practice 3 14

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practice 3 14

practice 3.14


1-25. sorularda, cümlede boş bırakılan yere uygun düşen kelime ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.


Because her skin was extremely ……….. to the sun's rays, Julie had to sit in the shade for the most part of her holiday.


A) competent                  B) accustomed        C) appropriate           

D) improper                    E) sensitive


Most of the passengers died ……… when the tanker that

the coach collided with exploded.


A) thoroughly               B) gradually             C) extensively

D) instantly                   E) barely


It took us a long time to persuade the cat to come down the tree, but we managed it………. .


A) swiftly                       B) extremely           C) eventually             

D) abundantly E) permanently


The manager is worried because, although they have

been ……. so much on advertising, the response has been poor.


A) spending                   B) dropping            C) losing                     

D) locating                     E) placing


When they came back from shopping, . they spread out

all their ………. to have a look at them.


A) demands                   B) deals                  C) supplies                

D) purchases                 E) connections


In my opinion, David Lean's ………. of Charles Dickens'

novel 'Great Expectations'  is the closest to the original. Other versions have been too far removed.


A) inspiration                 B) adaptation          C) manufacture        

D) capacity                     E) failure


She was so angry that she gave him back her engagement ring; ………. she said that she never wanted to see him again.


A) otherwise                   B) therefore            C) nevertheless         

D) even though               E) moreover


……… how large the enemy may be, from a hawk to a

human, the parent birds will try to drive the enemy away from their chicks.


A) No matter                  B) Whereas             C) In case                  

D) Rather than                                E) Except that


……… tax cuts and a large drop in the unemployment

rate, the government,, remained unpopular and was sure to lose the election.


A) As soon as                               B) Despite              C) Even if                 

D) Due to                      E) Instead of


The library of Yale University is one of the largest in the USA and holds such rare works …….. a Gutenberg Bible and some music manuscripts ……… Johan Sebastian Bach.


A) with/from                 B) like/for               C) from/with             

D) as/by                        E) within/beside





Rather than try ……. medals in several events, he decided to

concentrate ……. the 1OO metres.


A) for/on                         B) in/for                  C) from/about           

D) about/with                  E) with/upon


Will you please ………. the television as I can't hear the news



A) set out                                          B) bring down                   C) show off                 

D) turn up                                        E) put on


We had thought we would have ……… time before the train

left, but we were wrong, as we barely caught it.


A) very little                    B) plenty of            C) hardly any         

D) many more                 E) very much


The Sino-Tibetan family has many groups of languages. Of these, …….. widely spoken is the group called Chinese.


A) more                                           B) such                                C) the most               

D) too much                                   E)so


Although Alice and Janice are twins, they don't look a bit like ……… .


A) theirs                         B) the other             C) each other             

D) oneself                      E) themselves


16- I need to find out ……… it takes to get to London by plane?


A) how far                     B) how often          C) what time          

D) when                         E) how long


17- Ibn Khaldım, much of ……… life was devoted to public

service and teaching, was a historian, philosopher of history and sociologist.


A) where                         B) whom                C) when                   

D) whose                        E) which


18- After they realised that they had been cheated, she wouldn't even consider shopping at that store again, ……… .


A) but her husband did

B) and so had her husband

C) and nor would her husband

D) but her husband wouldn't

E) and her husband hadn't either


19- Did you actually see ………. stealing the watch, or did

you hear about ………. from someone?


A) him/it                    B) her/itself C) hi           s/them       

D) hers/theirs           E) its/he


20- Rajiv Gandhi ……… for re-election when he ……… on

May 21st, 1991.


A) would be campaigning/is assassinated

B) was campaigning/was assassinated

C) had campaigned/assassinated

D) campaigned/had been assassinated

E) has been campaigning/has assassinated








21- The Japanese ……… a very healthy diet, but for the last

few decades, many young people ……… their health with American fast food.


A) were eating/are destroying

B) used to eat/have been destroying

C) have been eating/destroyed

D) should have eaten/have destroyed

E) had eaten/will be destroying


22-  I couldn't hear him, but he ……. for us to go on without



A) should have meant                     B) must have meant

C) is meaning                                 D) has been meaning

E) will mean


23- Under stress, the rate that the average adult…….. breath …….. to about 1OO per minute.


A) is taking/rose                             B) takes/may rise

C) is taken/has risen                       D) has taken/was rising

E) took/should rise


24- A large portion of man-made fibre ……. from cellulose,

which …….. from cotton, a natural fibre.


A) has been produced/obtains

B) was produced/has obtained

C) was producing/obtained

D) will have produced/was obtained

E) is produced/is obtained


25- Astronomers stated that if the comet that hit Jupiter in July 1994 ……… with the Earth, it……… life on the planet.


A) collides/is going to end

B) was colliding/had ended

C) could have collided/ended

D) had collided/would have ended  

E) might be colliding/will have ended


26-33. sorularda, yarım bırakılan cümleyi uygun şekilde tamamlayan ifadeyi bulunuz.


26- ……… he has not written a new book for over ten years.


A) Once considered one of the most promising authors of his generation

B) When the critics felt that he was sure to be a huge success

C) After putting his feet up on the desk and looking me straight in the eye

D) As his publisher tried to urge him to work more


E) What his readers really appreciate is the consistent

     quality of his writing


27- While New York is one of the most exciting cities in the world, …….


A) it's because its residents consist of people from various cultures

B) it's certainly not one of the cheapest though

C) make sure you visit the Metropolitan Museum during your visit

D) it can also be one of the most stressful and dangerous  E) the sightseeing tour which we joined as really 






28- Though it's been years since he last visited his parents, …….. .


A) he always felt so depressed when he returned home

B) they both seem to be very healthy for their age

C) he had taken a round-the-world trip in the meantime

D) he was glad that they both looked quite healthy

E) he  till feels close because of the frequent phone calls

    and letters


29- Some people are terrified of thunderstorms ………. .


A) as long as they feel certain that there is no reason

B) even when they are safely indoors

C) where thunderstorms are extremely common

D) as most of them only last 30 to 40 minutes

E) if only  hey knew that they are not as dangerous


30- ….. yet it is one of the most important archeological sites in the world.


A) Unlike many important archeological sites, the Great

 Pyramid was never buried or lost

B) Because of the political situation, few people visit Ankor Wat today

C) One of the most beautiful places I have ever seen is the Valley of the Kings

D) The modern architecture of the Sydney Opera House arouses admiration in people

E) Archeological investigations are still continuing at the Valley of the Kings


31- ……… in spite of there being no tourist facilities there.


A) We really enjoyed our trip to a remote part of the Himalayas

B) The best way to attract a lot more tourists to the area

C) They thought that Angola was one of the worst places they had ever visited

D) Whatever your age is, there is so much for everyone to do at the resort

E) I spent most of my last holiday cold, wet and miserable


32- …….. others are happy with the role of the traditional



A) Because it is not very satisfying staying home and looking after children

B) As the traditional extended family has almost ceased to exist in the West

C) Whichever methods overweight women try in order to lose weight

D) Since one salary is often not enough to support a family  E)  Although many women work in full time jobs


33- Jeff’s parents allow him to stay out late ………. .


A) but not until he promised to come back before midnight

B) by the time they find out his whereabouts

C) since his eighteenth birthday two months ago

D) so long as he calls to report where he is

E) whenever he got a high mark on a test











34-36. sorulan verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.


Native Americans are often called "Indians". This is one result of Columbus's mistaken belief that he had landed in India. His successors passed down many other inaccurate descriptions of the Native Americans. They were described as savages, though it was whites who slaughtered hundreds of thousands of them. They were called lazy, although it was whites who forced them to give up their traditional occupations. These false ideas about Native Americans were strengthened by the ways whites described themselves. White settlers were known as "pioneers" though they were really invaders and thieves; when they stole the Native Americans' land, it was called "homesteading", not robbery.


34- According to the author, the words used to describe whites ……….. .


A) do not reflect reality

B) actually describe the American Indians

C) are a little exaggerated

D) are no longer valid in modern times

E) are now being questioned by some whites


35- The conclusion that can be derived from the passage is that …….. .


A) India would be a safer place for Native Americans

B) it was very dangerous to be a pioneer in the New World

C) white settlers brought civilization to the savage parts of America

D) the traditional occupations of Native Americans required little effort

E) Native Americans have been treated badly in many ways


36- Anyone reading the passage can understand that the author ………. .


A) is himself an American Indian

B) is a historian who specializes in American History

C) favours the American Indians

D) is a white who resents his own race

E) blames Columbus for the sufferings of the American



37-39. soruları verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.


Although there was scientific evidence linking smoking and lung cancer in the 1950s, acceptance was slow. Each decade brought more evidence and more forceful warnings. Now it is absolutely clear that tobacco is truly a "killer weed", and is a bigger public health threat than all other drugs combined, including alcohol. For example, though lung cancer is not a common disease, almost all lung cancers occur in smokers. Smoking is also estimated to be related to about 30% of all other types of cancer, to about 30% of deaths resulting from heart disease, and 80-90% of deaths from chronic obstructive lung disease.


37- The passage states that ……. .

A) there has always been abundant evidence that smoking causes cancer

B) almost all smokers develop lung cancer

C) lung cancer was not very common among smokers until 1950s

D) smokers tend to use all other drugs, including alcohol

E) it took a long time for people to believe that smoking was







38- Tobacco …….. .


A) was known to cause lung cancer even before the 1950s

B) has become more dangerous every decade since the 1950s

C) is less dangerous to the health than alcohol

D) causes more illness than all other drugs

E) is related to most cases of heart disease


39- We can conclude from the passage that


A) smoking was less dangerous in the 1950s

B) it is very dangerous for one's health to drink alcohol

C) all the dangers of smoking have been known since the 1950s

D) smoking is more dangerous than it was once thought to


E) tobacco becomes deadly when it is combined with



4O-42. sorulan verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

In Japan there is a custom called miai. It is a meeting between a man and a woman on the understanding that they may choose to marry one another. This meeting is arranged by a "go-between", usually an older person who knows both partners. For example, a teacher may try to match a former student with a relative. First of all, photographs and family backgrounds are exchanged. After that, if they agree, the couple meet either at the go-between's house or at a restaurant. The go-between introduces them, then leaves them to talk by themselves. They might go to a movie or a coffee shop. Later they report to the go-between on whether they want to meet again. Ideally, they will agree to marry after several meetings.


40- According to the passage, miai is a custom which …….. .

A) often forces the young to many people they have never met

B) is arranged for the young by total strangers

C) sometimes leads the people involved to marriage

D) helps keep the divorce rate in Japan quite low

E) gives parents a total control over their children's



41- If, after the first meeting.'the couple decide to meet again, ……. .


A) this is a sure sign that they will get married

B) the next thing they'll do is to contact their go-between for a second meeting

C) they will no longer need the assistance of another person

D) they have to choose a luxurious place where they'll come together again

E) it is the custom to have the second meeting at the go-between's house


42- We understand from the passage that a "go-between" …….. .


A) is a professional who earns his or her living by introducing people

B) is a former teacher of either of the partners, but who knows the other as well

C) is a photographer who usually takes photographs of young people

D) is someone who is hoping to find a husband or wife

E) is often an older friend or    acquaintance who introduces

two young people







43-45. sorulan verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.


Tourism often has negative results for local communities. Tourists go to museums, buy souvenirs, enjoy the beaches and see the sights without interacting with the local people. For this reason, local people often see visitors only as a source of money. There is no interaction at all except over money, and so there is no mutual respect. When young people see visitors with plenty of cash they may grow unhappy with their traditional way of life. There may be environmental changes as homes and villages are often destroyed to make way for hotels. Although tourism brings in money, it leaves behind problems like discontented young people and environmental damage.


43- According to the passage, ……. .


A) local people regard tourists with respect

B) most tourists respect local customs and traditions

C) young local people are happy to show off their traditions

D) local people regard tourists as a source of ready money E) tourism is an important way of achieving international



44- The author believes that……. .


A) tourists learn a lot from museums

B) tourism encourages cultural interaction between tourists and local people

C) many local communities need tourism to survive          D) money earned from tourism is more important than the


E) tourism is harmful as well as helpful


45- One can conclude from the passage that ……. .


A) tourism is not, on balance, a good thing for local communities

B) making and selling souvenirs is a good way to keep up local traditions

C) tourists generally go away with happy memories

D) tourism always leads to discontent

E) the world is becoming a smaller place


46-48. sorulan verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

Readers of factual material should bear in mind this aspect: their authors, like authors of fiction, have beliefs and theories that affect the way they present their subject matter. For example, a British professor's account of the American Revolution would be different from the version written by a professor from the United States. Because of national loyalties, the two scholars might look at the events from different angles: the former as a colonial rebellion on a distant continent, and the second as a struggle for personal freedom. The two authors would write from different points of view and express certain opinions because they have different ways of looking at the subject.


46- The best statement to summarize the passage is that…….. .


A) fact and fiction actually refer to the same thing

B) the American Revolution was a struggle for personal freedom

C) American scholars are more objective than British authors

D) even facts can be interpreted differently by different people

E) there was no personal freedom in America before the Revolution






47- The writer believes that ……… .


A) authors from different countries will always have cultural conflicts

B) scholars from the United States understand their history better than British scholars do

C) readers should prefer fictional books to factual ones

D) it is right to struggle for personal freedom

E) authors also reflect their own ideas when presenting



48- It is implied in the passage that ……. .


A) some factual books are not really worth reading

B) some authors purposely try to deceive their readers

C) a reader of factual material should be aware of the author's background

D) an author's point of view is less important than the facts he presents

E) there are always two ways of looking at facts


49.-51. sorulan verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.


Medieval Christians confronted Muslims chiefly in military crusades, in Spain and the Holy Land, and in theology. From this encounter came the restoration of ancient learning to the West. The Reconquista in Spain gradually pushed the Moors south from the Pyrenees, and among the treasures left behind were Arabic translations of Greek works of science and philosophy. In 1085 the city of Toledo, with one of the finest libraries in Islam, fell to the Christians. Among the occupiers were Christian monks who quickly began the process of translating ancient works into Latin. By the end of the 12th century, much of the ancient heritage was again available to the Latin West.


49- The topic of the passage is …….. .


A) the military confrontation between Muslims and Christians

B) why Medieval Christians were ignorant of ancient learning

C) the cruelty of the war between Muslims and Christians

D) the great classical library of Toledo, Spain

E) how Medieval Christians benefited from their

     conquest of Moorish Spain


50- Some of the books in Arabic that Christians captured 

with the conquest of Toledo ……. .


A) also had copies with them written in Latin

B) contained invaluable information about the birth of Christianity

C) had originally been translated from Greek

D) had been seized from the Spanish by Muslims

E) helped Christians progress faster than the Islamic



51- The passage implies that, over the years, ancient Europe ……… .


A) had become the most advanced part of the world

B) had adopted the Islamic science and philosophy

C) had surpassed the Islamic world in many areas

D) had had its heritage of ancient Greek science and philosophy stolen

E) had used Toledo as a centre of science and knowledge







52-59. sorularda, verilen Türkçe cümlenin İngilizce dengini bulunuz.


52- İnsanlar asit yağmuru denilen olayın, ilk kez 197O'lerin ortalarında farkına vardılar.


A) The phenomenon of acid rain was first mentioned by someone in the mid-1970s.

B) People first became aware of the phenomenon called acid rain in the mid-1970s.

C) Acid rain has been a problem for people since the mid-1970s.

D)   People were first made aware of the phenomenon called

acid rain during the mid-1970s.

E) People are now aware of the phenomenon of acid rain,

     which first appeared in the mid- 1970s.


53- Biyolojik çalışmaların ötesine yayılan ekolojinin alanı günümüzde, çevre kirliliği, nüfus büyümesi ve yiyecek kaynaklarını da içermektedir.


A) Having expanded beyond biological studies, today the field of ecology also includes environmental pollution, population growth and food supplies.

B) Once an entirely biological subject, ecology now includes environmental pollution, population growth and food supplies.

C) Ecology goes beyond biological studies, and besides environmental pollution, it also includes population growth and food supplies.

D) Though it started as a biological field, nowadays ecology also deals with a broad range of subjects like environ­mental pollution, population growth and food supplies.

E) Environmental pollution, population growth and food supplies are now included in the field of study known as ecology, which has expanded from a purely biological subject.


54- 1844'te Samuel Morse tarafından telgrafın icat edilmesi, haberleşme alanında ilk büyük gelişmedir.


A)Samuel Morse invented the telegraph in 1844, the first major development in the field of communications.

B)The first advance in the general field of communications occurred in 1844, when Samuel Morse invented the telegraph.

C)By inventing the telegraph in 1844, – Samuel Morse

was the first man to achieve an advancement in the field of communications.

D)The invention of the telegraph by Samuel Morse in 1844 was the first major advance in the field of communications.

E)1844 was the year that the first major development in the field of communications, the invention of the telegraph by Samuel Morse, was made.


55- 2O. yüzyılın başlarından bu yana Antarktika her çeşit araştırmacının ilgisini çeken bir bölge olmuştur.


A) In the early 20th century, the region of Antarctica attracted researchers of different interests.

B) All types of researchers have been interested in the history of Antarctica since the beginning of the 20th century.

C) Since the beginning of the 20th

century, Antarctica has been a region that has interested researchers of every type.

D) Research of all kinds has been carried out in the region of Antarctica since the beginning of the 20th century.

E) Being of interest to every kind of researcher, the region of Antarctica has been popular with them since the start of the 20th century.


56- Dünya yüzeyinin ortalama ısısında çok küçük bir artış bile, önemli iklim değişikliklerine yol açabilir.


A) Significant climatic changes can be caused by rises in the temperature of the Earth's crust, even if they are small.

B) The average temperature of the Earth's surface has risen only slightly, but this has lead to profound climatic changes.

C) When there is a very small rise in the world temperature, this, in turn, will lead to significant climatic changes.

D) Climatic changes, even major ones, are caused by small changes in the average temperature of the surface of the Earth.

E) Even a very small rise in the average temperature of the Earth's surface could lead to profound climatic changes.


57- Bazı insanlar astrolojiyi o kadar ciddiye alırlar ki gazetedeki yıldız falını okumadan güne başlamazlar.


A) Astrology is taken far too seriously by some people who are unable to start the day without first reading their horoscope in the daily paper.

B) Some people take astrology so

seriously that they won't start the day without reading the horoscope in the newspaper.

C) People who won't start the day without reading their horoscope in the newspaper must take astrology too seriously.

D) People shouldn't take astrology so seriously as to make them unable to start the day without reading their horoscope in the newspaper first.

E) A horoscope in the newspaper will only affect those people who consider it to be of great significance.


58- İngiltere'nin önde gelen 19. yüzyıl yazarlarından biri olan Mary Ann Evans, bir erkek ismi olan George Eliot takma adıyla yazmıştır.


A) George Eliot was the masculine pseudonym of the writer Mary Ann Evans, who was among the foremost novelists of the 19th century.

B) During the 19th century, Mary Ann Evans wrote using the name of George Eliot, who was one of England's prominent novelists at the time.

C) Mary Ann Evans, England's most prominent 19th century writer, used the masculine pen name of George Eliot.

D) One of England's foremost novelists of the 19th century, Mary Ann Evans wrote under the masculine pen name of George Eliot.

E)  Writing under the masculine pseudonym of George Eliot,

Mary Ann Evans became one of the most prominent writers of the 19th century.


59- Pek çok böbrek hastalığı ancak zararlı atık birikiminin tehlikeli bir dunun arzettiği ilerlemiş bir aşamada farkedilebilmektedir.


A) When the accumulation of harmful wastes in the kidneys of a patient presents a crisis, it should be noted that the disease has already reached a late stage.

B) Several kidney diseases develop when harmful wastes accumulate in the kidneys, which, ultimately, can present a crisis.

C) Many kidney diseases can only be noticed at a late-stage, when the accumulation of harmful wastes presents a crisis.

D) Kidney diseases are easier to spot at a late stage, when the accumulation of harmful wastes causes a serious illness.

E) Many kidney diseases are only a problem in their later

stages, when an accumulation of harmful wastes is noticed.


60-67. sorularda verilen cümlenin Türkçe dengini bulunuz.


60- Interest in fuel conservation in recent years has stimulated the development of modern wind machines for generating electricity.


A) Son yıllarda yakıt tasarrufuna olan ilgi, elektrik üretimi için modern rüzgar makinalarının geliştirilmesini teşvik etmiştir.

B)Yakıt sıkıntısının baş göstermesiyle birlikte tüm ilgi, rüzgarla çalışan modern elektrik üretme makinalarının geliştirilmesine yönelmiştir.

C) Son yıllarda yaşanan yakıt sıkıntısından sonra rüzgarla

çalışan modern elektrik üretme makinaların daha çok ilgi görmeye başlamıştır.

D) Yakıt tasarrufuna gösterilen ilgi son yıllarda o kadar artmıştır ki elektrik üretimi için rüzgarla çalışan makinaların kullanılması kaçınılmaz olmuştur.

E) Elektrik üretiminde kullanılan makinalar, son yıllarda artan yakıt tasarrufu bilinci sayesinde daha da modernleştirilmişlerdir.


61- In order for the contests to be fair, boxers are classified and matched according to their weights.


A) Boksörler ağırlıklarına göre sınıflandırıldığı için boks karşılaşmaları son derece adildir.

B) Boks karşılaşmalarını adil kılan, boksörlerin ağırlıklarına göre sınıflandırılıp eşleştirilmeleridir.

C) İki boksörün adil bir şekilde yarışabil­mesi için boksörlerin ağırlıklarına göre sınıflandırılmaları gerekmektedir.

D) Karşılaşmaların adil olması için boksörler ağırlıklarına göre sınıflan­dırılıp eşleştirilirler.

E) Boks karşılaşmalarını adil kılan kural boksörlerin ağırlık bakımından birbirlerine denk olmalarıdır.


62- Humans have tried to domesticate many animals, but they have succeeded with very few.


A) İnsanlar, üzerinde çalıştıkları pek çok hayvandan ancak çok azını evcilleştire-btlrnişlerdir.

B) İnsanlar, pek çok hayvanı evcilleştir­meye çalışmışlar ama çok azında başarılı olmuşlardır.

C) İnsanlar, çok sayıda hayvanla uğraştıkları halde çok azını evcilleştirebilmişlerdir.

D) İnsanlar, hayvanları evcilleştirme çabalarında çok az basan elde etmişlerdir.

E) Çok az hayvanı evcilleştirmeyi başarmış olan insanlar aslında çok sayıda tür üzerinde çalışmışlardır.


63- Western doctors accept that many functions of the body can be controlled through the exercises of yoga.


A) Yoga egzersizlerinin vücudun pek çok fonksiyonunu düzene koyduğunu Batılı doktorlar da kabul etmiştir.

B) Batılı doktorlar, yoga egzersizleri ile vücudun pek çok fonksiyonunun kontrol edilebileceğini kabul etmektedirler.

C) Batılı doktorlara göre, yoga egzersizleri ile vücudun fonksiyonlarını kontrol altına almak mümkündür.

D) Batılı doktorlar, yoga egzersizleri sonucu vücudun pek çok fonksiyonunun daha kontrollü olduğunu görmüşlerdir.

E) Yoga egzersizleri ile vücudun daha fonksiyonel bir duruma geldiğini Batılı doktorlar da savunmaktadır.








64- Luxembourg owes its high standard of living, in part, to the fact that the labour force makes up almost half of its population.


A) Lüksemburg'da, nüfusun yandan fazlasını çalışan kesimin oluşturduğu bölgelerde hayat standardı son derece yüksektir.

B) Nüfusun neredeyse yansını çalışan kesimin oluşturduğu Lüksemburg'da, özellikle bazı bölgeler yüksek yaşam standardına sahiptir.

C) Lüksemburg'da yaşam standardı çok yüksektir çünkü nüfusun hemen hemen yansı çalışan kesimden oluşmaktadır.

D) Yüksek yaşam standardını

insanlannın çalışkanlığına borçlu olan Lüksemburg'da, nüfusun yandan fazlası çalışmaktadır.

E) Lüksemburg, yüksek yaşam standardını kısmen, nüfusunun neredeyse yansını çalışan kesimin oluşturmasına borçludur.


65- Before a city plan was adopted in 1889, Sao Paulo looked more like a capital city of colonial times.


A) Sao Paulo, sömürge döneminde bir başkenti andıran görünümünden 1889'da, şehrin yeniden planlanmasıyla kurtuldu.

B) 1889'a kadar sömürge döneminin başkenti olma özelliğini sürdüren Sao Paulo, o dönemde planlı şehirleşmeye başlamıştır.

C) 1889'da planlı gelişmeye başlamadan önce Sao Paulo, aynı sömürge döneminde bir başkent görünümündeydi.

D) 1889'da bir şehir planı

benimsenmeden önce, Sao Paulo daha çok sömürge döneminin bir başkenti gibi görünüyordu.

E) Sömürge döneminde başkent olan Sao Paulo, 1889'da şehir planı çizilene dek çok düzensiz bir şekilde kentleşmişti.


66- Performing experiments on animals to increase our medical knowledge is justifiable, but using them for cosmetic products is cruel.


A) Tıp bilgimizi arttırmak için hayvanlar üzerinde deney yapmak savunulabilir ancak onları kozmetik ürünleri için kullanmak zalimliktir.

B) Tıp ve kozmetik alanında bilgi edinmek için hayvanlar üzerinde deney yapılması hiçbir şekilde onaylanamayacak bir vahşettir.

C) Hayvanlar üzerinde deney yapmak tıp bilgimizi arttırması bakımından gereklidir ama kozmetik ürünleri için bu durum mazur görülemez.

D) Tıp ve kozmetik ürünleri hakkındaki bilgimizi arttırsa da, deneyler için hayvanları kullanmak vahşetten başka bir şey değildir.

E) İster tıp bilgimizi arttırmak ister kozmetik ürünleri için olsun, hayvanlar üzerinde deney yapmak zalimliktir.


67- There are such a lot of daily activities we simply do through habit that we don't even need to think when performing them.

A) Bir gün içerisinde yapmak zorunda olduğumuz o kadar çok iş var ki bunların hepsini düşünerek yapmamız mümkün değil.

B) Günlük yaşamımızda sürekli yaptığımız, bu yüzden de

alışkanlık halini almış pek çok işimizin olduğunu çoğu zaman düşünmeyiz bile.

C) Sadece alışkanlıktan dolayı yaptığımız o kadar çok günlük iş var ki bunları yaparken düşünmeye bile gerek duymayız.

D) Günlük yaşamda yaptığımız işlerin çoğu, düşünmemizi

bile gerektirmeyen, basit, alışkanlık halini almış işlerdir.

E) Yapmak zorunda olduğumuz günlük işlerimizin çoğunu,

alışkanlık halini aldıkları için, hiç düşünmeden yaparız.

68-73. sorularda, parçada boş bırakılan yeri uygun şekilde tamamlayan ifadeyi bulunuz.


68- Pear of the number 13 has long been a superstition. Its roots are religious. At the Last Supper of Jesus and his disciples, there were 13 persons, one of whom was Judas, the traitor. Today many tall buildings omit a numbered 13th floor, skipping instead from 12 to 14. ……….. . Nevertheless, the trick seems to be enough to reassure people that they are safe from bad luck.



 A) Avoidance of black cats has religious origins as well

B) This does not make any difference for  the blind,


C) Seeing a black cat is also believed to King bad luck

D) In such buildings, accidents and mishaps have been shown to be less frequent

E) This practice obviously can't really eliminate the thirteenth floor





69- Lightships are aids to navigation, similar in function to lighthouses. They came into use in the 17th century hi places where it was not practical to build a lighthouse. Modern lightships are steel vessels about 35 metres long. ……… . Some lightships, however, those equipped with automatic devices, require no full-time crew on board.



A) They are most suitable for sheltered waters where high-powered illumination is not necessary

B) Usually they are manned by a crew of about seven, and carry all the equipment standard to a lighthouse

C) Because lightships are often located in remote places, the power used, to operate them is usually derived from diesel generators

D) To increase light intensity and focus it into a beam, mirrors and other reflectors came into use in the 18th century

E) Modern lighthouses have reflectors, as well as lenses and prisms, to carry the light farther





70- People of all ages in nearly every country where there is mountainous terrain enjoy the unique appeal of skiing. It is one of the few sports that enable people to move at high rates of speed without any power-producing device. …………. . With the world's top athletes reaching speeds over 80 mph in the downhill, it is no wonder serious injuries are common.



A) Yet female skiers are actually less liable to injury than males, although they get hurt occasionally

B) Actually, it is rather miraculous that fatal injuries are extremely rare

C) In its simplest form, skiing is sliding down a snow-covered slope on a pair of long, slim runners called skis

D) However, it can be a very dangerous sport, particularly at

      the professional level

E) Just recently American skier Peekabo Street suffered a

      broken leg during a competition






71- In recent years, "supermarkets" and the even larger "hypermarkets" have spread across the landscape. ……. .

Not everyone agrees, though, that they are a good thing. Those who object to these vast stores point to increased traffic caused not only by delivery trucks but also by cars travelling to them. They are also blamed for the destruction of local business and the resulting decline in town centres.


A) They are extremely inconvenient for people who do not have cars

B) As competition has become keener, supermarkets have added specialty shops, like small bakeries into their stores

C) Everything today seems to be called "super-", so the word is losing any real meaning

D) A variation on the supermarket is the box store, which sells products directly out of cartons

E) They are popular because they provide a great variety of products, and are generally cheaper than traditional shops


72- In the bronze age, the time of the Trojan Wars, ships seldom ventured out of sight of land because they had large crews to man the oars, and little space for provisions or sleeping. Nor were they able to withstand heavy weather, and their captains did not know how to find their way without landmarks to guide them. ……… . Thus, the crew would cook, eat and sleep ashore.


A) The Polynesians were far ahead of the Europeans, being able to find their way guided by the stars

B) Occasionally a storm would take them far from land, and then, it was regarded as a disaster

C) For these reasons, they had to stop in a harbour very frequently

D) This means that they were often able to cover huge distances in a short time

E) However, because they had oars, they could still progress in light or strong winds


73- Typing is the most basic skill of the information-based economy. Those with typing skills, which can be acquired through a relatively basic course, are virtually assured of employment, though the pay may be low. ……….. . This, obviously, requires more extensive education.


A) The newest printing method in the industry is computerized, or electronic, printing

B) Combined with knowledge of computer programs, good typing skills can get one a high paying job

C) The electronic typewriter is similar in appearance to the manual machines

D) Typing can also be very useful in your personal life,

      helping with letters and reports

E) Yet many people may think that a low paying job is

              better than being unemployed


74-80. sorularda, verilen söylenebilecek sözü bulunuz.       

74- You are working in a clothing shop. It is the policy of the

shop not to reduce the price of any items for any reason. A customer likes a shirt, but finds a small defect and asks to have it at a cheaper price. You say:


A) You're right, Sir. I wouldn't pay full price for that if I were you.

B) I think I need to have my eyes checked. I can't see any

defects in this shirt!

C) I'm sorry, Sir. Although you have a point, we are not authorized to make any reductions.

D) I'm afraid that is the cheapest shirt we have in stock, Sir. E) We don't have cheaper ones at the moment, but we're

      expecting a new order in two days.

75- You have been looking forward all week to watching the

big match on TV. Five minutes before the match starts, just as you are settling down with some drinks and snacks, your next door neighbour drops in, saying that her TV set has just broken down, and that the film she has always wanted to see is about to start. Determined to go ahead with your plan, you say to her:


A) Oh great, my wife has always wanted to watch that film too.

B) I'm sorry Mrs Green, but the football match hasn't finished yet, so you'll miss the beginning.

C) Why didn't you go and see it when it was showing at the cinema?

D) Can't you wait until 10 o'clock, when the football match is due to finish?

E) I'm afraid you'll miss the film, Mrs Green, as I'm watching a football match tonight.


76- You are attending an important meeting. The chairman wants everyone's undivided attention, so at the beginning, he asks everyone politely to switch off their mobile phones. Sure that yours is switched off, you don't bother to check, but, just as you are reaching a crucial point of the meeting, your phone rings. Embarrassed, you say:


A) I'm sorry, but I thought it was already turned off, and didn't check it.

B) I suddenly remembered that I had to phone my family to inform them   . about something.

C) I'm not very happy with my phone line and want to change it.

D) Isn't modern technology amazing? Now we can be

      reached wherever we are.

E) I know you asked us once nicely, but I have to answer

     it in case it is important.


77- You've done a lot of work on your balcony garden and are

quite proud of it. You're talking to a friend on your balcony and are horrified to see him about to put his cigarette out in one of your pot plants. You don't want to seem too upset or unreasonable, but want to stop him before he does so. Almost hurriedly, you say to him:


A) Hey, here's an ashtray for you. I'd rather you used it than the pot.

B) How would you feel if I put my cigarette out on your new carpet?

C) Don't even think about it! That's no place to put out your cigarette.

D) What do you think you're doing? Does that look like an ashtray to you?

E) If you want to smoke, I would prefer that you did it in the parking lot.


78- Your boss, for whom you have worked for many years, invites you to a cocktail party at his house. The day of the party you learn that the guest of honour is going to be a politician you have always despised for being dishonest and self-seeking. You cannot stand the thought of being a guest at the same party as him, nor do you want to let your boss know the truth, so you make up an excuse:


A) This is a perfect opportunity for me to tell him what most people think about him.

B) I think I'm coining down with flu and I wouldn't want to give it to anyone else.

C) Not him! He's the most corrupt and dishonest man in the country.

D) Forgive me, but I wouldn't be in the same room with such a person.

E) Are there going to be any other politicians?



79- You're a small business owner and hire a worker who, after his one month probationary period, you decide to let go. He was a nice enough person, but his work just wasn't up to the standard. A week later, you get a phone call from another company asking for a reference. You don't want to hurt his chances at another job, but you don't feel right about recommending him too strongly either, so you say:


A) He's a really nice person, but I don't ever remember him doing a bit of work.

B) I'd hire him again in a second! Workers like him don't come along every day.

C) I'm afraid I must tell you the truth. I could only bear him for a month!

D) Well, he wasn't with us long enough for me to get too

much of an impression.

E) If you're looking for a friend, he's the man. If it's a

     worker you want, he's not.


80- A friend comes to visit for a few days, so you tell him to make himself at home, though you and your partner are living in a very small flat. He seems to be having some problems, so you let him stay for a few more days. Four weeks later, he's still at your flat, shows no intention of leaving and his presence is upsetting you and your flatmate. To get rid of him without hurting him too much, you say:


A) Don't you really hate it when people take advantage and abuse your hospitality?

B) You've got twenty-four hours to pack up and hit the road, or I'll throw you out.

C) If you intend to stay here longer, I think you've got to start paying us some rent.

D) I used to think of you as a friend, but I'm beginning to see you as a parasite.

E) Listen, this is very difficult for me, but I think you've been here long enough.


81-87. sorularda, verilen cümleye         l anlamca en yakın olan seçeneği bulunuz.       


81- Had someone told me about the meeting, there's no way I

would have missed it.


A) Although no one told me where the meeting was, I managed to find my way to it.

B) Even if someone had told me about the meeting, I still wouldn't have gone.

C) Whether I'm told or not, I never get around to going to meetings.

D) The only reason why I didn't attend the meeting is that I

wasn't informed about it.

E) Though I knew about the meeting, I couldn't attend it as

I didn't know how to get there.


82- Tom had the chance to study in the USA, yet he decided against it.


A) Tom has begun his studies in America, but he does not want to finish them.

B) Tom was lucky enough to study in America, but he didn't enjoy it.

C) Tom was against the idea of studying in America, yet he had to go there anyway.

D) Tom could have studied in America if he had wanted to, but he didn't.

E) Tom has the opportunity to attend school in America, though he can't decide whether to go there or not.







83- He used to love horse races but his interest has diminished over the years.


A) Fortunately, he doesn't waste as much time on the horse races as he used to.

B) Unfortunately he can't go to the horse races as often as he did in the past.

C) Horse racing is no longer so enjoyable for him as it once was.

D) Watching horses race is less fun for him now that he

has become an old man.

E) Over the years, he has become more and more

      interested in watching horses race.


84- Unlike most people, my father doesn't mind if people borrow books and don't give them back.


A) My father is different from other people who object when others don't return borrowed books.

B) My father is not very organized, so he doesn't remember whether people bring the books they borrow back or not.

C) My father doesn't like people who don't return the books they borrow.

D) My father never lends books to people because he

      knows they don't like to give them back.

E) People normally don't like lending books, but my

     father does, even if he can't get them back.


85- What brought their relationship to an end was that she found fault with everything he did.


A) He was trying hard to continue their relationship, but she still found fault with it.

B) He didn't really want to finish their relationship, but it was impossible to put up with her faults.

C) Whatever he did, she was never satisfied, and in the end, they broke up.

D) Although he didn't have many faults, she always

     found something to criticise him for.

E) Throughout their relationship, she believed that he

     was not good enough for her.


86- She never eats cake except when she celebrates her birthday.


A) Until her last birthday, she had never tasted even a small piece of cake.

B) At last, on her last birthday, she tried a piece of her birthday cake.

C) The only occasion on which she eats cake is on her own birthday.

D) Although she celebrates her birthday  every year, she

      never eats any of her birthday cake.

E) She has decided that, for the first time in her life, she

     will try eating cake on her birthday.


87- Being totally unfamiliar with the situation, he could only offer very little help.


A) Because he didn't offer any assistance, he wasn't able to learn much about what was happening.

B) As he only knew very little about the case, his offer of help was of no use.

C) Not knowing anyone involved in the event, he decided not to offer to do anything about it.

D) Since they wouldn't explain the   problem to him, he

      figured that they didn't need his help.

E) He was unable to offer much assistance as he didn't

     know anything about the case.






88-94. sorularda, karşılıklı konuşmanın boş bırakılan bölümünde söylenmiş olabilecek sözü bulunuz.


88- Tourist: Could you tell me how to get to the train station, please?

Local:     ………..

Tourist: I knew it was nearby. Thanks so much for your help.


A) Well, actually this area is not on the rail line.

B) Oh, it's very close to where I live.

C) Sorry, I'm not from around here and don't know either.

D) Sure, go to the corner and turn left. It's right there.

E) The station? You can't walk there. You have to take

      the bus.


89- Janet: I can't come to the party tonight. My mother's been really ill and I have to look after her.

Sally:   ………….

Janet: Thanks. I hope not as well.


A) Well, I hope she won't be so inconsiderate next week.

B) I'm sorry to hear that. I hope it's nothing serious.

C) Oh that's bad news. I hope you two have a good time together.

D) Why don't you bring her along. It might cheer her up. E) I can't stand sick people. I hope my parents never get

     so demanding.


90- Detective: Now then Mr Powell, where were you on the night of the 15th of March?

Mr Powell: The 15th of March? ……….

Detective: Well, perhaps this button from your jacket may help you remember.


A) I'm afraid I have no idea. I've got a terrible memory.

B) Of course, I will, but I may not remember every detail.

C) Wait a minute! Haven't you questioned me about that case before?

D) Yes, please do. I tend to forget things that happened a long time ago.

E) Do you want me to tell the whole case, or just the time of the murder?


91- Ken:       Hi George, hello Anna. Let me

take your coats.

George: Thanks. What a lovely house. Ken:       ……….

George: Great, I'm starving.


A) You look as if you haven't had a decent meal in days.

B) It's coming along, but we don't have a kitchen yet.

C) I'm glad you like it. Dinner will be ready soon.

D) Do you want to have a swim in the pool before


E) Would you like to eat here on the porch, or by the



92- Dan:  It's raining so hard I can barely

see the road. Sam: …………

Dan:  Well, I wish you'd said this



A) We should have just stayed at home tonight.

B) The weather forecast wasn't bad, though.

C) It hasn't rained so hard for ages, has it?

D) Do you think we should pull over and wait for a while? E) Aren't you exaggerating? We'll only drive two miles.






93- Jane: Are you still working? It's lunchtime and you've been working non-stop since 8:30.

Mary: I know, but I still have so many fazes to type and send.

Jane: ………….

Mary: I can't. If they aren't done by 1:30, I'll be in trouble.


A) Why should you do everything? Tell the boss to type them himself.

B) OK, then. Let's take all day tomorrow off and relax.

C) Have I told you I'm going to Spain for my holiday? Why don't you come along?

D) I think you need a break. Finish them after lunch.

E) Well, I always make sure I get my work done with

      time to spare.


94- Kathy:   ………..

Robert: Sure, he's in here, sitting on the table.

Kathy:   Good. I thought I heard him on the roof.


A) Isn't your brother in town this week?

B) Have you fed the kitten already?

C) Is dinner ready yet? I'm starving!

D) I think we should get the roof fixed, don't you think?

E) Have you seen the cat recently?


95-100. sorularda, anlam yönünden parçaya uygun olmayan cümleyi bulunuz.


95- (I) A person's dialects depend on where he lives, what groups he moves with, his education, and so on. (II) A Tokyo engineer from Kyoto, for instance, might use his own Kyoto dialect at home, but the standard dialect of Tokyo at work. (III) His speech would differ in some ways from that of his wife and that of his teenage son. (IV) With other engineers he would use a kind of engineering shop talk. (V) Thus, in a society, different styles of speech are used to show degrees of politeness.


       A) I             B) II            C) III            D) IV             E) V


96- (I) A river starts as a tiny trickle, or rill, on a slope. (II) Rainfall, snowfall, a spring or the melting of glacial ice may be its source. (Ill) As it flows downhill, it is joined by other trickles to make a brook, and other brooks add their waters to form a stream, which broadens into a creek. (IV) To get the greatest benefit from a river, however, people alter its course through engineering projects. (V) As the water continues its downward journey, it gains in volume and finally becomes a river.

       A) I             B) II            C) III            D) IV             E) V


97- (I) Some physicians say that a person who is able to function reasonably well is mentally healthy. (II) Others hold that a person is mentally healthy if his behaviour is like that of the majority of people. (Ill) There are, of course, people in a society who stand out from others in the way they speak, dress, and so on. (IV) Still others make comparisons with an ideal. (V) According to these physicians, mental healthfulness may be approached but not attained.  


A) I             B) II            C) III            D) IV             E) V











98- (I) In the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal the ancient custom of worshipping a young girl as a goddess has survived to the present day. (II) Kathmandu is such a tolerant place that Hindus and Buddhists often share the same temples, worshipping the same images under different names. (III) Every day people come to worship her and to ask her for help with their problems. (IV) Though a tutor comes to give her basic schooling, she is only allowed out of her temple on five festival days, and then she is surrounded by worshippers. (V) Her reign as a goddess ends with the onset of puberty, when a new girl of about six is chosen.


A) I             B) II            C) III            D) IV             E) V


99- (I) The drink we know as "tea" is brewed and dr-mk in so many different ways that it can be difficult to believe that they all originate from the same plant. (II) In Turkey and other parts of the Middle East, the leaves are stewed for a long time and then it is drunk with sugar, but no milk. (Ill) Most English tea is still imported from its former colony, India. (IV) In some places, it is actually brewed in hot milk, often with spices such a cardamom or ginger. (V) Tea in China is a pale, weak beverage drunk with no additives, while in Japan it is green.


         A) I             B) II            C) III            D) IV             E) V


100-(I) The origin of the turkey's name is uncertain. (II) Some believe the name comes from one of its calls, a soffturk, turk, turk." (III) Others believe that the bird was originally confused with the guinea cock, which was imported into Europe from Africa through Turkey. (IV) Still others suggest that the head of the bird resembles a Turkish fez. (V) The fez was named after the Moroccon city of Fez, outside of which grow red berries whose dye was once exclusively used to colour hats.


  A) I             B) II            C) III            D) IV             E) V



l.E         2.D        3.C        4.A       5.D        6.B        7.E        8.A    9.B  10.D

11.A     12.D     13.B     14.C     15.C      16.E     17.D     18.C 19.A  2O.B

21.B     22.B      23.B     24.E     25.D     26.A     27.D     28.E 29.B  30.B

31.A  32.E  33.D  34.A  35.E  36.C  37.E  38.D 39.D 40.C

41.B  42.E  43.D  44.E  45.A  46.D  47.E  48.C 49.E  50.C

51.D  S2.B  53.A  54.D  55.C  56.E  57.B  58.D 59.C  60.A

61.D  62.B  63.B  64.E  65.D  66.A  67.C  68.E 69.B  70.D

71.E     72.C      73.B     74.C     75.E      76.A     77.A     78.B 79.D  80.E

81.D     82.D     83.C     84.A     85.C      86.C     87.E     88.D 89.B  9O.A

91.C     92.A     93.D     94.E     95.E      96.D     97.C     98.B 99.C 1OO.E

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