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You shouldn't give up now as you have overcome most of the ………… already.


A) benefits                     B) conclusions                       C) belongings             

D) obstacles                   E) measures


The explosive growth of the Internet has been fuelled by individual users, most of whom …………. to local companies that provide a connection to the wider Internet.


A) subscribe                   B) suggest                              C) permit

D) appoint                      E) motivate


Though Tom's stamp collection is worth a lot of money, he does not collect stamps for profit, but merely for …………. — he enjoys having the stamps and looking at them.


A) pleasure                     B) investment                         C) memory                  

D) souvenir                    E) business


I always take my car to this car-cleaning service because they clean and polish it …………. even vacuuming the floor mats.


A) briefly                       B) superficially                       C) thoroughly            

D) constantly                  E) ultimately


Although it rained every day during our holiday, it only did so ………… so there was plenty of time between the showers to get out and enjoy ourselves.


A) frequently                  B) heavily                               C) regularly                

D) incessantly                E) intermittently


While Dad was a little upset about the news that our flight had been cancelled, Mum was …………; in fact, I don't remember ever seeing her so angry!


A) timid                          B) thrilled                               C) grumpy

D) furious                      E) nervous


The residents watched in despair ………… huge flames engulfed their building with all their possessions in it.


A) as if    B) while   C) thus        D) yet         E) despite


I advise you to wear a tie to work tomorrow, ……….. it's your first day and you want to make a good impression.


A) though                       B) before                                C) in case

D) since                          E) during


Apparently, the party continued ………… the sun came up, but we left at twelve, as we'd had a hard day at work.


A) whereas       B) unless    C) before      D) no matter       E) until


By the time I realised I'd forgotten to wear my coat, I was ……… halfway to the airport, and a little short of time, so I had to buy a new one when I arrived in Brussels.


A) already       B) even        C) still        D) yet          E) anyway


Orchids, the largest flower species, include ………… 7% of all flowering plants and are found ……….. the Arctic to the tropics, in almost every kind of habitat except desert.


A) with/along                                 B) about/from                         C) over/by                   

D) of/beyond                  E) under/throughout


The policeman chased the thief ……….. the street and ………. the museum parking lot before catching him.


A) across/above             B) into/with            C) down/around        

D) at/about                     E) through/at



By studying hard every day, Tracy spent her Christmas holiday trying to ……….. for the work she had missed at school because of her illness.


A) cut across                  B) take off                              C) do over                   

D) make up                    E)turn on


In the French and Indian War, ……….. is known as the Seven Years' War in England, George Washington fought  against the French.


A) which     B) what     C) that     D) who      E) where


I can't think of anything ………… lying in a hot bath reading a book.


A) as relaxed as

B) the most relaxing

C) more relaxing than

D) so relaxed that

E) relaxing enough


Still having a sore throat and a terrible cough, Lorna was barely ……….. to get out of bed, but she managed to make it to work.


A) as good                     B) too good                            C) well enough            

D) the best                      E) so well that


Although ………. car is serviced regularly, I prefer to check the oil and  water ……….. before setting off on a long journey.


A) my/itself                    B) us/ourselves                      C) their/himself        

D) its/themselves            E) our/myself


………. time I plan to visit Marcia, something comes up and we have to cancel……… meeting.


A) Any/a                        B) Every/the                           C) All/that                   

D) Some/—                    E) A whole/any


I know all the members of the Beatles originally came from Liverpool, but Germany was where they first became famous, ……….?


A) were they    B) did they    C) didn’t it     D) do I     E) wasn't it


When I realised that my passport ……….. I ……….. it to the local police immediately.


A) was stealing/had reported

B) was being stolen/was reporting

C) is stolen/will be reporting

D) had been stolen/reported

E) has stolen/have reported


Everybody ………… that party to win the election, so nobody ……….. surprised when they did.


A) was expected/has been

B) would expect/will have been

C) had been expecting/was

D) expects/will have been

E) will be expecting/would have been


The best grapes ……….. near the Mediterranean Sea, and they ………..  there for centuries.

A) are producing/are grown

B) are produced/have been grown

C) produced/have been growing

D) have produced/are being grown

E) have been producing/are growing


The shop ………… you a 15% discount if you ………… in cash rather than by credit card.

A) will give/had paid                     B) gives/pay

C) has given/are paying                 D) will have given/will pay

E) is giving/were paying

The small fire ………… into a giant one by the time the fire brigade ………… at the scene.


A) had turned/arrived                     B) was turning/have arrived

C) turned/were arriving                  D) will turn/are arriving

E) can turn/will have arrived


I ……… that Hank was Sheila's husband if I ……… as I've never even seen them talk to each other.


A) won't know/haven't told

B) didn't know/wasn't being told

C) can't have known/won't be told

D) wouldn't have known/hadn't been told

E) hadn't known/weren't told


………… though, surprisingly, pigs are cleverer than either.


A) Cats are more intelligent than dogs

B) As pork is prohibited by Jewish law

C) The farmer raises chickens and plants

D) Kim has a very clever puppy

E) Both cows and sheep provide milk


Everyone assumed the sailor had drowned at sea, ………. .


A) which was quite a shame, since he had never learnt to swim very


B) although his wife decided to remarry within a year of the accident

C) so they were pleasantly surprised when they learnt he had been


D) until the coast guard confirmed the loss of all men from the small


E) although he probably would have lived, had he been wearing a life



……….. but as it wasn't very cold, it melted as soon as it hit the ground.


A) A blizzard left up to three feet of snow in parts of Austria

B) The plane crashed into the mountain at the speed of sound

C) The child dropped his ice-cream onto the kitchen floor

D) It was snowing very heavily when I woke up this morning

E) Astronomers watched the meteor as it entered the atmosphere


…………. we managed to get to the top though.


A) The building was only two floors high

B) We walked up the gentle slope of the hill

C) The cat was frightened and ran up the tree

D) The Eiffel Tower has a wonderfully fast lift

E) It was a hot day and the mountain was high


……….. whereas in America, they are actually quite cheap.


A) I don't remember what cigarettes cost in India

B) In Europe, taxes make the price of petrol very high

C) Pineapples are extremely expensive in Turkey

D) It costs a lot of money to use the Internet in Hungary

E) Bottles of beer cost practically nothing in Bulgaria


I haven't seen Jack since 1979,


A) while we've met occasionally in recent months

B) which explains why we have remained so close

C) because of the fact that he lives only two miles away

D) so I recognised him instantly at our class reunion

E) when we were students at secondary school together


………. because it was so windy and noisy.


A) Hurricanes are capable of causing a lot of damage

B) The storm caused high winds and a lot of rain

C) The village was generally quiet and peaceful

D) I had great difficulty staying asleep last night

E) Visibility was very low during the blizzard

Our flight was delayed by several hours; ……… .


A) however, we managed to leave a bit early

B) otherwise, we had a great time on holiday

C) in case we bought a few magazines at the airport

D) moreover, the hotel was incredibly comfortable

E) because even a bus would have been quicker



35.-37. soruları  verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.             


Contrary to common knowledge, the water, milk and meat of coconuts only begin the list of uses of this versatile tree. The outer husk of the ripe nuts contains fibres that, when separated, can be twisted into twine rope of amazing toughness. It is quite resistant to rot from dampness or sea water. Despite the advent of nails and screws, this rope continues to be widely used for binding together the timbers of houses and the parts of canoes, tools and the hike. Expert craftsmen can make sizeable ropes which, after use, become quite flexible. The inner shell of the ripe nut can be cut and carved into ladles, scrapers, combs and cups and will take a high polish. Furthermore, the sap of the coconut palm can be fermented to make a pleasant tasting wine, while the fresh sap can be used as food for babies.


According to the passage, twine rope


A) can be used for some of the same functions as nails

B) is the best possible material for making small boats

C) cannot be made into small ropes, bul only big ones

D) can easily be damaged if not protected from rain and sea water

E) is sometimes used in the manufacture of polishes


We learn from the passage that, despite the many uses of the coconut, it is ……… .


A) better known among people as a source of food

B) not very profitable for the grower

C) very difficult to grow, harvest and process the nut

D) only the experts who know how to use it to the full

E) most commonly used as a material for making ropes


It is clear from the passage that


A) baby food made from coconut palms contains a bit of alcohol

B) wine made from the coconut palm tastes surprisingly like baby


C) the same part of the coconut palm is used to make wine and baby


D) baby food made from the coconut palm has a great nutritive value

E) wine made from the coconut tree tastes better than other types


38.-40. soruları  verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.             


The central Arctic is an ice mass formed from part of the ocean, whereas the Antarctic is continental. Surrounding the Arctic are land masses which, in most cases, extend southward to the tropics. The Antarctic, on the other hand, is the only continent entirely set off from the rest of the world by great oceans. Furthermore, at some point of man's history, all of the other continents, except Australia, were joined by land bridges. Even Australia had been easy to reach by canoe. However, the only place Antarctica even approaches another continent is the long finger of the Antarctic Peninsula, reaching within 600 miles of Cape Horn, the southernmost tip of South America. In addition to distance, ice and stormy seas kept anyone from seeing this continent until about 1820.


The difference between the Arctic and Antarctic is that ………. .


A) the climate in the Arctic is much more likely to be tropical than

      that in Antarctic regions

B) the Arctic is frozen water surrounded by land, while the Antarctic

     is land surrounded by water

C) it is much easier to sail through the Arctic oceans than the ones

     around Antarctica

D) the Arctic continent is more easily accessible than the one in the

     Antarctic region

E) because it's much further north, the Arctic is much colder than the


We can conclude that ……….. .


A) with the exception of Australia and Antarctica, it used to be

     possible to walk between the other continents

B) Antarctica used to be connected to South America by a land


C) throughout man's history, canoes have been the most popular

     means of travelling to Australia

D) until the construction of a bridge connecting it to the mainland,

     Australia could only be reached by boat

E) the coastline of the Antarctic Peninsula is about six-hundred miles



The passage tells us that ……… .


A) South Americans were the first people to set foot on Antarctica

B) the Antarctic Peninsula is the southernmost point of Antarctica

C) at its nearest point, Antarctica is visible from the southernmost

     point of South America

D) Antarctica was discovered in the early nineteenth century

E) the first inhabitants of Australia were early explorers


41.-43. soruları  verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.             


In order to overcome the limits of the nine-to-five schedule and to grant workers increased independence, thousands of companies have been experimenting with flexible work hour schedules, or flexitime. With flexitime, workers set their own schedules as long as the hours are compatible with company needs and are sufficient to complete assignments. Thus one worker may work from seven to three while another works from ten to six. One variation of flexitime is the four-day work week, in which workers put in four ten-hour days rather than five eight-hour days. When possible, employees are allowed to choose their days off, with many choosing three-day weekends.


According to the passage, workers on flexitime ……… .


A) are free to work whenever they want

B) must still complete their work

C) always work four days a week instead of five

D) usually enjoy working the traditional nine-to-five schedule

E) can carry on their work out of the office, if possible


The passage states that one advantage of flexitime is ………. .


A) to force workers to complete their assignments on time

B) to compel workers into working ten-hour days

C) to allow a more flexible dress code

D) to give workers more freedom

E) to make workers on a nine-to-five schedule more efficient


The passage tells us that one reason a worker might choose flexitime is


A) to avoid colleagues he or she does not like by working different


B) to be able to work longer hours and impress his or her boss

C) to earn more money by working more overtime hours

D) to avoid the rush-hour traffic by commuting at different hours

     from the majority

E) to get a longer weekend in return for longer working days


44.-46. soruları  verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.             


Painting is the application of some coloured pigment to a surface and has developed into an expressive art form. The most common types of paints used today are oil paints and water colours. Most oil painting is done on a prepared canvas or wooden board. Oil paints take several days to dry, which allows the artist to work and rework on the canvas or other surface in the meantime. Water colour painting requires a totally different technique. As the name implies, water is the fluid mixed with the pigments, while paper is the only surface suitable for the paints. Because the water dries quickly into the paper, the work itself has to be done quickly, and it is difficult to correct mistakes. Gouache paints are also water-soluble, but stronger in colour and tone than true water colours.


The main focus of the passage is ………. .


A) a history of painting as a type of expressive art form

B) an explanation of why the best artists prefer to use oil paint

C) an explanation of how various paints are manufactured

D) a brief list of some types of paint and a description of their


E) an argument for the superiority of water colours in art


As is stated in the passage, one feature of oil paint is that ……… .


A) it takes a long time to dry, during which time it can be damaged

B) artists must use it on specially prepared surfaces, not on paper

C) it is generally much easier to clean up than water colours are

D) images produced with it can be changed if the paint hasn't dried


E) true artists prefer using it to the less artistic water colours


It can be inferred from the passage that gouache paints ……… .


A) are much more expensive than water colours

B) are not considered to be true water colours

C) produce longer lasting paintings than water colours

D) take longer to dry than water colours do

E) are used by more artists than water colours are



47.-49. soruları  verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.             


About 1500 years ago, King Vaktang Gorgasali shot a peacock while hunting in the dense forests of the Kura Valley, When he bent down to pick the bird up, he felt the warmth of a hot spring on his fingers. At once, he announced that this would be the site of his new city, which he named Tbilisi, a word meaning "warm" in the Georgian language. Later Tbilisi replaced Mtskheta as the country's capital. Since then, Tbilisi has become the economic and cultural centre of Georgia. It has an area of 350 square kilometres and a population of 1.5 million, which is comprised mainly of native Georgians with a number of other peoples, such as Russians, Armenians and Azeri Turks, represented.


From the passage, we can determine that …….. .


A) the hot springs of Tbilisi have since cooled

B) the Georgian language has changed greatly

C) Mtskheta had to be destroyed to build Tbilisi

D) all ancient kings liked hunting and hot springs

E) Tbilisi was built some time around 500 AD


The passage states that Mtskheta


A) was the capital of Georgia before Tbilisi

B) has never been such a major city as Tbilisi

C) has no hot springs or dense forests

D) is generally colder than Tbilisi

E) was the name given later to Tbilisi


The author states that within the population of Tbilisi, ……… .


A) the number of native Georgians is 1.5 million

B) there are fewer natives than the outsiders

C) there are several ethnic minorities

D) Azeri Turks form the greatest portion

E) Georgians and Russians are the biggest minorities














50.-52. soruları  verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.             


An orchestra is a fairly large ensemble of musical instrumentalists. The orchestra, and the history of orchestral music, is considered to have started with the operas of Claude Monteverdi. Its familiar composition, divided into four basic groups of instruments — strings, woodwind, brass and percussion — dates from the second haif of the 18th century and is especially connected with the work of Joseph Haydn. The orchestra grew dramatically in size during the 19th century, from an ensemble of 35 players to a company of well over 100. During the same period, the composition of orchestral music and the particular use made of individual instruments or groups of them, increasingly became the hallmark of a composer's individual style.


It's mentioned in the passage that … .


A) Joseph Haydn was a much better composer than Claude


B) opera is an art form that is highly superior to orchestral music

C) Monteverdi's operas are regarded as the first examples of

     orchestral music

D) the size of orchestras has grown to include too many instruments

E) the larger the orchestra, the better the music it will produce


We learn from the passage that individual instruments in orchestras


A) are all made of either wood or some type of metal

B) were much larger in the 19th century than in the 18th

C) were primarily designed by the composer Haydn

D) always appear in groups of either 35 or 100

E) can be mainly classified into four different types


It may be assumed from the information in the passage that …… .


A) music performed with 100 players is no better than that performed

     with 35

B) composers in the 19th century were known for their characteristic


C) it is difficult to determine the composer of a piece of music

     without being told

D) large groups of composers worked together on most 19th century


E) there was little variation in the style of music produced in the 19th




53.-60. sorularda verilen Türkçe cümlenin İngilizce dengini bulunuz.


Tabii ki karar senin, ama bizim şirketten aldığın iş teklifini değerlendirmeni çok isterdim.


A) The decision is yours, of course, but I'd really like you to consider

      the job offer you received from our company.

B) I will leave the decision to you, of course, but I really consider the

     job offer you received from our company to be the best.

C) Considering the job offer you received from our company, I think

     you would really like it, but, of course, the decision is yours.

D) It's your choice, of course, but I think you would be a lot better off

      if you accepted the job offer you received from our company.

E) You will have to decide which course of action to take, but I

would like you to consider the job offer you received from our company.


Panik yaratmamak için yetkililer, tehlike tamamen geçinceye kadar halka hiçbir şey duyulmadılar.


A) The danger was completely over by the time the authorities

publicised everything, so they didn't cause a panic.

B) The danger not being completely over, the authorities publicised

nothing which could cause a panic.

C) The authorities chose not to announce anything until the danger

had completely passed, in order not to create panic.

D) In order not to cause panic, the authorities didn't publicise

anything until the danger was completely over.

E) Nothing was announced until after the danger had completely

passed because the authorities didn't want to cause panic.

Bu kitabı o kadar uzun zaman önce okudum ki konusunun ne olduğunu bile hatırlamıyorum.


A) The plot of the book I read is so complex that I can't find the exact

       words to explain it.

B) I remember reading a book with a similar plot to this a long time


C) I read this book such a long time ago that I don't even remember

     what its plot is.

D) I remember what the plot of this book is even though I read it such

      a long time ago.

E) What I remember about the plot of this book is that everything

    happens a long lime ago.


Binalarının neredeyse tümü, çevreden çıkarılan granitten yapılmış olduğu için, iskoç şehri Aberdeen'e, Granit Şehri de denir.


A) Virtually all of the buildings in the Scottish city of Aberdeen, also

known as the Granite City, were constructed using the granite which is quarried nearby.

B) The granite, out of which most of the Scottish city of Aberdeen's

buildings are built and which gives the city its other name.   Granite City, is quarried nearby.

C) The Scottish city of Aberdeen is called the Granite City because

all of its buildings are constructed from granite which can be found close by.

D) Virtually all of the granite which is quarried close to Aberdeen in

Scotland, also named the Granite City, has been used to construct the buildings there.

E) Since nearly all of its buildings are constructed from the granite

quarried nearby, the Scottish city of Aberdeen is also called the Granite City.


Diğer uluslardan etkilenmiş, hatta bazen işgal edilmiş de olsa, Etiyopya, Afrika ve Asya'nın hiçbir zaman gerçek anlamda sömürgeleştirilememiş birkaç ülkesinden biridir.



A) Although it's never been colonised and is one of the lew counlries

in Africa and Asia that lias not, Ethiopia has been influenced and occasionally occupied by other nations.

B) One of the few countries in Africa or Asia that has never been

fully colonised. Ethiopia has still been influenced by other nations who have occupied it on occasions.

C) Though only truly colonised by a few countries of Asia and

Africa. Ethiopia has been influenced occasionally by other nations who have occupied it temporarily.

D) Though influenced and even occasionally occupied by other

nations, Ethiopia is one of the few countries in Africa or Asia never truly colonised.

E) Being one of the few countries of Africa and Asia that never

colonised others, Ethiopia has been little influenced by other countries, except those which occupied it.


Ghana'nın başkenti Accra'da, modern ve geleneksel Batı Afrika mimarisi çarpıcı bir tezat oluşturmaktadır.


A) In Accra, the capita! city of Ghana, modern and traditional West

African architecture form a striking contrast.

B) The West African architecture of Ghana's capital, Accra, makes a

striking contrast to modern designs.

C) The modern architectural style of Accra, the capital city of Ghana,

contrasts strikingly with the traditionai West African designs.

D) A striking contrast is formed by the mix of modern and traditional

West African architecture in the Ghanaian capital of Accra.

E) In Ghana's capital, Accra, the architecture is, for the most part,

modern though there are examples of the West African style.










Asit yağmuru sadece kaynağının bulunduğu bölgeyi tehdit etmekle kalmaz çünkü rüzgar kimyasal maddeleri dünyanın her yerine taşır.


A) The area was threatened by acid rain which had been transported

by the wind from its source to the other side of the globe.

B) Acid rain does not only threaten the area where its source is, for

the wind transports the pollutants around the globe.

C) The pollutants in acid rain are transported around the world from

the source, thus threatening even faraway places.

D) Acid rain is a threat throughout the globe because pollutants are

transported from the source to other areas by the wind.

E) Acid rain threatens not only the areas around its source but also

faraway places, where the pollutants are carried by the wind.


İsveç'in tarafsızlık politikası ve huzurlu bir ülke görüntüsüne karşın, silahlı kuvvetleri son model silahlarla donatılmıştır.


A) Even having a military equipped with the latest arms, Sweden

keeps its policy of neutrality and image as a peaceful country.

B) Despite Sweden's policy of neutrality and its image as a peaceful

country, its armed forces are equipped with the latest arms.

C) In spite of having an armed forces equipped with modern

weapons. Sweden is a neutral country with a peaceful image.

D) The image of Sweden is of a peaceful country with a policy of

neutrality; nevertheless, its armed forces use the latest military equipment.

E) The peaceful and politically neutral country of Sweden has an

armed forces which uses some of the latest equipment.



61-68. sorularda verilen İngilizce cümlenin Türkçe dengini bulunuz.


The earliest civilisation in Europe appeared on the coast and islands of the Aegean Sea, which is a branch of the Mediterranean Sea.


A) Akdeniz ve onun bir kolu olan Ege Denizi kıyılan ve adaları,

Avrupa'da uygarlığın ilk geliştiği yerlerdir,

B) İlk Avrupa uygarlığının Akdeniz'de, özellikle onun bir kolu olan

Ege kıyılarında ve adalarında geliştiği bilinmektedir.

C) Akdeniz'in bir kolu olan Ege kıyılarında ve adalarında ortaya

çıkan uygarlık, Avrupa'nın en eski uygarlığıdır.

D) Avrupa'da en eski uygarlık. Akdeniz'in bir kolu olan Ege Denizi

kıyılarında ve adalarında ortaya çıkmıştır.

E) En eski uygarlıklardan biri Avrupa'da, Akdeniz'in bir kolu olan

Ege Denizi kıyılarında ve adalarında yaşamıştır.


Parachuting as a sport has grown greatly since 1960, when around one thousand parachute junipers at the most took place in competitions.


A) Paraşüt sporu 1960'da çok gelişti ve o yıl yarışmalara ilk kez binin

üzerinde paraşütçü katıldı.

B) 1960'dan bu yana bir hayli gelişme kaydeden paraşüt sporunda her

yıl, yaklaşık bin paraşütçünün katıldığı yarışmalar yapılmaktadır.

C) Spor olarak paraşütçülük, en fazla bin dolayında paraşütçünün

yarışmalarda yer aldığı 1960'dan bu yana çok gelişti.

D) Paraşüt sporunda yapılan karşılaşmalara en çok katılım, yaklaşık

bin paraşütçünün yarıştığı 1960 yılında gerçekleşmiştir.

E) 1960'da başlayan ve o yıl en fazla bin paraşütçünün yarışmalara

katıldığı paraşüt sporu, günümüzde son derece gelişmiş bir durumdadır.


The language diversity of Africa is considerable as compared with Europe, where there are only two language families.


A) Avrupa'da sadece iki dil ailesi varken, bu sayı Afrika'da bir hayli


B) Sadece iki dil ailesinin bulunduğu Avrupa ile karşılaştırıldığında,

Afrika'nın dil çeşidi fazladır.

C) Dil çeşidi bakımından kıyaslandıkla­rında, Afrika, sadece iki dil

ailesinin bulunduğu Avrupa'ya göre çok engindir.

D) Afrika dil çeşidi bakımından çok zengin bir kıtadır, oysa

Avrupa'da sadece iki dil ailesi bulunmaktadır.

E) Avrupa'da konuşulan diller sadece iki grupta toplanırken,

Afrika'da oldukça çok dil ailesi ortaya çıkmaktadır.

It is difficult to get rid of an addiction to alcohol, but it is possible to accomplish this with the help and support of others.


A) Diğerlerinin yardımı olmadan alkol bağımlılığından kurtulmak

çok zor, neredeyse imkansızdır.

B) Çok zor gibi görünen alkol bağımlılı­ğından kurtulma mücadelesi,

diğerlerinin yardımı ve desteği ile mutlaka başarılır.

C) Alkol bağımlılığından kurtulma mücadelesinde kişinin mutlaka

diğerlerinin yardım ve desteğine ihtiyacı vardır.

D) Bireyin alkol bağımlılığına karşı verdiği mücadelede başarılı

olması, ancak diğerlerinin yardım ve desteği ile mümkün olabilir.

E) Alkol bağımlılığından kurtulmak zordur ancak diğerlerinin

yardımı ve desteğiyle bunu başarmak mümkündür.



Louisa Alcott, the author of the book 'Little Women', took an active part in the fight for woman's suffrage.


A) 'Küçük Kadınlar' kitabında Louisa Alcott, kendisinin de aktif

olarak yer aldığı, kadınlara oy kullanma hakkının verilmesi mücadelesini anlatmıştır.

B) Kadınlara oy kullanma hakkının verilmesi için aktif olarak

mücadele eden Louisa Alcott, aynı zamanda 'Küçük Kadınlar1 adlı kitabın da yazandır.

C) 'Küçük Kadınlar' kitabıyla tanınan yazar Louisa Alcott, kadınlara

oy kullanma hakkının verilmesi için çok mücadele etmiştir.

D) Kadınlara oy kullanma hakkının verilmesi mücadelesini anlatan

'Küçük Kadınlar', Louisa Alcott tarafından yazılmıştır.

E) 'Küçük Kadınlar' kitabının yazarı Louisa Alcott, kadınlara oy

kullanma hakkının verilmesi için mücadelede aktif rol almıştır.


In order to be effective, an ambulance service must be able to respond to a call for assistance in less than twenty minutes.


A) Bir ambulans servisi, yardım çağrısının yapıldığı yere yirmi

dakika içinde yardım ulaştıramıyorsa, etkili olamaz.

B) Yardım çağrışma yirmi dakikayı aşkın bir sürede yanıt veren bir

ambulans servisinin etkili olduğu söylenemez.

C) Etkili bir ambulans servisi, yardım çağrısının yapıldığı yere yirmi

dakikadan daha az bir sürede hizmet ulaştırmayı başarır.

D) Etkili olabilmesi için, bir ambulans servisi, yardım çağrısına yirmi

dakikadan daha az bir sürede yanıt verebilmelidir.

E) Bir ambulans servisinin amacı, kendilerine ulaşan bir yardım

çağrışma en fazla yirmi dakika içinde hizmet götürmek olmalıdır.


Analyses of the chemical composition of the blood are done with machines that can carry out many tests simulta­neously on a single blood sample.


A) Kanın kimyasal bileşiminin analizleri, bir tek kan örneği üzerinde

aynı anda pek çok test yürütebilen makinalarla yapılmaktadır.

B) Bileşiminde hangi kimyasal maddelerin bulunduğunu anlamak

için kan, çeşitli makinalarla yürütülen pek çok teste tabi tutulmaktadır.

C) Kanın kimyasal yapısını incelemek amacıyla geliştirilmiş, bir kan

örneği üzerinde aynı anda pek çok işlevi yerine getirebilen makinalar vardır.

D) Kan analizi yapan bazı makinalar, aynı anda pek çok test

yürüterek kanın kimyasal yapısı hakkında ayrıntılı bilgi verebilir.

E) Pek çok testi aynı anda yapan makinalarla. bir tek kan örneği

kullanarak, kanın tüm kimyasal analizini yapmak mümkündür.













Ancient humans observed the behaviour of animals, partly out of curiosity, but primarily in order to hunt or to domesticate them.


A) Hayvanları avlamak ya da evcilleştir­mek isteyen eski insanlar,

biraz da merak nedeniyle, onların davranışla­rını dikkatle izlemişlerdir.

B) Hayvanların davranışlarını dikkatle gözleyen eski insanlar, bu

şekilde onları avlamanın ya da evcilleştirme­nin yollarını öğrenmişlerdir.

C) Eski insanların hayvanları merakla gözlemelerinin nedeni, aslında

onları avlama ya da evcilleştirme isteklerin­den kaynaklanıyordu.

D) Eski insanlar hayvanların davranışla­rını kısmen meraktan, ama

özellikle onları avlamak ya da evcilleştirmek için izlemişlerdir.

E) Eski insanlar, önceleri meraktan, daha sonra da avlama ya da

evcilleştirme amacıyla, hayvanları dikkatle izlemişlerdir.


69.-74. sorularda parçada boş bırakılan yere uygun düşen ifadeyi bulunuz.


The beaver is an aquatic mammal with a wide, scaly, paddle-like tail and webbed feet which it uses for swimming. ………… . They build these dams to protect themselves from such animals as the coyote and the cougar. Their food consists mainly of the bark of the willow, poplar and other trees, but they also eat flowers, grasses and roots.


A) Beavers are often found in areas where people have constructed


B) The European beaver lives, like the water-rat, in the banks of


C) The American beaver makes dams of logs and branches, plastered

with mud

D) In America, their homes have been known to cause flooding in

wet areas

E) Beavers are known for their building ability and are thus called

nature's engineers



President is the title given to the head of state or chief executive in most republics. ……….. .In others, such as in Turkey, he merely represents his country, as does the monarch in a constitutional monarchy. In other cases again, such as in the American system, the president will exercise real political power as defined by a constitution.


A) Most often, presidents come into power through violent coups

B) No president may hold office for more than eight consecutive


C) In some cases, the president may be a virtual dictator

D) The same title is also used for the top officials in some companies

E) In various political systems, the power of presidents varies



During the Second World War, the London tube became an air-raid shelter. Heavy raids began on 7 September 1940. Of course, there was mass panic as people rushed to find shelter, eventually finding the tube stations ideal refuge. ………. . Soon, all seventy-nine deep tube stations were officially designated as air-raid shelters, and by the end of the following month, an average of 138,000 people sheltered in the system.


A) The bombing completely destroyed the Underground during the

next four and a half years of the war

B) Thus, people entered and refused to leave the Underground until

the raids ceased

C) Unlike the London Underground, the New York City Subway was

never used for such a purpose

D) By the end of the month, the city government had instituted a

special programme to stop this activity

E) The raids ceased completely within a week, when the Germans

saw how ineffective they had become








When St Augustine arrived in Milan, he observed that the Church did not fast on Saturday, as did the Church in Rome. He consulted St Ambrose, the bishop of Milan, who replied: "When I am in Rome, I fast on Saturday, when I am in Milan, I do not. ……….. ." Over time, this comment has become the now famous form: "When in Rome, do as the Romans do."


A) Since you are Roman, you must fast in Milan

B) Go and tell the people here that they should be fasting

C) So, I don't really care what you choose to do

D) If you want to fast, you must return to Rome

E) Follow the custom of the Church where you are


Through centuries of internal strife and successions of warrior kingdoms, several ancient peoples became fused into a unified national identity, as in the case of Scots. …………; Norsemen also settled in these lands, mixing with the native Celts and Picts. Though English is the main language today, traditional Gaelic is still understood by many Scots.


A) The land was uninhabited for thousands of years after the fall of


B) Swedish people, however, came from Germanic tribes migrating

    from the south

C) While they all lived together, the groups never actually mixed

D) The original Scots migrated to the Celtic lands before the 1 Oth


E) The recorded history of Scotland begins in the 1st century AD,

when the Romans invaded Britain


Denim, the material that jeans are made of, originally referred to a type of fabric called serge. This was first manufactured in Nimes, a town in southern France. ………. which means 'serge from Nimes', but was eventually condensed and shortened to denim.


A) Afterwards, its popularity grew and it spread through Europe

B) Today, the city of Nimes still makes its now famous cloth

C) The famous Levi Strauss used this material to make the first jeans

D) To distinguish it from a rival product from Nice, also in France

E) The name of the cloth first reflected its origin, 'serge de Nimes'



75-81. sorularda verilen durumda söylenebilecek sözü bulunuz


You work in the personnel office at a company, and when filing employee records, you learn that one of your colleagues is actually a few years older than she says she is. Some other people in the office are planning a surprise party for her "fortieth" birthday, and someone comments that she looks quite good for her age. You don't want to expose her secret, so you agree and say:


A) Her youthful looks are more shocking than you think.

B) You'd never know she's actually forty-five.

C) I hope I look half as nice as her when I'm her age.

D) That's why she gets away with claiming to be 39.

E) l must admit that she doesn't look more Ihan 40, although she is



You are in a hurry to get home from work and are driving a bit faster than you should be. You look in your mirror and see lights from a police car flashing while the officer motions for you to pull over. You stop your car, and the policeman asks you for your driving licence. Knowing that politeness and cooperation will get the best results in this situation, you hand it to him, saying:


A) Here you are, officer. I'm sorry. I didn't realise I was driving so


B) If you're saying 1 was speeding, I think you're just harassing me,

C) Excuse me? I'm sorry, I don't speak English very well. Can you

repeat that?

D) Excuse me, officer. Why is this taking so long?

E) What do you need it for? I'd rather not give it to you in these





You've been planning to go camping at the weekend, but the night before you are due to leave, you hear a weather forecast for snow. You're not at all disturbed by the news, as you enjoy winter camping, but are afraid the friend you are going with may change his mind. To make sure this doesn't happen, you call him before he can call you, in order to encourage him not to cancel the trip. During the call, you say:


A) Make sure you dress warmly. We'll be miles from the nearest

heated building.

B) Have you ever seen the mountains in the snow? They're simply


C) I called the park and they said there isn't too great an avalanche


D) I'd really rather we were going in good weather, but anyway, we

might learn to survive in the cold.

E) Please don't forget to wear good shoes. I don't want you to slip off

an icy cliff.


You work in the Lost Property Office of a bus company and get a number of calls each day from people who have lost handbags. Though most of the calls are legitimate, a certain number of them are from people who are trying to abuse the system and get money and other things that are not theirs. In order to prevent property from being given to the wrong person, when someone calls asking about a handbag, you say:


A) Well, we have a brown handbag with $50 In it, and a black one

with $20. Which one is yours?

B) I'm sorry, but too many people call about bags, so we don't return

them any more.

C) We've got a lot of bags here. Could you please describe it and its


D) Have you really lost a bag, or are you trying to take someone

else's things?

E) Well, your accent is so different, and I'm having difficulty

understanding you.


The lease on your current flat is about to expire and you've decided to move. One of your friends hears about this and suggests that you get a flat together. Though he's a good friend, you know that his lifestyle would greatly conflict with yours. You don't want to hurt his feelings, but at the same time, can't bear the idea of living with him, so you say, trying to discourage him:


A) You're a great friend, but I'd rather live on the street than with


B) Do you really think that it's such a good idea? Let's give it a try.

C) I don't think I would like to live with you because you're a

difficult person.

D) Actually, I really prefer living on my own, as I'm quite difficult to

live with.

E) To be frank, I just can't bear the idea of sharing all my time with



You've been looking for a certain book for quite a while and have checked every bookshop in town with no luck. You're certain it is available, as you've recently seen it reviewed in a literary journal. Determined to get the book you want, but convinced that it's not currently in stock anywhere, you return to one of the shops and ask:


A) Do you have a copy of John Grisham's latest book in stock?

B) Which section should I look for a reference book?

C) Why can't î find this book? I've looked lor it everywhere.

D) Do you have any books similar to Common Culture by P.H.


E) Would it be possible for you to place a special order for me?










You come home from a hard day at work looking forward to a quiet evening at home. When you walk in the door, you see that your flatmate is entertaining a friend whom you particularly dislike, because every time you speak with him, you end up having a political argument. Not wishing to offend your friend, but also not in the mood for an argument with his friend, you excuse yourself by saying:


A) I was going to relax this evening, but I guess I'll join you two


B) I'll be in my room. Can you let me know when your friend leaves?

C) Why did you have to invite him over? You know I can't stand the


D) Well, I was looking forward to a quiet evening. Can you go

somewhere out, please?

E) I'm exhausted, so î think I'll just go to my room and have a little



82-91. sorularda verilen cümleye anlamca en yakın olan seçeneği bulunuz.


Holland is famous for its cheeses, which are named for the towns that produce them.


A) The Dutch are well-known for making cheese and different types

bear the names of the towns where they are made.

B) The cheese made in the Netherlands is so famous that many towns

have been named for types of cheese.

C) Many towns in Holland share their names with famous cheeses; in

fact, the country barely produces anything else.

D) Because of their world famous " cheeses, many Dutch people

have renamed their towns after local varieties of them.

E) In the Netherlands, many towns produce their own special types of

cheese, which are available only in that town.


While the motorway is more direct and faster, the country road offers better views.


A) Even though the country road is more beautiful, I definitely prefer

taking the motorway, which is faster,

B) The scenery on the country road is so beautiful that it's worth

taking it instead of the faster highway.

C) Although the traffic on the motorway moves faster, the scenic

country route is actually shorter.

D) The country road is more scenic, though the highway follows a

quicker and less roundabout route.

E) You will see nice views both on the country road and on the

highway, but the latter is definitely faster.


Until the invention of the printing press, books were written by hand.


A) People used to hand-write books in the days before the advent of

the printing press.

B)The practice of writing books ceased when the printing press was


C) After the invention of the printing press, nobody ever wrote books

by hand again.

D) The same people that wrote books by hand used printing presses

once they had been invented.

E) The invention of the printing press made people stop buying

hand-written books.


It's hard to believe that Tim and Tom are twins; I can't imagine two more different people.


A) I don't really think Tim and Tom are twins, since they are not

similar in any way.

B) Tim and Tom are so unlike each other that it's difficult to think of

them as twins.

C) If I try to think of two people who are as different from each other

as Tim and Tom, I can't.

D) When I think about Tim and Tom being twins, 1 get such a

different idea about them.

E) Though they claim to be twins, I don't even believe Tim and Tom

are from the same family.



The only thing I really need at this very moment is to be on my own for a while.


A) I'd really rather be by myself at the moment than be among such a

big crowd.

B) While I know I need to be alone at he moment, 1 don't think it

seems possible.

C) At the moment, nothing can help me feel better than spending

some time by myself.

D) l don't know what to do about this situation, so 1 think I'll think

about it for some time.

E) I'm not feeling very well at the moment, and I think it's because

I've been on my own for so long.


Though the flight was expensive, it was worth it, as the long bus ride would have been unbearable.


A) The price of taking a plane seemed unreasonable after we learnt

how soon we would have arrived by bus.

B) We felt justified in spending a lot of money on the plane as we

couldn't have borne the long bus trip.

C) While plane tickets are expensive, buses are not that cheap and

they are much less comfortable.

D) Since we didn't want to take a bus, we had to spend quite a lot of

extra money to take a plane.

E) We took the bus, which took forever, and really wished we had

spent the extra money on the flight.


88-94. sorularda karşılıklı konuşmanın boş bırakılan bölümünde söylenmiş olabilecek sözü bulunuz.


Henry: …………

Martin: Only once, when I was a child.

Henry: Well, what's it like? What's there to do?

Martin: I can't remember. It must have been 2O years ago.


A) When was the last time you went on a long holiday?

B) Have you ever been in a serious auto accident?

C) Do you know if Mary has ever travelled outside of England?

D) Can you tell me when you first went to the Channel Islands?

E) Have you ever been on holiday in the north of Scotland?


Marie: Hi, Claire! Did you enjoy Felice's wedding?

Claire: ………….

Marie: Not much. It was dreadful, wasn't it?

Claire: I know. What was she thinking?


A) I hated it! The food was disgusting and her husband was rude.

B) I enjoyed myself, but 1 think I may have had a bit too much


C) It wasn't bad. I didn't see you there. What happened to you?

D) Oh, it was great fun!  But what did you think of her dress?

E) Actually, I got lost on the way and missed the ceremony.


Texan: What's the matter, Sir. Are you lost?

Tourist: Not exactly. I was just looking for a vegetarian restaurant. Texan:    ………….

Tourist: Could you tell me how to get there?


A) I would say you were lost then. The people around here don't

really eat a lot of vegetables.

B) Well, this is a steak and potatoes town, but there's a Chinese

restaurant, where you can find vegetables.

C) There was one near the museum, but it closed down about six or

seven months ago.

D) You don't need to look far, there are dozens of them in the city.

Where do you want to go?

E) I can't help you with that. I could recommend a number of

wonderful steak houses, though.


Marcia: Oh no, I've got a puncture!

Thelma: …………

Marcia:   Of course I do, but Mike took the tools to work with him. Thelma: Don't worry, I'll let you borrow mine.

A) Why don't you call the garage? They won't charge much to fix it.

B) Don't worry about it. I'll give you a ride to work if you want.

C) What's the matter? Don't you know how to change a tyre?

D) Just relax. I'll fix it for you in no time. Where's the spare tyre?

E) Come on. It's not the end of the world. Can't you fix it yourself?

Theresa: I'm having some problems in my chemistry class.

Maxine:  What sort of problems?

Theresa: ………….

Maxine:  I think you're imagining it. Mr dark's really friendly.


A) I just can't seem to make myself care about atoms and molecules.

B) 1 don't know. 1 just feel that the material is too difficult forme.

C) Have you spoken to the teacher about it? Maybe he can help,

D) The teacher told me I'd fail if 1 didn't do really well on the final


E) I don't think the teacher likes me. He's been giving me a hard time,


Carl: Have you got anything for a headache?

Sam: …………

Carl: Thanks for offering, but my stomach's not feeling too well

  and I don't think that would be a wise idea.


A) What's the matter? Have you been working too hard again?

B) Maybe you should have a nap. The sleep would do you good.

C) I've got some aspirin. Would you like me to give you a couple?

D) I think you ought to see a doctor. You seem to have a lot of them. E) Haven't you taken anything for it? How long has it been since you

had it?


Hugh: Do you know what time the bus to Inverness leaves?

Ralph: ………….

Hugh:   I guess I'd better call the bus company then and ask them.


A) Yes, it leaves every two hours, starting at 8 in the morning and

ending at 8 in the evening.

B) Not exactly, but I do have a timetable in my desk. Let me look for

it. It won't take a minute.

C) It used to go at 10, 12 and 2, but I haven't taken it for years, so it

might have changed.

D) Actually, you can't get a direct bus. You should take the 10.15 to

Edinburgh and the 1.30 from there.

E) When are you going? I was planning to drive up there this

weekend. Would you like to join me?



95-100. sorularda anlam bakımından parçaya uygun olmayan cümleyi bulunuz.


(I) Though the Spaniards subdued and pacified the Indians from North America to Peru, the Araucanians continued to resist for three centuries, (II) It was not until after Chile achieved independence that they surrendered to the government. (III) Today, in the southern districts, there remain only about 50,000 Araucanians. (IV) People of pure Spanish descent total about 25 percent, while 66 percent are mestizo, a mixture of Spanish and native Indian. (V) Most of them are now Christian, but they are strongly attached to their old traditions.


A) I               B) II            C) III               D) IV               E) V


(I) Though Rasmus Rask was born to an uneducated peasant family in Denmark, he became a well-known scholar. II) They owned a very small piece of land on which they grew mainly potatoes. (Ill) His talent lay in languages as he mastered several languages, including Icelandic, before he finished middle school. (IV) Upon finishing middle school, he travelled widely and gained firsthand experience of the more than 30 languages he spoke fluently. (V) One of the three most important linguists of his age, Rask wrote grammars of Icelandic, Anglo-Saxon, Frisian, Danish and Old Norse.


A) I               B) II            C) III               D) IV               E) V








(I) The world's biggest land animal, the elephant, evolved from the mammoth, which appeared millions of years ago. (II) The only survivor of a more primitive species, they once roamed in great herds over the whole of the northern hemisphere. (Ill) Aiding this research, well preserved fossils have been found in Alaska and Siberia. (IV) They were as large as most dinosaurs: CV) The mammoth became extinct at the end of the Ice Age, and its only descendants, modern elephants, settled in Africa and Asia.


A) I               B) II            C) III               D) IV               E) V



(I) One of the most useful materials in the world today is cement. (II) Portland cement, the kind which is used for making concrete, is manufactured from limestone, (III) First of all, the limestone is quarried and ground to a fine powder. (IV) In some places, farmers try to reduce the acidity of the soil by applying limestone to their fields. (V) After that, it is mixed with powdered clay, baked in a huge oven, then ground into the powder we are familiar with.


A) I               B) II            C) III               D) IV               E) V


(I) The prehistoric monument known as Stonehenge is situated on Salisbury Plain, north of Salisbury, England, and dates from the late Stone Age. (II) The monument itself consists of four concentric ranges of stones. (III) Grouped around the main structure are a number of barrows, some of which contain chips of a blue stone similar to that found in the concentric ranges. (IV) The purpose of this structure was a mystery for ages until an American astronomer determined that it could have been used to predict the positions of the sun and the moon, and thus serve as a sort of calendar. (V) The early Romans also used a calendar that was based on the moon, but the year in this calendar was 355 days long.


A) I               B) II            C) III               D) IV               E) V


(I) The first forms of life on the Earth grew in the sea, and, although today many plants and animals are able to live on land, they still need water. (II) The single most important substance in the human body and about two-thirds of the weight of it is water. (III) The other half is composed of a large variety of metals and other minerals. (IV) Thus, if you weigh 75 kilos, then about 50 kilos of your weight is the water in your body. (V) It is essential for life and you could not live for more than three or four days without it.


A) I               B) II            C) III               D) IV               E) V



l.D 2.A 3.A 4.C 5.E 6.D 7.B 8.D 9.E 10.A

ll.B 12.C 13.D 14.A 15.C 16.C 17.E 18.B 19.E 2O.D

21.C 22.B 23.B 24.A 25.D 26.B 27.A 28.C 29.D 30.E

31.C 32.E 33.D 34.B 35.A 36.A 37.C 38.B 39.A 40.D

41.B 42.D 43.E 44.D 45.D 46.B 47.E 48.A 49.C 50.C

51.E 52.B 53.A 54.D S5.C S6.E 57.D 58.A 59.B 60.B

61.D 62.C 63.B 64.E 6S.E 66.D 67.A 68.D 69.C 70.C

71.B 72.E 73.D 74.E 75.C 76.A 77.B 78.C 79.D 80.E

81.E 82.A 83.D 84.A 85.B 86.C 87.B 88.E 89.D 90.B

91.C 92.E 93.C 94.C 9S.D 96.B 97.C 98.D 99.E 100.C

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