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Choose the correct answer.

1- These are my apples. You can’t eat ________.

a. they b. them c. it d. theirs

2- _________ invite some friends for the weekend?

a. How about b. How about

c. Why don’t we d. Are we

3- No frog has _________ Rosie in the frog jumping contest.

a. beaten b. run in to c. inspired d. set

4- Bruce knows Janet, _________ he?

a. does b. doesn’t c. do d. don’t

5- _________ Sam and Dean _________ the rules?

a. Were / knowing b. Does / knows c. Are / knowing d. Do / know

6- I finished my project while I _________ television.

a. had watched b. was watch c. was watching d. watch

7- My sister _________ a cake. It is still hot.

a. makes b. made c. has made d. will make

8- I think people _________ electronic cars in the future.

a. are going to drive b. drive c. will drive d. are driving

9- We liked_______________________.

a. old,green, wooden bathroom. b. green,wooden,old bathroom.

c. wooden,old,green bathroom. d. old,wooden,green bathroom.

10- Kelly hasn’t got _________ flour for the cake. She’ll go and buy _________.

a. some/any b. any/some c. many/any d. any/—

11- There are eleven players in the team, but Servet is _________ of them all.

a. better b. the best c. best d. better than

12- “Julia is younger than she looks” means _________.

a. Julia is as old as she looks. b. Julia isn’t as old as she looks.

c. Julia is older than she looks. d. Julia is very old.

13- I _________ in Paris for long time. I really didn’t like it.

a. am living b. have lived c. living d. live

14- I haven’t seen George since he went to Spain last June.

a. I have seen George recently. b. I didn’t see George in Spain.

c. I have never seen George. d. The last time I saw George was last June.

15- Helen is a doctor. She _________ in a hospital but today, she _________ at home.

a. works/is staying b. is working/is staying c. is working/stays d. works/stays

16- Which sentence is correct?

a. Tom and Tim plays football together. b. Jason was watched a film on TV last night.

c. She didn’t do his homework. d. There was some food in the fridge.

17- In recent years Ayvalık has become one of _________ tourist destinations in Turkey.

a. most popular b. much popular c. the most popular d. popular

18- Jeff hasn’t got enough Money ,if he ______ enough money,he ______ a new mobile phone.

a. had/will buy b. has/will buy

c. has/would buy d. had/would buy

19- If we _________ on time , we ________ the 10:20 train. Hurry up!

a. arrive/can catch b. will arrive/catch c. arrives/catches d. arrived/could catch

20- Sue has _________ made a cheesecake. Would you like a piece?

a. yet b. since c. ever d. just

21- It hasn’t snowed here _________ February.

a. for b. already c. since d. yet

22- _________ sky is very clear today.

a. A b. An c. Nothing d. The

23- Last night Mrs. and Mr. Wood _________ at the cinema. The film _________ perfect.

a. were/was b. was/was c. are /wasn’t d. was/wasn’t

24- He is _________ to drive a car. He is 15 years old.

a. enough young b. as young c. too young d. too old

25- Last night I had a dream about ghosts.

a. Oh really? b. What’s wrong? c. That’s a good idea. d. I’ll join you.

26- When they went to Alaska, they rode in a dog _________.

a. skin b. sled c. tour d. match

27- Boys like _________ judo.

a. doing b. playing c. going d. making

28- This person is busy with news in a newspaper.

a. student b. dentist c. journalist d. bus driver

29- Brigitte is from Paris. Her nationality is ___________.

a. France b. French c. English d. England

30- You’ll need a _________ to play baseball.

a. racquet b. cash c. knee pad d. muscle

31- Getting on a train is _________ getting on a bus.

a. the cheapest b. cheaper than c. cheap as d. more cheap

32- _________ to imagine that you were a superhero when you were a child?

a. Did you use b. Did you used c. You used d. Were you use

33- Giovani _________ gold medal so far.

a. did’t win b. hasn’t won c. isn’t winning d. will win

34- During my travels I have seen lots of________sport and races.

a-weird b-imagine c-promise d-crowd

35-If I _____the bus, I______a taxi.

a-will miss/ will get b-miss / get c-will miss/ get d- miss/ will get


Choose the best answer according to text.


Would you like to learn to speak Mandarin, the main language of the Chinese people? Do you think it’s a good idea to learn about environmental problems like climate change at school? In the UK today schools want to teach new subjects, not traditional ones. They want to teach students about things that are important today.

For example, China is becoming a very important country for business. Some teachers think it’s better for students to learn Mandarin at school than Spanish or French. At the moment French is the most popular language in UK schools but it’s not very useful for the students’ future jobs.

Geography lessons are also changing. Some people think it’s more important to learn about modern environmental problems in geography than to learn about continents and countries.

A lot of people don’t like the changes. They think it’s important for children to study traditional subjects at schools and learn different subjects later. Of course, parents want their children to learn EVERYTHING but unfortunately there isn’t enough time in the day and I’m sure children don’t want to stay at school in the evenings too!

Choose the best answers acording to text.

36- Today in the UK…

a. children can go to China.

b. schools want to teach new subjects.

c. children don’t like languages.

37- The French language…

a. is very difficult.

b. is useful for work.

c. is popular in UK schools.

38- In Geography…

a. students don’t learn important things.

b. teachers want to teach students about modern problems.

c. students like learning about countries.

39- Which sentence is true?

a. Everyone wants these changes.

b. The students want the changes.

c. Only some people want the changes.

40- Parents…

a. would like their children to learn more things.

b. want to teach their children important things.

c. want their children to stay at school in the evenings.

Each one has 2.5 points GOODLUCK Time 45 minutes

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