Okuma Süresi:62 Dakika, 16 Saniye





  1. Tour record has been so poor that I'm afraid it will be impossible to ………. you for a promotion.


A) convince                    B) concentrate         C) interrupt                    

D) recommend               E) commence


  1. Though the food looked extremely good, she was determined to lose weight, and so ……….. the temptation to eat too much.


        A) succeeded                  B) innovated           C) resisted                    

        D) surrendered               E) accepted


  1. Because of his generous ………. to charity, he is very popular with all classes of people.


A) appearances               B) absence              C) attendance                

D) indications                 E) contributions


  1. The Australian and New Zealand flags are ………. the same. The only difference is the number of stars on each one.


A) entirely                      B) identically          C) colourfully                 

D) basically                    E) constantly


  1. ……… all kittens are born with a strong instinct for cleanliness, but of course, there are exceptions.


A) Gradually                  B) Practically          C) Symbolically             

D) Incessantly                E) Vitally


  1. Although plumbers charge a lot of money, it is almost impossible to find a/an ………. one, who will come when you need him and do the job properly.


A) reliable                      B) rational               C) indifferent                 

D) traditional                  E) eternal


  1. There has been a severe water shortage in our neighbourhood; ……….. we are trying to be economical with water.


A) moreover                   B) even though       C) therefore                    

D) otherwise                  E) nonetheless


  1. It is not surprising that he is remembered with affection, ………. he was one of the great leaders of the 20th century.


A) though     B) so     C) still            D) for         E) yet


  1. ………. his work improves, there is no chance of his contract being renewed at the end of the year.


A) Unless          B) While       C) However      D) As if      E) Since


  1. ………. the music, which was wonderful, I thought it was an absolutely awful film.


A) Rather than                B) Apart from         C) In addition to            

D) For instance              E) Instead of


  1. Mushrooms spring up ……….. amazing rapidity ………. moist periods.


A) in/across                    B) to/around           C) through/in                

D) on/over                      E) with/during


  1. The increased diversity of flowering plants is closely related ………. the increased diversity of Insects, which carry pollen ………. flower to flower and thus ensure reproduction.


A) in/with                       B) to/from               C) for/on                          

D) with/over                   E) at/between




  1. Jim was in such a bad way after his mother died that I thought he'd never ………. it.


A) turn up                      B) get into               C) take after                   

D) get over                     E) look for


  1. If I were to tell you ……… I really think of the present situation, you would probably be shocked.


A) which    B) that     C) what         D) why        E) how


  1. I don't understand why Grandma insists on living in that immense house. It's ………. big for a woman of her age to run!


A) far too                       B) the most             C) too much                   

D) much more                E) very much


  1. I can usually sit through anything, but that film was ……… awful that I left in the middle.


A) such    B) very     C) much           D) rather           E) so


  1. For ……… holiday this year, we are thinking of doing some climbing with a few friends of……… in the Swiss Alps.


A) our/ours                    B) mine/us              C) her/her                      

D) them/their                  E) us/them



  1. We cooked ……… of food tonight, so I think there will be ……… left over for tomorrow.


A) a lot/little                   B) much/a lot          C) plenty/some                

D) enough/none             E) all/no


  1. You still haven't found the glasses you lost last week, ……….?


A) did you                      B) have they           C) haven't you

D) have you                   E) didn't they


  1. Of all the flats we ……….. at so far, I like the one which we ……….. first the best.


A) looked/have been shown

B) had looked/had been showing

C) are looking/were showing

D) were looking/have shown

E) have looked/were shown


  1. As the letter ………… only yesterday, I doubt that it………. by tomorrow evening.


A) has been posted/is arriving

B) was posted/will have arrived

C) had been posting/has arrived

D) would be posted/would arrive

E) had posted/would have arrived


  1. When we ……….. the number of people on the road with all their possessions, it was clear that the villages in the path of the flood ………. .


A) will see/have been evacuating

B) saw/were being evacuated

C) had seen/will have evacuated

D) have seen/are evacuated

E) see/are being evacuated






  1. Rogei has been in and out of prison for years, but he promises that, when he ……… out this time, he ……… a proper job.


A) will get/is finding

B) got/is going to find

C) gets/will find

D) has got/has been finding

E) is getting/will have found


  1. One theory suggests that the civilisation of ancient Crete ……… by an earthquake and volcanic eruption.


A) could have destroyed                B) is supposed to destroy

C) could be destroying                   D) may have been destroyed

E) must have destroyed


  1. He ……… his job if he ………. harder to solve his drinking problem.


A) wouldn't have lost/had tried

B) hasn't been losing/tried

C) wasn't losing/could have tried

D) won't lose/tried

E) can't have lost/might try


  1. The bigger our advertising campaign is,


A) even though we are likely to have some success

B) the more likely it is that we will get a lot of new business

C) we should be able to do very well in the upcoming year

D) so we may have more chance of finding 'a lot of new customers E) than all that we have had since we started business


  1. ……….. by lowering the risk of heart attack and some types of cancer.


A) As you get older, you should watch your diet and consume less 

      red meat

B) Becoming a vegetarian is one of the most healthy things a

      person can do

C) There is now a healthy trend toward eating more fresh fruit and


D) Too much red meat and fatty food is not good for you

E) Eating a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables can improve a person's



  1. ………. in case he called while we were oat?


A) Did you remind William to phone us today

B) Do you think these instructions I'm leaving for the repairman

     are clear enough

C) Why don't you check your answering machine

D) Have you left the back door open for Sam

E) Do you really think we should go out today


  1. Since I had never eaten raw fish before I went to Japan, …….. .


A) coupled with the fact that I do not normally eat fish, even


B) perhaps I will like it when I have tried it

C) I was a little nervous the first time it was put in front of me

D) it is difficult, though, -to explain what it tastes like

E) it was one of the most delicious Japanese dishes


  1. ………. probably the beat one is that it can give you an insight into a different culture and way of life.

A) While there are many reasons .for learning a foreign language

B) Even though a number of countries use English as a first


C) Due to the number of good reasons for studying a foreign 


D) Except for the fact that there is a saving, "travel broadens the


E) There are many disadvantages to travelling abroad if you don't

      speak a foreign language

  1. Instead of talcing advantage of the time to prepare for the big match ………. .


A) they practised every day and were in top form when the time


B) they would not have played so well otherwise

C) there were still some injury problems as the date approached

D) the team members stayed out late every night and hardly

      bothered to practise

E) each new day was full of tension and excitement


  1. Because so many people are trying to get visas, ……… .


A) the authorities were making it more and more difficult

B) there is, however, no reason that they should make it so hard

C) the economic situations in the countries of the applicants


D) it is a good place to emigrate to for economic reasons

E) the consulate puts as many difficulties as possible in the way


  1. ………. it can often be more beneficial to have a vocational qualification.


A) Not until a lot of people were able to get university degrees

B) Whereas most young people have their hearts set on a

      university degree

C) Everyone wants a university degree because they can use it

      to get a high-paying job

D) Because the best way to a successful future is a university


E) If only youths could get into the university they want to go to


  1. As they become capable of more and more tasks, ……… .


A) most calculators can only perform the basic mathematical


B) duplicating machines are devices used for making copies of a


C) machines are only as good as the people operating them

D) microscopes use a beam of light and lenses to magnify


E) computers will take over more of the work now done by



35.-37. soruları  verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.             


We are all born with a number of instinctive physical reactions, things we do automatically, which are called primitive reflexes. One of the most interesting is called "grasp reflex". If you touch the palm of a baby's hand, the fingers will close around whatever object is doing the touching. The baby's grip is so strong that if a baby grasps a rod with both hands, it can be lifted right off the ground. Some psychologists think that this goes back to our evolutionary past when we had to be able to hang on to tree branches or to our mother's fur as she moved. The reflex disappears at about six months of age.


  1. We understand from the passage that primitive reflexes ………. .


A) are concentrated in the palm of a baby's hand

B) are a way of lifting babies off the ground

C) sometimes disappear after six months

D) are things which we do automatically from the time we are born E) are objects about which babies' fingers tend to close


  1. It is clear from the passage that…….. .


A) human babies are good at hanging on to tree branches

B) psychologists make babies hang from tree branches to test their


C) until six months of age, babies think their mothers have fur

D) very young babies are sometimes stronger than we might think

E) only people living in primitive conditions have reflexes



  1. According to some psychologists, …… .


A) "grasp reflex" can be explained by the evolutionary phases of the

       human species

B) a baby's grip is much stronger among the members of primitive


C) lifting a baby off the ground provides good exercise for growing


D) babies instinctively hang onto their mothers

E) human beings are all born with a number of instinctive physical



38.-40. soruları  verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.             


In 1857, when scholars In the new reading room of the British Museum looked up from their books, they could gaze upon the Inspiring vastness of the bio and copper dome above them. By the time it closed, 140 years later, they were cursing the many hours they had to look at the dome while they waited for their books to arrive. A book would seldom arrive within two hours of being ordered, and sometimes readers would have to wait up to two days. This was because, in addition to the museum, the books were stored all over London, and some as far away as a depot in Yorkshire.


  1. We learn from the passage that…….. .


A) after 140 years, the once beautiful dome had become ugly

B) the reading room of the British Museum closed in 1997

C) readers protested against the closure of the reading room

D) the staff of the reading room of the British Museum were

     helpful and efficient

E) the dome of the reading room of the British Museum attracted

     readers more than the books


  1. The passage states that readers in the reading room of the British Museum……..


A) were actually there to admire the architecture of the building

B) requested the authorities to keep the books on the premises

C) did not mind waiting for their books because the building was

     so beautiful

D) often complained about the inefficiency of the staff there

E) often had to wait a long time for their books to arrive


  1. According to the passage, the books read in the reading room of the British Museum …….. .


A) were published over a period of 140 ' years

B) attracted scholars from all over London and as far away as


C) were not always stored there

D) were so boring that readers preferred to look at the dome

E) included the best examples of the national literature



41.-43. soruları  verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.             


The piranha, in spite of its tiny size, is one of the most feared fish in the world. Piranhas live in the Amazon River, have very sharp teeth, and are capable of eating four times their body weight daily. This would not be so bad, if it were not for the way they attack in numbers. Even the smallest movement, like splashing your hand in the water, is enough to attract 300 piranhas in an instant. A piranha attack can transform a live cow into a skeleton in a matter of minutes. When there is nothing else to eat, they will even eat each other.


  1. According to the passage, the piranha


A) is the world's smallest fish

B) would not be so bad if it was better understood

C) has sharp teeth and a large appetite

D) lives largely on a diet of its own species

E) is a saltwater fish, similar to the shark


  1. The passage tells us that………..


A) piranhas are dangerous because so many of them gather to

      attack their prey

B) a single piranha can eat a cow in a matter of minutes

C) the average piranha eats four other piranhas every day

D) piranhas are useless because they are not edible

E) the Amazon River is full of cow skeletons


  1. It is stated in the passage that in the absence of food, piranhas ………..


A) feed on each other

B) migrate to other rivers

C) get smaller in size

D) face a decline in their numbers

E) attack anything moving in the water



44.-46. soruları  verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.             


On August 11, 1911, the Mono. Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece, was stolen from the Louvre Museum in Paris. The thief, Vincenzo Peruggia, a Louvre employee, stored the painting in the false bottom of a trunk in his flat for two years and then tried to sell it to his native Italy for $95,000. Italian officials promptly arrested him and returned the 300-year old masterpiece to France without a scratch. At his trial in Florence, Peruggia convinced the jury that his act was one of patriotism — that his sole motive was to return the famous painting to the land of its creator. Because of this declaration, he received a relatively light sentence of 1 year and 15 days.

  1. It's understood from the passage that the thief, Vincenzo Peruggia, ……. .


A) stole the Monn Lisa at the wish of the Italian authorities

B) was an Italian living and working in France

C) had stolen many other priceless works of art

D) was a master criminal wanted in many countries

E) was a descendant of Leonardo da Vinci


  1. After its two-year stay In Peruggia's flat, the Mono Lisa…….. .


A) had a few scratches on its surface

B) was found by the French police

C) had been totally destroyed

D) was completely undamaged

E) was sold to an Italian museum


  1. Peruggia's trial resulted in a somewhat easy punishment because …….. .


A) his crime was considered a minor one

B) the jury believed that the Mona Lisa actually belonged to


C) the JMorta Lisa was not damaged at all

D) the painting was safely returned to the Louvre Museum

E) the jurors were moved by his love of Italy


















47.-49. soruları  verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.             


A century ago, the feats of the magician Harry Houdini thrilled audiences in Europe and America. We now remember him for his daring escapes from strait-jackets, chains and locked chests. His astonishing illusions of stage magic .are all but extinct in the West, but are alive and thriving in the East. The reason is simple. Houdini's kind of magic relied on potent chemicals, which were easy to get in Victorian times. Today, however, the people in the West are more safety conscious, and there is little hope of finding the highly toxic ingredients Accessary for Houdini's spells. But if you visit any Indian bazaar, even in the smallest towns, you can buy anything from phosphorus to nitric acid at bargain prices.


  1. Harry Houdini ……… .


A) was an Indian who performed his tricks mostly in Europe and

      the USA

B) was a famous magician who lived about a hundred years ago

C) was the least safety-conscious chemist of the Victorian era

D) used to buy all his chemicals in Indian bazaars

E) had his life changed by a visit to India


  1. It is stated in the passage that………..


A) the sort of magic Houdini performed a century ago can be seen

    in India today

B) Houdini's kind of magic died out because it was boring, due to

     its extreme safety

C) famous magicians such as Houdini perform in Indian bazaars

D) Houdini cheated his audiences because he used chemicals

      instead of real magic

E) India has produced some of the most famous magicians in the



  1. The author believes that………. .


A)  we can easily find the chemicals used by Houdini anywhere in

      the world

B) the people in the West no longer like magical performances

C) Westerners are more interested in their safety now than iri the 


D) Houdini took the secrets of his craft to India before he died

E) chemicals needed by magicians should be freely available to




50.-52. soruları  verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.             


There are two kinds of water pollution. The first is when rubbish, sewage or chemicals are thrown into the water. This waste upsets the natural environment and can prove dangerous or fatal to fish and other life in the water. The second type of pollution is thermal, or warm water pollution. This is most commonly caused by hydroelectric power plants. These take water from a lake or river, convert it into steam for running the plant's turbines, change the steam back into water, then return the water to the original lake or river. Though this water is no dirtier than when it was taken out, it is often five to ten degrees above its original temperature. This causes a change in the environment which can be as dangerous to aquatic life as waste pollution.


  1. It is stated in the passage that……… .


A) thermal pollution is more dangerous than pollution from

     rubbish or chemicals

B) warm water pollution is as harmful as thermal pollution

C) hydroelectric plants put dirty water back into the environment

D) thermal pollution occurs when the temperature of a river or lake

     is raised

E) aquatic life is merely disturbed by thermal pollution





  1. Rubbish, sewage or chemicals ………..


A) are all part of the natural environment

B) can kill aquatic life when they are thrown Into the water

C) are the main cause of warm water pollution

D) are by-products of hydroelectric plants

E) have, on occasions, proved to be beneficial to aquatic life


  1. The author argues that……… .


A) there is nothing that can be done to correct thermal pollution

B) water pollution is a fact of iife that we must learn to Jive with

C) the world would be better off without hydroelectric power


D) fish are less affected by the second kind of pollution than by

      the first

E) both kinds of pollution are equally bad for the natural




53.-60. sorularda verilen Türkçe cümlenin İngilizce dengini bulunuz.


  1. Alındığı günden beri biletler onda olduğu halde konserin kaçta başlayacağını bana soruyor.


A) He himself bought the tickets, yet he had no idea what time

      the concert was going to begin.

B) Although he had had the tickets since we bought them, he

      asked me what time the concert would begin.

C) Even though he knows what time the concert begins, as he

     bought the tickets himself, he is still asking me.

D) He knew which day the concert was on when we bought the

      tickets, but now he is asking what time it starts.

E) Although he has had the tickets since the day they were bought, he's asking me what time the concert will begin.


  1. Geçmişin ve hatta bugünün istismarları, doğal kaynakların, en azından bundan sonra, dikkatli kullanımını zorunlu kılmaktadır.


A) The careful use of natural resources will be important from

now on, due to the abuses of the past as well as those of the present.

B) Natural resources have been, and still are, abused to such an

      extent that it is essential to use them carefully from now on.

C) The abuses of the past, and even the present, make the

careful use of natural resources essential, at least from now on.

D) From now on at least, the past and present abuses of natural

      resources will make their careful use essential.

E) If natural resources are used carefully from now on, the

abuses of the past and the present can be compensated for, at least to a certain extent.


  1. Olayı tüm ayrıntılarıyla incelemeden, işi üstlenip üstlenmeyeceğimizi kesin olarak söyleyemeyiz.


A) Before studying the case in all its detail, we cannot exactly

      say whether we'll undertake the job or not.

B) Until the details of the case have been studied, I'm unable to

      say exactly whether or not we'll undertake the job.

C) Whether we undertake the Job or not will become certain

      when we obtain the details of the case.

D) Before we can say exactly whether or not we'll undertake it,

      we'll have to study the case in all its detail.

E) We can't decide whether to undertake the job or not without

      first studying the case in detail.








  1. Birkaç olaylı toplantıdan sonra, ücretlerinden memnun olmayan işçiler greve gitmeye karar verdiler.


A) Following several eventful meetings, the dissatisfied workers

      decided to go ön strike over their pay.

B) After several eventful meetings, the workers, dissatisfied with

     their pay, decided to go on strike.

C) After going on strike over their pay, the dissatisfied workers

    had a few eventful meetings.

D) The workers, in a few eventful meetings, decided that their pay

     was unsatisfactory and went on strike.

E) After deciding to go on strike, the workers who were

    dissatisfied held several eventful meetings about their pay.


  1. Kafası o kadar karıştı ki tek bir soruyu bile doğru yanıtlayamadı.


A) The questions confused her to such an extent that she couldn't

      even answer a single one properly.

B) She got so confused by the questions that she could not answer

      any of them correctly.

C) The questions were so confusing that not even she could answer

     a single one properly.

D) She became confused to such an extent that she could not even

     answer a single question correctly.

E) A single question confused her to such an extent that she could

     not answer any of the others properly either.


  1. Amerikan petrol endüstrisi Pennsylvania'da başladı ancak en büyük başarısını Teksas'ta elde etti.


A) America's most successful petroleum industry began not in Texas,

      but in Pennsylvania.

B) The petroleum industry in America, which has flourished in Texas,

      was begun in Pennsylvania.

C) The American petroleum industry began in Pennsylvania, but

     became a great success in Texas.

D) Although the American petroleum industry began in Pennsylvania, it

     had  greater success in Texas.

E) The American petroleum industry began in Pennsylvania, but it had

     its greatest success in Texas.


  1. Makina çağı, toplu üretimi teşvik ederek, geleneksel el sanatlarını neredeyse tümüyle yok etmiştir.


A) By fostering mass production, the age of the machine almost

     entirely did away with traditional crafts.

B) The machine age, which has fostered mass production, has

     greatly reduced the demand for traditional crafts.

C) Traditional crafts are now almost entirely done by mass

     production, which has been encouraged by the machine age.

D) With the popularity of mass production, traditional crafts have

      totally disappeared in the age of the machine.

E) As a result of the mass production in machine age, traditional

     crafts have almost entirely stopped.


  1. Çoğu çağdaş ressam, doğada gördüklerini yansıtmak yerine, duyguların ve düşüncelerin iç dünyasını resmetmeyi tercih ediyor.


A) Rather than seeing the inner world of feelings and thoughts

      reflected in nature, many modem artists prefer to paint it.

B) Many modem artists prefer to reflect what they see in the

     natural world by painting their inner feelings and thoughts.

C) Many modern artists reflect what they see in nature, rather than

      painting the inner world of feelings and thoughts.

D) Rather than reflect what they see in nature, many modern artists

     prefer to paint the inner world of feelings and thoughts.

E) Just as they reflect what they see in nature, many modern artists

    paint the inner world of feelings and thoughts.







61.-66. sorularda parçada boş bırakılan yere uygun düşen ifadeyi bulunuz.


  1. There is a new 5 km bridge in Bangladesh, where everyone who crosses in a vehicle must pay a toll. In order to avoid paying, most bus passengers simply get off their buses and walk across. The man who has come up with the most novel solution to the toll problem is an enterprising cycle rickshaw driver. He paid his toll once, then stayed on the bridge, taking people across the river without ever paying the toll again. ………. . Once a group of politicians were so angry on being asked to pay the toll that they simply smashed the electronic equipment.

A) The bridge is so important because it connects the best

     agricultural land In the country with the capital, Dhaka

B) Cycle rickshaws are one of the most common forms of public

      transport in Bangladesh

C) The advanced electronic technology used on the bridge may

seem out of place in the rural nature of the surrounding countryside

D) The bridge has become an important political issue in


E) But it is not only the poor who object to paving the toll


  1. The first known people of the many to settle the island of Malta were the Phoenicians, who reached it in about the 9th century B.C. ………… In succession, the island was then occupied by the Arabs, the Knights Hospitaler, the French, and most recently, the British. All of them have left their mark on the island, reflected in its culture, language and architecture.

A) Malta occupies a strategic location between Italy and North


B) They were followed by the Romans

C) Its capita], Valetta, was important in Thomas Pynchon's cult

     novel "V"

D) The Phoenicians, of course, came from the area called

      Lebanon today

E) Though Malta is a small island, it is far more important than

     its size would lead us to believe


  1. Spice, the most desired commodity of the 13th, 17th and 18th centuries, was the driving force of merchant seafaring. Portugal started trading with China in 1557, and spread its trade across Southeast Asia and India, where the greatest variety of spices were to be found. ……… . The ships of these companies were called "East Indiamen" and were the biggest and best merchant ships for over two centuries.

A) Today, with modern transport, spices are easily obtainable

      and inexpensive

B) The British Navy became the strongest in the world from the

      time of the Napoleonic Wars

C) A series of naval wars were fought between Britain and

     Holland in the .17th century

D) The British East India Company was founded in 1600, and

     the Dutch East India Company in 1602

E) The development of the steam engine in the 19th century

meant that tea could be shipped to Europe while it was still fresh


  1. Most societies think that men are naturally suited to perform the most strenuous labour. ………. . For example, there was a kingdom in West Africa, called Dahome, which used women as bodyguards and soldiers because they were believed to be especially fierce fighters. The Tasmanians, similarly, felt that women were as suited as men to the most dangerous of hunting tasks.

A) This belief has persisted, almost unchanged, to the present


B) "Strenuous" labour usually meant farming or hunting

C) This has not always been a universally held belief, however

D) This is probably why, throughout history, male prisoners

have been killed, while women and children were sold as slaves

E) In some societies, inheritance is through the male line, while

      in others it is through the female line

  1. Of all possible eating patterns, skipping breakfast and eating a big lunch is the worst. …….. . Your blood sugar and stored carbohydrates are low. The morning meal replaces the calories and nutrients you need to get you through the day. Calories are burnt up more quickly in the morning than at any other time of the day. Studies of school children have found that those who eat breakfast do better hi school.


A) It's said by some that the best meal in England is breakfast and

      that it should be served three times a day

B) Breakfast is important because when you wake up in the

     morning, you have not eaten for eight to ten hours

C) A big lunch usually makes you sleepy, and thus affects your

     performance negatively

D) Dinner is usually the main meal because the whole family can

     relax together and talk about their day

E) On the other hand, many people complain that they don't have

     time for breakfast


  1. ……… . Of course it is only to be expected that they might over-react to their new freedom, and it is probably better that their parents are not around to observe their behaviour. Normally, however, by their final year they'll have got over the fascination of living without parental control and learnt to conduct themselves in a mature and responsible manner. It is therefore arguable that the experience of university life is as important as the actual studies.


A) When young people go to university, it is often the first time

      they have lived away from home

B) Young people are inherently irresponsible and need to be

      supervised until they are ready to be parents themselves

C) Students often feel that, as educated people, they have a more

valid point of view on society and its problems than do their elders

D) Many university students have part-time jobs, and this gives

      them a certain financial independence

E) One objection to the grant system in Britain is that it gives

     privileged young people what amounts to a three-year holiday



67-74. sorularda verilen İngilizce cümlenin Türkçe dengini bulunuz.                                          


  1. Those who pick mushrooms for eating must learn how to recognise those that are absolutely safe and avoid harmful ones.


A) Yemeklik mantar toplamadan önce, güvenli olanlarla zararlı

      olanların nasıl ayırt edildiğini öğrenmek gerekir.

B) Zararlı mantarların nasıl ayırt edildiğini bilmiyorsanız, sadece

     güvendiğiniz kişilerin topladığı mantarları yemelisiniz.

C) Yemek için mantar toplayanlar, tamamen güvenli olanları

      tanımayı, zararlı olanlardan ise kaçınmayı öğrenmelidirler.

D) Güvenli mantarlarla zararlı olanların ayrımı konusunda

tamamen emin olmadıkça toplanan mantarları yemekten kaçınmalısınız.

E) Topladığınız mantarları yemeden önce zararlı olup olmadığı

     konusunda tamamen emin olunuz.


  1. The first athlete to run the mile in less than four minutes was an English medical student, Roger Bannister.


A) Roger Bannister, İngiltere'de tıp eğitimi alırken katıldığı

      yarışta, bir mili dört dakikada koşarak birinci olmuştur.

B) Bir mili dört dakikada koşan ilk İngiliz atlet unvanına sahip

     Roger Bannister, tıp eğitimi almıştır.

C) Bir mili dört dakikadan daha az bir sürede koşan ilk atlet, bir

     İngiliz tıp öğrencisi Roger Bannister olmuştur.

D) İngiliz tıp öğrencisi Roger Bannister, bir mili dört dakikadan

      daha az bir sürede koşmayı başaran ilk atlettir.

E) Roger Bannister, bir mili dört  dakikadan daha az bir sürede

koşarak birinci olduğu yarışa, İngiltere'de tıp eğitimi aldığı sırada katılmıştır.



  1. Almost all the games children play today have been adapted from rules and traditions that are as old as organised society.


A) Bugün hemen her toplumda, kurumlaşmayı, eski gelenekleri

      ve kuralları yansıtan çocuk oyunları vardır.

B) Bugün çocukların oynadıkları oyunların hemen hepsi,

kurumlaşmış toplum kadar eski kural ye geleneklerden uyarlanmıştır.

C) Bugün kurumlaşmış toplumlardaki çocuk oyunları aslında,

     eski geleneklerin ve kuralların uyarlanmış biçimidir.

D) Günümüzün kurumlaşmış toplumunda çocuklar, eski

      gelenekleri ve kuralları oyunlarına uyarlamaktadırlar.

E) Çocukların oynadıktan oyunların neredeyse tamamı,

toplumun günümüze kadar ulaşmış geleneklerini ve kurallarını yansıtmaktadır.


  1. Throughout history, people have paid little attention to not disturbing the quality of their natural environment.


A) Tarih boyunca çok az insan yaşadığı doğal çevreyi

      bozmamak için özel bir çaba göstermiştir.

B) İnsanlık tarihine baktığımızda, doğal çevreyi bozmamak için

     gösterilen çabanın çok az olduğunu görüyoruz.

C) Tarih boyunca insanlar, yaşadıkları doğal ortamı çok

      dikkatsizce kullanmış ve niteliğim bozmuşlardır.

D) Tarih boyunca, yaşadıkları doğal çevreye iyi bakmayan

insanlar, sonunda onun tüm niteliğini bozmayı başarmışlardır.

E) Tarih boyunca insanlar, doğal çevrelerinin niteliğini

      bozmama konusuna çok az özen göstermişlerdir.


  1. Most fish are covered with scales that overlap each other like tiles on a roof.


A) Pek çok balık, bir çatının kiremitleri gibi, birbiri üzerine

       binmiş pullarla kaplıdır.

B) Pek çok balığı saran pullar, bir çatının, art arda dizilmiş

      kiremitleri gibidir.

C) Vücudu pullarla kaplı balıklar, kiremitle kaplanmış çatıya


D) Balıkların pullan, bir çatının kiremitleri gibi, art arda


E) Pek çok balığın vücudunda bulunan pullar, bir çatının, birbiri

     üstüne binmiş kiremitlerini andırır.


  1. Applying a sodium fluoride solution to children's teeth from 5 years of age helps the teeth resist decay.


A) Beş yaşından itibaren dişlerine sodyum floridli solüsyon

uygulanan çocuklar, çürümeye karşı daha dayanıklı dişlere sahip olmaktadırlar.

B) Beş yaşından itibaren dişlerine sodyum floridli solüsyon

uygulanan çocukların dişleri, çürümeye karşı daha dirençli olmaktadır.

C) Beş yaşından itibaren çocukların dişlerine sodyum floridli

solüsyon uygulamak, dişlerin çürümeye karşı direnç kazanmasına yardımcı olur.

D) Çocukların dişlerini çürümeye karşı dirençli kılmak için, beş

yaşından itibaren dişlere sodyum floridli solüsyon uygulamak gerekir.

E) Çocukların dişlerinin çürüklere karşı dayanıklı obuasına

yardımcı olmak -için, beş yaşından itibaren dişlere sodyum floridli solüsyon uygulanmalıdır.












  1. The avocado, a fruit of high nutritional value, is used especially in salads, soups and sandwiches.


A) Besin değeri yüksek bir meyve olan avokadoyu, özellikle

    salata, çorba ve sandöviçlerde sıkça kullanınız.

B) Yüksek besin değerine sahip bir meyve olan avokado, özellikle

      salata, çorba ve sandöviçlerde kullanılmaktadır.

C) Avokado, özeEikle salata, çorba ve sandöviclere eklendiğinde,

      yiyeceğin besin değerini arttırmaktadır.

D) Besin değerlerini arttırmak için salata, çorba ve sandöviclere,

     son derece güzel bir meyve olan avokado eklenebilir.

E) Özellikle salata:, çorba ve sandöviçlerde çok kullanılan

     avokado, besin değeri yüksek bir meyvedir.


  1. There is no cure for asthma, but it can be treated and managed so that the patient can lead a normal life.

A) Kesin çaresi olmamakla birlikte astma, tedavi ile, hasta normal

      bir yaşam sürdürebilecek biçimde kontrol altında tutulabilir.

B) Astmah hastalar, bu hastalıktan kesin olarak kurtulamazlar ama

     tedavi ile normal bir yaşam sürdürebilirler.

C) Tamamen tedavi edilemese de astma, hastanın normal bir

      yaşam sürdürmesini engellemeyecek şekilde tedavi edilebilir.

D) Çaresi olmayan astmalı hastalar için, yaşamlarım normal bir

      şekilde sürdürebilmelerini sağlayacak tedavi biçimleri vardır.

E) Astmamn çaresi yoktur ancak, hastanın normal bir yaşam

     sürdürebilmesi için, tedavi edilip kontrol altında tutulabilir.



75-81. sorularda verilen durumda söylenebilecek sözü bulunuz


  1. You are just about to leave for work when the doorbell rings. It is a nice young man doing market research who promises to take up only a few minutes of your valuable time. You know that if you don't leave for work right away, you will be late. So. in a hurry, but not wishing to offend, you say to him:

A) How inconsiderate of you? Can't you see that I am in a hurry?

B) Well, if it's only a few minutes, I suppose I can answer your


C) Well, why not, now that I've already missed my usual bus?

D) Why don't you come in for a cup of tea while 1 answer your


E) Sorry, young man, I'm late for work. Maybe some other time.


  1. Your grandmother always knits you a jumper for your birthday. You hated the colour of the sweater she made last year, although you pretended you loved it, because you didn't want to hurt her feelings. This year you want a colour you like, so several months before your birthday, you cleverly say:

A) Why don't you just give me money for my birthday instead of

    wasting your time?

B) Last year's jumper was super, and I'm sure this year's model

     will be even better.

C) I've bought a new sweater for myself, so you don't need to knit


D) If you're knitting something for me this year, can I help choose

     the wool?

E) Can you buy me a sweater this year instead of trying to knit it



  1. You are clumsy and not very good at sports, but have just met someone whom you really like. You realise that she is crazy about sports. You've got along well so far, but suddenly this special person invites you to go skydiving at the weekend. You are terrified, but you are hoping that a relationship will develop, so trying to gain time, you say:


A) It sounds like fun, although I haven't tried it yet. What time and

     where are we meeting?

B) Oh no, not this weekend! I've promised my mother that I'll paint

      the kitchen.

C) Are you crazy? That sounds like a good way to get killed!

D) Why don't we try ballroom dancing instead? I'm sure it's much


E) Skydiving is dangerous. Let's go to an art gallery instead.

  1. At the weekends you work in a camera shop. If you sell any expensive equipment, you get a good commission. One day a customer buys the most expensive camera in the shop, along with a lot of extras. He looks as if he could be a gangster, but you are happy because of your commission. When you try to get his credit card approved, it is rejected. Disappointed, and a little worried about his reaction, you say to him:


A) Forgive me. Sir, but we don't accept credit cards here. For

     reasons of safety, we only take cash payments.

B) Is this really your credit card? Can I see your identification,


C) I'm sorry. Sir, but there is some difficulty with your credit

      card. Is there any chance of a cash payment?

D) I knew as soon as I looked at you that you were the type who

      might try to give me a bad credit card.

E) Oh no, your credit card has been rejected. That means I'll lose

     my commission.


  1. Tony owns a small business with four employees. Three of them are excellent, but one is consistently late for work, and doesn't show up at all at least one day a week. Unfortunately he is the son of one of Tony's oldest friends, so he can't just give him the sack, but his lateness and absenteeism are hurting the business. So, when Tony sees his friend, he feels he should inform him of the situation:


A) I'm afraid your son's work attendance has been a little

     disappointing. Could you have a word with him?

B) Your son is a waste of space. I thought you'd have brought

     him up to be more responsible.

C) I've never been so disappointed in anyone in my life.

D) If your son isn't careful, I'll have to dismiss him, I'm afraid.

E) l think hiring your son was a mistake. He has hardly

    produced anything since he started working with us.


  1. The most important exams of your university career are coming up and you and your friends have all been studying hard. One day you notice that one of your friends looks upset, and when you ask him what is wrong, he tells you that his parents have decided to get divorced, and that he is too upset to study. You know that tact is called for in this situation, so you say in an understanding way:


A) I always knew it would happen, so I'm not surprised to hear


B) That's the most terrible thing I’ve ever heard. How could they

     do it at a time like this when you need their support?

C) They obviously don't care about you, so why should you care

      about them?

D) Divorce happens all the time these days. I don't see why you

       should let it upset you.

E) It's tough when these things happen, but life goes on. Your

     exams are the most important thing now.


  1. After picking out and buying a pair of shoes you really like, you get them home, and discover a completely different pair In the box. You take them back to the shop, but the salesperson you bought them from is not there. The manager looks very stern, and you are afraid he will think you are lying, so you carefully say:


A) You must have some really stupid people working here if

      they can't even put the right shoes in the box. • s

B) I'm afraid there was a mistake over the shoes I bought.

C) You should keep a better eye on your employees. Look what


D) These are even better than the ones I bought. Do you think I

     could keep them?

E) If I don't get the shoes I wanted, I'm going to call the police!





82-88. sorularda anlam bakımından parçaya uygun olmayan cümleyi bulunuz.


  1. (I) It's reported that more men and women are losing their hair than ever before, (II) Stress, hectic living, family history, and even pollution are being blamed for a record number of hair and related scalp disorders, (III) Ever since ancient times, human beings have been searching for a way to conquer the aging process. (IV) The problem is more common among men, of whom more than 60 percent suffer from some form of baldness. (V) Thus, miracle cures are in great demand.


A) I               B) II            C) III               D) IV               E) V


83- (I) The black rat, responsible for spreading the bubonic plague that

killed 25 million people in Europe in the 14th century, is making a come-back In Britain, (II) Six colonies of the rat have been discovered along the River Thames in East London, (III) There are fears that the rats, thought to be nearly extinct in Britain, may be spreading towards the centre of the capital. (IV) Some species of rat are so sensitive to even smalî modifications in the environment that they may be facing extinction. (V) Fortunately, none of the discovered rats have been found to carry the fleas that cause bubonic plague.


A) I               B) II            C) III               D) IV               E) V


84- (I) Until about ten thousand years ago, all human beings lived in

hunting-and-gathering societies, (II) Although rapidly disappearing, a few such societies still exist, (III) Their members must always be on the move in search of food, and consequently their bands are quite small. (IV) Today most people live in more complex social groups where there is a lot of specialisation. (V) Everyone performs the same jobs and has the same responsibilities, and consequently, there is more equality between the sexes.


A) I               B) II            C) III               D) IV               E) V


85- (I) The 100-meter dash attracts the world's fastest humans. (II) It

requires all-out speed over the entire distance of the race, (III) An explosive start is critical because victory is often decided by as little as one hundredth of a second. (IV) Thus, at the firing of the pistol, which starts the automatic timer, runners literally explode off their blocks. (V) The 200- and 400-meter dashes, on the other hand, are run around one or more turns.


A) I               B) II            C) III               D) IV               E) V


86- (I) Deep in interplanetary space, a man-made space probe is

attempting to uncover some of the deepest secrets of the universe, (n) Thousands of asteroids have been discovered since the first was spotted in 1801. (HO Astronomers believe that these mysterious objects are rubble left over from the formation of the solar system, and that they've occasionally smashed into Earth. (IV) It may well have been a wayward asteroid, for example, that wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. CV) Yet no one has ever got a close enough look to be sure exactly what the asteroids are or where they came from.


A) I               B) II            C) III               D) IV               E) V


87- (I) Dogs are being driven frantic by the stress of being left alone by

owners with increasingly busy lives. (II) The normal life span of a small or medium-size dog is about 15 years, while a large dog lives only about ten years, (III) More than half of British vets have reported an increase in the number of dogs who suffer from separation anxiety. (IV) They say that dogs suffer from a chronic lack of stability when owners leave them alone for long periods. (V) It is ironic, though, that this should occur in Britain, which is thought of as one of the great pet-, and particularly, dog-loving nations of the world.


A) I               B) II            C) III               D) IV               E) V


88-93. sorularda verilen cümleye anlamca en yakın olan seçeneği bulunuz.


88- If you happen to run into Millie, tell her to give me a ring.


A) If you are meeting Millie today, ask her to get In touch with


B) Could you tell Millie, if you see her, that I want my ring


C) If you see Millie while you're running, tell her I want to talk

      to her,

D) Can you ask Millie to call me if, by some chance, you see


E) Whatever happens today, please don't forget to tell Millie to

     call me.


89- While technology is important to growing nations, literacy must

not be neglected.


A) Reading and writing must be given more importance than

      science in growing countries.

B) Technology without the ability to read about it, is a waste of

      time in high-growth cultures.

C) Forgetting about literature to grow technologically is the

      price of advancement in today's world.

D) Compared to technology, scientific advancement is neglected

      in the world's developing cultures.

E) Technology is significant to developing nations, but reading

     and writing need attention, too.


90- Any health benefits gained by eating meat are far outweighed by

the hazards of doing so.


A) The fact that meat causes weight gain is dangerous to an

     individual's well-being.

B) Consuming animal flesh can harm you, but it's still an

      essential source of nutrition.

C) Eating meat may promote health in some ways, but harms it

      in many more.

D) In order to be healthy, it's important to eat meat despite

      potential health risks.

E) Though meat can be unhealthy, it's even more unhealthy to

     avoid eating it.


91- Before their first contact with Europeans, Native Americans had

not known alcohol.


A) Drinking alcohol was rare among Native Americans when

    Europeans first set foot on their land.

B) The native population of America were unfamiliar with

     alcohol until they met Europeans.

C) It was Native Americans who taught Europeans how to

     produce alcohol.

D) Alcohol had not been drunk in Europe until explorers

      brought it back from the New World.

E) It was not common to drink alcohol in America before

    Europeans discovered the continent.


92- No doubt you've thought about this decision, but there are one or

two points I'd like to raise.


A) Now that you've had time to think about it, have you

    considered my decision?

B) I doubt you've considered the problem, but I've decided to

     speak to you anyway.

C) I know you've thought about your decision, but there are

    several points about which I have doubts.

D) Although I'm sure you've considered your decision, I have a

     few things to say about it.

E) I know you haven't been able to decide yet, so I have a few

    suggestions to make.




93- What began as a pleasant hike ended up being a fight for survival.


A) It started as an enjoyable walk in the country, but resulted in a

    nearly fatal situation.

B) The fight that nearly cost them their lives was initiated during a

     hike in the woods.

C) They started the day hiking together ancf finished it trying to

      kill one another.

D) Though they had planned to spend the day walking, they ended

      it with a nasty fight.

E) When they started asking strangers for lifts, they didn't realise

      the danger that lay ahead.


94-100. sorularda karşılıklı konuşmanın boş bırakılan bölmünde söylenmiş olabilecek sözü bulunuz.


94- Bob: I hear your wife had a baby. Congratulations! Is it a boy or a


Ray: ……….

Bob: Amazing, but why do you look so worried?

Ray: I just don't know how we're going to cope with so many.


A) In fact, it was triplets: two girls and a boy.

B) Fortunately a girl, because my wife really wanted a girl.

C) I was really hoping for a little girl, but I suppose a boy is all


D) Well, we already have two sons.

E) It didn't really matter to me. Either is fine.


95- Ellen: Do you and Jack want to come sailing with us over the


Fran:   …….

Ellen: According to the forecast, the rain should stop and the wind

   should pick up.


A) I'd like to, but Jack is scared to death of the water.

B) Sailing? Great. But where are we going to get a boat?

C) That sounds great, but what about the weather?

D) Sorry, I can't. I have to work all weekend.

E) I guess so, but I'll have to rent some skis. I broke mine last



96- Edwina: Basil Jones! I haven't seen you in years? How have you


Basil:      …….

Edwina: I can't believe  it. In school, you were always terrible at


Basil:      So was Einstein.


A) Not very well. I've been living on public assistance for the last

    few years.

B) Not bad. I've just finished my second novel. It's coming out

     next month.

C) Fine. I inherited my father's fortune, so now I don't have to

     work at all, though I spend some time at the race track.

D) Excellent. I gave up my job as a stock  broker to paint. There's

      no money in it, but I love the life.

E) Very well. I started my own computer company about ten years

    ago, and now I'm doing well.


97- Jenny:       ………..

Old Lady: Oh, thank you dear. What a nice surprise!

Jenny:      Why is that? Old Lady: Well, so many young people are very

rude these days.


A) You look really tired.

B) Excuse me, is this seat free?

C) That package looks very heavy for you, doesn't it?

D) Would you like to sit down?

E) What a nice little dog! He must be good company for you.





98- John: Hi, Sally. Are you going to Fred and Ginger's wedding on


Sally: Haven't you heard? Ginger called it off. She says she's not 

         ready for marriage yet.

John: ……….

Sally: Apparently so. And both families are really angry at her.


A) Poor Fred must be heartbroken.

B) I still haven't decided what to get them for a present. Any


C) Wonderful. She must be really looking forward to it.

D) I agree. I always thought she was too good for him.

E) That's terrible. How is Fred taking it?


99- Stewardess: Excuse me, Sir, didn't you hear the pilot announce

that we are approaching turbulence and you should fasten your seat-belt?

Passenger:   ……….

Stewardess: You needn't worry. Sir. We should be through it in

                             about ten minutes.


A) Who you're here, could you get me a drink please?

B) Not turbulence! I knew I shouldn't have flown!

C) Oh, I'm sorry, I must have been asleep. I'll take care of it

     right away.

D) Oh good. I've never been in turbulence before, and I'm really


E) Thank you. When we arrive, how long does it take to get

     through Customs?


100- Passenger: Excuse me, is this the coach for Birmingham?


        Passenger: Is there another one? I have to get there before this


  Conductor: Sure, there is one every half hour.


A) Yes, this is the express. We should be there by mid-


B) We go to Birmingham but by a round-about route. Even so

      we'll be there by noon.

C) Yes, but we're full. Don't worry though, there is another one

      in ten minutes.

D) Of course, Sir. Do you want a single or return ticket?

E) No. Sir. That one left five minutes ago.



l.D 2.C 3.E 4.D 5.B 6.A 7.C 8.D 9.A 10.B

ll.E 12.B 13.D 14.C 15.A 16.E 17.A 18.C 19.D 20.E

21.B 22.B 23.C 24.D 2S.A 26.B 27.E 28.C 29.C 30.A

31.D 32.E 33.B 34.E 35.D 36.D 37.A 38.B 39.E 4O.C

41.C 42.A 43.A 44.B 45.D 46.E 47.B 48.A 49.C SO.D

51.B 52.E 53.E 54.C 55.A 56.B 57.D S8.E 59.A 60.D

61.E 62.B 63.D 64.C 65.B 66.A 67.C 68.C 69.B 70.E

71.A 72.C 73.B 74.E 75.E 76.D 77.B 78.C 79.A 80.E

81.B 82.C 83.D 84.D 85.E 86.A 87.B 88.D 89.E 90.C

91.B 92.D 93.A 94.A 95.C 96.E 97.D 98.A 99.B 100.E


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