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Elementary Test 13

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Elementary Test 13

Elementary Test 13


Elementary Test 13

– Question forms (Why-how many- how much)

– Why questions

– Adverbs and adjectives

1. “_____ did the first man walk on the moon?”

“In 1969.”

A) When B) Where C) Who D) What


2. “_____ did she marry?”

“She married to John.”

A) What B) Who C) Which D) Why


3. A _____ dog.

A) bigger than B) big C) biggest D) the biggest


4. A _____ driver.

A) care B) careful C) carefully D) the careful


5. She ran _____.

A) quick B) quicker C) quickly D) the quickly


6. He drives too _____ .

A) fastly B) fast C) faster D) fastest


7. What is the story _____?

A) of B) on C) at D) about


8. What happened _____ the end of the story?

A) on B) in C) at D) from

9. The train leaves _____ platform 9.

A) of B) at C) from D) for


10. “_____ did you buy your new jacket?”

“At supermarket.”

A) What B) Where C) When D) How


11. “_____ did you pay ?”

“$ 1000.”

A) How many B) How

C) How much D) Which one


12. “_____ did you buy?”

“A new jacket.”

A) Who B) When C) How much D) What


13 . _____ did you buy with?

A) Which one B) Why C) When D) Who




14. “_____ did you go?”

“This morning.”

A) Why B) What C) When D) How


15. “_____ did you go?”

“To buy some new clothes.”

A) When B) Why C) Where D) How


16. “_____ did you go?”

“To the shops.”

A) When B) Why C) Where D) How


17. “_____ did you go?”

“By car.”

A) When B) Why C) How much D) How


18. “_____ do you want to go?”

“To Paris.”

A) Why B) Where C) How D) What


19. “_____ is she?”

“Our cousin.”

A) Who B) What C) How D) Where

20. “_____ old was she?”

“60 years old.”

A) What B) How much C) How many D) How


21. _____ you like learning English?

A) Does B) Are C) Do D) Have


22. What _____ you do last night?

A) does B) did C) do D) done


23. How many languages _____ your mother speak?

A) do B) are C) does D) is


24. When _____ you go shopping last?

A) do B) does C) are D) did


25. _____ do you weigh?

A) How many B) How C) How much D) What


26. Smoking is a _____ habit.

A) badly B) worth C) worst D) bad


27. The team played _____ and lost the match.

A) badly B) worth C) worst D) bad


28. Please listen _____ .

A) careful B) carefully C) care D) carely

29. The homework was the _____.

A) easy B) easier C) easily D) easiest


30. Peter’s very _____ at tennis. He won the game.

A) goodly B) well C) good D) best


31. I know the Prime Minister _____ .

A) good B) best C) better D) well


32. My husband’s a _____ cook.

A) bad B) worst C) badly D) worse


33. Teachers work _____, but they don’t earn much money.

A) hardly B) harder C) hard D) hardest


34. Lunch is a _____ meal for many people.

A) quick B) quickly C) quicker D) quickest


35. Life in New York is very _____ .

A) excited B) exciting C) exciter D) excitely


36. The teacher was _____ when nobody did the homework.

A) annoyed B) annoying C) annoy D) annoys


37. The news is very _____ .

A) worried B) worrying C) worry D) worringly


38. Everybody was very _____ about you.

A) worried B) worrying C) worry D) worringly


39. The game of tennis was very _____ .

A) tired B) tire C) tiring D) tires


40. “_____ did the story take place?”

“A long time ago.”

A) How many B) What C) Where D) When


41. We use adverbs _____ the beginning and the end of a sentence, but

sometimes _____ the middle of a sentence.

A) at / in B) in / at C) on / at D) at / on


42. A train leaves _____ Berlin and arrives _____ Bonn in time.

A) from / to B) from / in C) from / at D) in / from




43. A plane arrived _____ the airport _____ .

A) in / late B) at / lately C) at / late D) in / lately


44. What is the story _____?

A) in B) from C) off D) about

45. A – _____ is it _____ London _____ New York?

B – 6000 km.

A) How long / from / to B) How fast / to / from

C) How much / from / to D) How wide / from / to


46. My friend never comes school _____. He is always _____.

A) early / late B) early / lately

C) earlily / lately D) earlily / late


47. At first we draw _____ then _____.

A) quickly / slowly B) quick / slowly

C) quickly / slow D) quick / slow


48. They are _____ readers, they read _____.

A) slowly / hard B) slow / hard

C) slow / hardly D) slowly / hardly


49. I turned around _____, because there was a _____ shout.

A) immediately / sudden B) immediate / suddenly

C) immediate / sudden B) immediately / suddenly


50. Are you _____? Or is the book _____?

A) boring / boring B) boring / bored

C) bored / bored D) bored / boring


51. A- I am really _____ about my exam marks.

B- Oh, no! You are sometimes so _____.

A) worried / tired B) worried / tiring

C) worrying / tired D) worrying / tiring


52. I am _____ in the Mexican Culture, because it is _____ .

A) interesting / excited B) interested / exciting

C) interesting / exciting D) interesting / excited


53. Be _____! Walk _____.

A) careful / quietly B) careful / quiet

C) carefully / quietly D) carefully / quiet


54. She paints _____; she is a _____ painter.

A) goodly / well B) goodly / good

C) well / good D) good / good




1-A 2-B 3-B 4-B 5-C 6-B 7-D 8-C 9-C 10-B 11-C 12-D 13-D 14-C 15-B 16-C 17-D 18-B 19-A 20-D 21-C 22-B 23-C 24-D 25-C 26-D 27-A 28-B 29-D 30-C 31-D 32-A 33-C 34-A 35-B 36-A 37-B 38-A 39-C 40-D 41-A 42-B 43-C 44-D 45-A 46-A 47-A 48-B 49-A 50-D 51-B 52-B 53-A 54-C

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