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Ingilizce Seviye Belirleme Testi A1

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Ingilizce Seviye Belirleme Testi A1

Ingilizce Seviye Belirleme Testi A1




1.  Sally: are your friends from?

     Fred : are from Canada.

A) What/They                           B) Where / You

C) Where/They                          D) Who / We


2. Tim: is your girl friend's name?

Phill: She is Sue and she is from —.

A) What / Brazil                        B) What / Brazilian

C) Where / Brazil                       D) When / Brazil


3. Teacher: How is your father?

 William : He is —.

A) often / fortieth                      B) old / forty

C) many / a teacher                  D)  much /fine


4.  Martha : What is your pen friend?

Albert: She's —.

A) from / France                       B) nationality / a nurse

C) old / sixteen                         D) nationality / Greek


5. Sammy : Hi, Julie.—–?

Julia: Thanks, I'm fine.

A)  Is your sister a student        B)  How is she

C)  How are you                       D) Where is she from


6. Tina: Where is your English teacher from?

Oliver : He from —.

A)  is / Turkey                           B) is / English

C)  isn't/Turkish                        D)  is / French


7. Timmy: ?

Lisa: She's 15 and she's from Argentina.

A)  How is your sister   

B)  How old is your brother

C) Where is your father from    

D)  How old is your pen friend


8.  Sally: How is your little brother?

 Freddy: He is six old.

A) many / years                                    B) old / —

C) old / months                        D) often / weeks


9.  Lisa: is your Maths teacher?

Samentha: She's —.

A)  How / Turkish                      B) How old / fine

C) Where / Turkey                     D)  How old / forty-three


10. Jill: What are your classmates?

Mike: are —.

A) nationality / They / Spanish   B) country / They / Spanish

C) nationality / They / Spain      D) from / They / Spain


11. My wife's daughter is my —.

A) son                                     B) daughter

C) niece                                   D)nephew


12.  My is my father's —.

A) uncle / brother                      B) uncle / sister

C) brother / uncle                      D) sister / son


13. Dennis: Is that elephant?

Berta: No, it isn't. It's giraffe.

A) — / a                                   B)a/a

C) an / a                                   D) / an


14. Father: have you in your pocket?

Jimmy: Nothing.

A) Where / got                          B) What / has got

C) What / get                            D) What / got


15. Poter: your sister got fair hair?

Jack: Yes, she—–.

A) Has / has                             B) Have / is

C) Have / has                           D) Has / have


16. Mr.Jackson : Are plates or bowls in the cupboard?

Ms.Jackson: are plates.

A) they/those                           B) these / They

C) They / those                         D) Them / their


17. Phace : is this mobile phone?

Shila: It's —.

A) Where / mine                        B) What / yours

C) Whose / mine                       D) Whose / in my bag


18. Jaanie: is your wedding ceremony?

Michael: Saturday evening.

A) What / On                            B) When / In

C) When / On                           D) Where/At


19. Monday is the day Tuesday.

A) on                                       B) before

C) in                                        D) after


20. Oliver: Are parents officers?

Twain: No, are doctors.

A) your / you                                        B)your/they

C) you / we                              D)your/ we


21. My brother got a bike but I got one.

A) hasn't / hasn't                      B) has / has

C) have / haven't                      D) hasn't / have


22. Mum : Have we got honey?

Dad: No, but we've got jam.

A) any / any                             B) any / some

C) some / any                          D) some / some


23. This is pencil, and that is pencil.

A) my / mine                            B) my / your

C) your/yours                           D) mine / mine


24. Sabina: one is your car?

Mike: The one.

A) Whose / big                         B) Which / is

C) Which / red                          D) Whose / are


25. My father's is my —.

A) wife / mother                                   B) son / father

C) husband / father                   D) sister / uncle


26. Mrs. Bem : Where the children?

Mr. Bem: are in the garden.

A) is / She                                B) do / You

C) are / They                            D) can / We


27. Teacher: is that over there?

Samuel : a mouse.

A) Where / They are                              B) What/It is

C) Whose / It can                                 D) Where / It does


28. Peter:—–?

Cathy: They're Jimmy's.

A) What is this on the bed         B) Where is your pencil

C) When is the football match   D) Whose are these socks


29.  My is the third floor.

A) flat / on                                           B) house / in

C) flat / in                                            D) house / under


30.—–is Tim's—–.

A) She/uncle                                        B) She / aunt

C) You / father                                     D) We / friend


31. We a sofa and a fireplace in our —.

A) have / bathroom                   B) has / garden

C) has / garage                        D) have / living room


32. My younger brother isn't married. He is still —.

A) only                                                B) friend

C) single                                              D) male


33.I don't have Turkish friend here in Kuala Lumpur.

A) a                                                     B) an

C)any                                                  D) some


34. She's got terrible headache.

A) the                                                  B)any

C)a                                                      D)an


35. Robert is engineer and his sister is hairdresser.

A) an / an                                             B) — / a

C) an / a                                              D)an/ —


36. Can you turn the radio in living room, please?

A) on / the                                           B) off / a

C) off / an                                            D) on/ —


37. Laura: Have you got dictionary?

Karen: Yes, I have in my bag.

A) an / an                                             B)a/a

C) an / one                                           D) a/one


38. Terry: theatres are there in your town?

Larry: There is only —.

A)  How much / two                  B)  How many / one

C) How often / twice                 D) How much / once


39. Teacher: Where—–your family?

Martha : Manchester.

A) is / In                                               B) are / To

C) do / From                                        D) does / At


40. Farmer: there eggs in the basket?

George: No, there —.

A)  Is /any/aren't                       B) Are / some / aren't

C) Is / some / isn't                    D) Are / any / aren't


41. Tim: How often do you buy tabloid magazines?


A) No, sometimes                                B) At ten o'clock

C) Tonight                                            D)  Every Sunday


42. Officer: is your and where you ?

Garcia: I'm Garcia and I'm from Spain.

A) What / name / are / from    B) Where / name / are / from

C) What / city / do / in             D) Where / name / do / in


43. My sister hasn't got friends in Paris. She's —.

A) an / single                            B) any / married

C) any / lonely                          D) some / accountant


44. Headmaster: How many students there in the classroom?

Teacher: There only one.

A) are / is                                 B) are / are

C) is / are                                 D) is/is


45. My wife never smokes. She smoking.

A) hates                                   B) hate

C) like                                      D) loves


46. Mr. Turner lives the second and we live on the floor.

A) at / floor / first                     B) on/floor/third

C) in / floor / first                      D) on / flat / third


47. My son play the flute, but he play the piano.

A) can / can't                            B) is / can

C) can't / can't                          D) can / is


48. Max:—–?

Paul: No, she can't.

A) Can your brother play the guitar

B) Can your friend and you climb a tree

C) Can your parents speak Spanish

D) Can your niece drive a car


49. Every year millions of tourists—–the theatre in Ephesus.

A) is visiting / large                   B) visits / historical

C) visit / ancient                       D) can visit / fast


50. My son and daughter—–.

A) studies very hard

B) watches cartoons on TV every night

C) can speak three foreign languages

D) is a student in a primary school

51.  The shopping mall at 6.00 in the morning and at 10.00 in the evening.

A) is opening / close                B) opens / closes

C) open / is closing                  D) open / close


52. Shall we turn the heating? The room is rather hot.

A) on                                       B)off

C)at                                         D)in


53. David: How your sister go to school everyday? Susan: On—–.

A) do / bus                              B) does / foot

C) does / taxi                           D) is / feet


54. Tom: What would you like drink?

Jack: I have lemonade, please?

A) — / Can                               B) to / Can

C) to / Would                           D) with / May


55. My parents going to a holiday in Prague.

A) are / have                            B) is / have

C) can / having                         D) do / having


56. My father usually up early, but he still in bed today.

A) is getting / does                   B) can get / doesn't

C) get/can                                D) gets / is


57. Mary: Where your mother work?

Peter: She in a hospital.

A) is / is working                      B) do / work

C) can / is working                    D) does / works


58. My family and I home at 8.00 in the morning and home at 6.00 pm.

A) are leaving / arriving             B) leaves / arrives

C) leave / arrive                        D) am leaving / arrive


59. On Sundays, my mother usually a book and my father TV.

A) reads / are watching             B) reads / watches

C) is reading / can watch           D) reads / is watching


60. Tim: What—–you going to—–for    lunch?

Sue: I am eat spaghetti with cheese.

A) are / have / going to             B) do / have / going to

C) are / has / not going to         D) can / have / not going to


61. There be an old mansion opposite the fountain, but now there—–.

A) didn't use to / are                 B) used to / wasn't

C) didn't use to / are                 D) used to / isn't


62.  Kate: does your father go abroad?

Jane: Twice a —.

A) How much / year                  B)  How often / month

C) How many / week                 D)  How / day


63. My students and the headmaster —.

A) wants to go swimming now

B) gets up at six in the morning

C) is playing football in the garden

D) are watching 'Dead Poets Society' at the moment


64. Twenty-five years ago, I a teacher. I a student.

A) wasn't / was                         B) wasn't / am

C) am/wasn't                            D) was / were


65. Fred:—–?

Paul: No, thanks.

A) Could you open the door, Madam

B) Can we eat pizza for lunch, dad

C) Would you like a piece of cake

D) Do you have dinner at 8.00 everyday


66. My son can —.

A) studying English everyday   

B) plays the violin twice a day

C) not swim in the river

D) listening to classical music


67. My friends always a picnic by the river on Saturdays. Today is Saturday, and now they a picnic by the river.

A) are having / are going           B) is having / are going to

C) have / are having                  D) have / have


68. Our next meeting is Friday, 2.30, the afternoon.

A) at / in / on                            B) on / at / in

C) at / on / in                            D) on / in / at


69. Mark: How do you have a bath?

Terry: Three a week.

A) often / times                        B) much / minutes

C) many / days                         D) tall / hours


70. My father goes to bed late. He goes to bed early.

A) always / usually                    B) never / never

C) sometimes / always              D) always / never


71. My parents and I generally have cheese, fried eggs and olives for breakfast.

A) some / a lot of                     B) a few / a lot of

C) a little / a little                      D) a few / a little


72. Sam:—–?

Tom: I have my breakfast at 07.15.

A)  Do you like breakfast

B) Why don't you have breakfast

C) What do you have for breakfast

D) What time do you have breakfast


73.I would like a strong coffee, please.

A) to                                        B) drink

C) to drink                                D) to drinking


74. My husband reading articles in his free time.

A) likes                                    B) would like to

C) would like                            D) like


75. We can't a summer holiday. We're broke.

A) sell                                      B) afford

C) save                                    D) solve


76.I am going to call the . The tap in the kitchen doesn't work.

A) police                                  B) plumber

C) mechanic                             D) dentist


77. Can you see the blocks of over there? We're going to move there next month.

A) homes                                 B) flats

C) parks                                   D) centres


78. Sue: Is that man rich?

Joe: Yes, very rich. He two mansions, three cars and a factory.

A) owns                                   B) gives

C) buys                                               D)chooses                                                    


79. There isn't much in my room, so I keep my books in my sister's room.

A) air                                       B)space

C) cupboards                           D) places


80. My father is going to pick me after school so I can't come with you.

A) on                                       B)up

C) down                                   D)in


81. My uncles always me when I'm in trouble.

A) use                                      B) mind

C) give                                     D) support


82. He always looks very at work, but at home he always has a smile on his face.

A) serious                                B) funny

C) happy                                  D) nice


83. Please, don't any noise. The boy's —-

A) go / studying

B) make / sleeping

C) do /jumping

D) run / crying


84. There's a(n) fountain to our shop.

A) old / near

B) big / behind

C)  large / in front

D) ancient / next


85. Teacher: What does a do?

Tim : He us.

A) barber / plants

B) doctor / flies

C) shopkeeper / tells

D) policeman / protects


86.     We can't see the play because there are no   tickets —.

A) left

B) right

C) up

D) down


87. Your younger brother is always making a lot of noise while you're studying. You get angry and say:

A) You're a couch potato!

B) You're a real pain!

C) You're funny!

D) You're playful!


88. You see an injured bird lying on the road. What would you say:

A) What is it after

B)  Here you are

C) No problem

D)  Poor thing


89. Your best friend wants to buy a CD but he hasn't got enough money. He asks you for some money but you haven't got any money, so you say:

A)  I'm broke

B)  I'm lucky

C)  I'm safe

D)  I'm helpful


90.I like surfing on the net in my time.

A) spare                  

B) empty

C) full                      

D) easy


91. Ruth: What does "porter" in Turkish?

Can: "Hamal."

A) repeat                  B) sell

C) mean                   D) use


92. Can you walk slowly, please?

I can't catch up you.

A) by                       

B) on

C) for                       

D) with


93.I want to English and go to England to study there.

A) sell                     

B) afford

C) cook                     

D) learn


94. in the blanks using the words in the box.

A) Write                   

B) Type

C) Fill                      

D) Erase


95. We are going to Adana at the weekend We will by bus.

A) think                    .

B) travel

C) walk                    

D) want


96. Is there any cold water in the ?

A) computer            

B) oven

C) fridge                  

D) book


97. This hamburger is . Would you like to have a piece?

A) awful                   

B) delicious

C) interesting          

D) boring


98. Can you me your dictionary for a second, please?

A) borrow                

B) tell

C) ask                     

D) lend


99. His sister can't her uniform by herself. My mother always helps her.

A) run                      

B) repeat

C) wear                   

D) sell


100. Dennis: Can you up that tree?

Jane: No, I can't.

A) climb                   

B) show

C) drive                   

D) ride



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