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ever never for since worksheet

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ever never for since worksheet

ever never for since worksheet


 Fill in the blanks with the appropriate one of  “ ever” or  “ never” .


A: Have you ________ seen a  ghost?

B: No, I have _________ seen  a ghost.


A: Have you _______ flown a kite ?

B: No, I have _______ flown a kite.


I have _______ had  such a bad accident.


A: Have you _______ eaten Sushi?

B:  Yes, I have.


My father has _______ broken his leg.


Mert has _______ travelled by a plane.


A: Has Emir ________ had a nightmare?

B: Yes,he has.


A: Have you _________ swum in a pool ?

B: Yes, I have .


Murat has __________ taken  photos of touristic places.


A : Have you _________ gone hiking?

B : No, I have _________ gone hiking.


A : Have you  __________ collected  stamps?

B : Yes, I have.


A: Have you ___________ seen  a UFO ?

B : No, I have ___________ seen a UFO.


A: Have you ___________ seen a polar bear?

B: No, we have ___________ seen a polar bear.


Fill in the blanks with  “ me too” or “ meneither” .

I’ve been to Africa.          

I have  flown to Germany.  

I haven’t eaten spaghetti. 

I ‘ve never seen a Scottish man with a kilt.      

I ‘ve never seen Turkey. 

I’ve visited the Louvre Museum.


Circle the correct option.

Tessa : Trevor. I ‘ ve  just / already talked to  dad and he’s told me that  you haven’t finished your assignments. Have you finished  your homework already /yet ?

Trevor : Yes,I have just / already finished it. Are  you going to make dinner ?

Tessa : No, I have just / already made it. It is in the oven. Would you like something to eat ?

Trevor : No thanks, I’ve just / already eaten a hamburger. Have you finished  washing the dishes  just / yet ?

Tessa : No,I haven’t . Have you tidied your room already / yet ?

Trevor : No, not . I’ll do it in a minute. What about you?

Tessa : I have already /just  tidied mine.


a) Think about the expressions written dark.


I have been interested in psychology since the beginning of our conversation.

I have been interested  in science since I started primary school.

You have been  interested in psychology for  the  last  ten minutes.


b) Choose the correct one .

1. Do the expressions in 1. and 2. sentences

show for the  _________  of an action.

starting   b)  the length  of time

2. Does the expression in 3. Sentence show for  the  _________ of an action.

      a) starting    b) the length of time


For + the length of time  for an action




Since + the starting time of an action

For hours

      three weeks

      six months

      ten years

      many years

      a short time

Since  four o’clock

           15 July

           May 1960

           I was a child 

           I saw you last 


Mark the corrcert answer.

Lisa has been a professional singer _________ 1980.

since      b) for


So far, It has rained _________ five hours.

since      b) for


I haven’t been to snowboarding ________ last winter.

since      b) for


Joe has been  a student here  ________ March.

since      b) for 


The scientist have studied on this project ________ six months.

since      b) for


My sister and I have studied Maths ________ 10 o’clock.

since     b) for


Mary has been upset  ________ she started crying.

since       b) for


The astronouts have been in the outer space ________ last month.

since      b) for


Two countries have had good relations  ________ 19th century.

since      b) for


 Larry has worked in this office ________  five years.

since       b)  for


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Write True ( T ) or False  ( F) .


I really missed my father. I haven’t seen him  for January. ______


The politicians  have had many discussions  since February. ______


I haven’t seen him since I left  the office. ______


Jenny has called me twice for Tuesday. _______


I have waited here for 25 minutes. _______


The teacher has taught the same unit  for three weeks. ______


The coordinator has worked on the project  for  September. ______


People have had fights since the beginning of the time. ______


Kate has been  ill  for four days. _____


 We haven’t called each other   a long time . ______

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