassus was his capital. After the King died, his wife Artemisia built the tomb in his memory.

The mausoleum was a very big building, 40 meters long and 45 meters high.There was a pyramid roof. The architects decorated it with a lot of statues. The mausoleum was very beautiful with statues of people, lions, horses, and other animals in it. Queen Artemisia died two years after her husband. They put her next to her husband in the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus. The tomb didn’t finish when Queen Artemisia died. They built this mausoleum around 353 BC. It stood strong for 16 centuries. Then, an earthquake damaged the columns and the roof. In 1522, Knights of Rhodes used the stones to make a castle.And so, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world came to an end.

A.Read the text and mark the statements True(T) or False(F).(8×2=16 pts)

1.________The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus was for a king’s dead body.

2.________King Mausolus’ father was a successful king.

3.________Halicarnassus was the centre of the government.

4.________The height of the mausoleum was 30-40 metres.

5.________The mausoleum didn’t have a roof.

6.________The mausoleum only had the statues of people.

7.________They finished the mausoleum after Artemisia died.

8.________We can not see the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus today.

B.Transform the sentences into Past Simple.(6×2=12 pts)

1.Thomas is at the meeting now. ( two hours ago) 4.John and Cindy aren’t at the school today.(yesterday) ________________________________________. _________________________________________.

2.My father paints the garage every year.(last year) 5.My mother makes a pizza on Sundays.( last Sunday)

________________________________________. __________________________________________.

3.I don’t go to school at weekends.(last weekend) 6.What time does she have breakfast in the morning?(yesterday)

_______________________________________. ___________________________________________.

C. Fill in the blanks with WAS / WASN’T / WERE / WEREN’T / DID / DIDN’T. One is extra.(5×2=10 pts)

A: (1)…………….you watch the horror film on TV last night?

B: No, I (2)……………. (3)…………….it good?

A: No,it (4)……………..good. I didn’t like it.

B: Who (5)………….the actors?

A: I can’t remember their names. I don’t think they are well-known.

D.Complete the sentences with the words/phrases below.(7×2=14 pts)

spicy / sunglasses / massive / book / travel agency / ancient / departures

1.My brother enjoys reading books about _____________times.

2.I want to ___________ an air ticket to London,please.

3.Don’t forget to take your ________________ with you to the beach.

4.Let’s call a/an __________________and ask for information about a trip to Sydney.

5.People in countries like India and Thailand prefer ______________food.

6.Passengers can wait at the ____________ lounge until the plane gets ready to fly.

7.In New York,there are a lot of _______________buildings with more than 50 floors.

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E. Match the words/phrases with situations.(6X2=12 pts)

…….1. when you are surprised a. Unfortunately.

……. 2. when you are sure b. As far as I remember…

……. 3. when you want to learn about a past event c. I’m going to…

……. 4. when you are sorry for something d. How come!

……. 5. when you are unsure about something e. I can clearly remember that…

……. 6. when you have a plan for the future f. Can you tell me what happened?

F. Fill in the blanks with the correct linker from the box. (6X2=12 pts)

because and but Although Also so

There are a lot of places I haven’t visited yet 1. __________ the place I would like to visit most is Rome.2.____________ it is famous for beaches, food, fine art and history. Rome is the capital of Italy, which is located in south-central Europe, 3. ___________ there are a lot of sandy beaches. 4.___________, I want to taste Italian food. 5.___________ the most famous Italian food is pizza and pasta, my favourite is pizza margherita. Another reason why I want to visit Rome is the rich history and ancient Roman architecture. There are so many famous places such as the Colosseum 6. __________Vatican city. As they say; “ All roads lead to Rome”.

G. Complete the blanks with a suitable word by looking at responses.(7×2=14 pts)

Travel agent: (1) _________airline would you like to travel with?

Customer: I’d like to book a ticket at Skyline, please.

Travel agent: (2) ________ are you going to travel?

Customer: I’d like to travel on 21st February in the morning.(3)_____________does it take?

Travel agent: It takes about four hours to Edinburgh. (4)Would you like to_______a single or return ticket?

Customer: I haven’t decided when to turn back, so a single ticket please.

Travel agent: (5) Would you like to travel on a window or ________seat?

Customer: A window seat, please. I’d like to look out of the window. (6) _____________does it cost ?

Travel agent: It costs €350 for standard class. (7) __________would you like to pay?

Customer : By credit card.

H. LISTENING (2+8=10 pts)

A.You will listen to two announcements at the airport. Circle what each announcement is about.(2X1=2pts)

a.Announcement 1 is about boarding / gate change / delay

b.Announcement 2 is about boarding / gate change / delay

B. Listen again and write the missing information.(4×2=8 pts)

A1. Flight number: _____________________ A2.Flight number: _________________

A1. Destination: _______________________ A2.Gate number: _________________


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