Okuma Süresi:59 Dakika, 15 Saniye






Though the Prime Minister had an excellent program, his good intentions were ……… by opposition within his own party.


A) indicated                  B) presented           C) encountered     

D) demonstrated           E) undermined


The American colonies …… themselves independent from Britain in 1776.


A) recommended          B) emigrated           C) familiarised

D) declared                   E) initiated


"The ……… of the company depends on three things: hard work, planning and luck," said the Chairman at the monthly board meeting.  "Without these, we will be in trouble."


A) charge                      B) bankruptcy         C) survival                  

D) wisdom                    E) depression


It is only as a result of years of practice that a good figure skater can seem to perform so ……. .


A) effortlessly               B) compulsorily      C) incessantly            

D) reluctantly                E) indifferently


Tania did ……… well in her exams. She passed them all and was awarded five gold stars for her achievement.


A) moderately               B) tremendously     C) accurately             

D) expectantly               E)slightly


The instructions that came with the new computer were so ……… that it was easy to begin using it.


A) literate                      B) estimable            C) admirable              

D) precise                     E) approximate


…….. you like surfing and sailing, ……… just relaxing and sunning yourself on the beach, Hawaii is the ideal place for your holiday.


A) Neither/nor              B) Whether/or         C) No sooner/than    

D) Both/as well             E) Not only/but also


The mayor was re-elected by a large majority ………. his appalling record of corruption.


A) thus                          B) otherwise           C) while                       

D) for                            E) despite


It is impossible to see everything in the New York Metropolitan Museum in one day ………. how early you get there.


A) although                   B) since                  C) in addition             

D) besides                     E) no matter


You had better stop watching TV and go to bed, ………. you won't be able to get up for work tomorrow.


A) so that                      B) unless                C) or else                      

D) in case                      E) now that


The lecture will be ……… Saturday, the 10th of April; in other words, the second Saturday ……… April.


A) on/in                        B) in/at                    C) at/on                      

D) by/for                       E) until/of


…….. all the students I have ever met, he is the worst one …….. maths.


A) Of/at                        B) With/for             C) From/in                 

D) About/ to                 E) For/about





I'd really like to ……… you ……… to dinner, but I have to meet our foreign clients tonight.


A) bring/in                    B) take/out                              C) pick/up

D) put/off                      E) turn/down


When you are a guest in someone's house, you should always eat ……… they give you and not complain.


A) that                           B) whom                                C) how                         

D) what                         E) where


The brown suit is certainly ………. appropriate than the yellow one for a job interview.


A) so much                   B) such a lot                           C) the most                

D) too much                  E) much more


If we finish this job soon, we can get home ………. to catch the beginning of the match.


A) early enough            B) so early                              C) earlier                     

D) the earliest                E) too early


………. government of the Maldives is very active in efforts to halt global warming because none of the islands is more than 1.8 metres above ………. sea level.


A) The/a                        B) A/a                                    C) —/a                        

D) The/—                     E) A/the


Today almost ……… places in the world are connected to ……… by communications networks.


A) whole/the rest          B) all/each other                     C) every/others

D) each/another             E) many/one another


Make sure you take the medicine exactly as the doctor instructed, ……….?


A) didn't you                 B) did he                                C) will you                  

D) don't you                  E) does he


Oh, my stomach ……… terribly! I wish I ……… the dinner party with my husband and his family, but I don't think I can skip it.


A) is aching/didn't have to attend

B) has been aching/won't be attending

C) ached/wouldn't have attended

D) was aching/hadn't had to attend

E) aches/haven't been attending


When I ……… for the advertising agency, we ……… market research surveys before starting a campaign.


A) had worked/should conduct

B) was working/conducted

C) have worked/were conducting

D) am working/have conducted

E) would be working/used to conduct


Next year, when they ………. their Golden Wedding Anniversary, my parents ……… married for 50 years.


A) are celebrating/are being

B) are going to celebrate/will be

C) will have been celebrating/have been

D) have celebrated/are

E) will be celebrating /will have been






I ……… the ship on which we ……….. to Bandırma last summer over there. Look!


A) have seen/have gone                B) could see/were going

C) was seeing/had gone                D) can see/went

E) am seeing/will go


Sorry, I was too sick to come to wotk yesterday; it …….. something I…….. .


A) should have been/was eating   B) had been/would have eaten

C) must have been/ate                   D) could be/eat

E) was/have been eating


I knew right away they ………. because one ……… a bloody nose and the other a cut lip.


A) are fighting/is having               B) fought/has

C) had been fighting/had              D) fight/would have

E) have been fighting/was having


…….. I have no option but to terminate your contract.


A) Because everything you have done has exceeded our expectations

B) Since you have ignored repeated warnings about the poor quality

     of your work

C) Even though you did not do very well on the last project

D) The reason why you are late for work every morning

E) Unless you attempted harder to solve your problems with the rest

     of the staff


Even though I wasn't really enjoying that book, …….. .


A)  I can recommend it without reservation

B)  I'll lend it to you if you'd like to read it

C) I thought it was pointless and sentimental

D) which was about a boring woman and her job

E) it was irritating to find half the pages missing


…….. surfing can be as safe as any other sport.


A} Provided you are careful not to go out in waves too big for you

B) As going out in big waves can sometimes be hard to resist

C) Although very few people are actually killed in surfing accidents 

     every year

D) When you forget to take the proper safety precautions

E) Because of the fun you can have doing it


…….. there had been rumours about it for months.


A) When the public sees the stories about the scandal in tomorrow's


B) As the truth will be printed in the newspapers anyway

C) Only if everyone told the truth about what really happened

D) By the time the whole story came out in the press

E) Everybody wishes someone would tell the truth


………. so my Dad wasn't very pleased with it.


A) I didn't enjoy the film last night as much as I'd expected

B) The neighbour's dog dug up several of our flowerbeds

C) I'm afraid my friends will be a bit noisy tonight

D) Mum cooked a marvellous dinner last night

E) My brother may have failed his final exams


When people are contemplating a big step in life, like buying a house, ……… .


A) prices have gone up rather steeply in the last year

B) they were not entirely sure that they could afford it

C) they should be sure that it is what they really want

D) it may otherwise be very difficult to break their promise

E) and they might want a new car as well




…….. Joseph Conrad was, and still is,  one of the most famous English writers.


A) Although his tales of seafaring life depicted the concerns of all


B)  Because English remained a second language to him all his life

C) Having received British citizenship after 16 years in the British

     merchant navy

D) As his visit to Africa provided him with the seed of his most

     famous story, 'Heart of Darkness1

E) In spite of being a Polish seaman who only learnt English later in



Unless people who have had a heart attack stop smoking, …….. .


A) it's only then that they realise how bad smoking is

B) there is a good chance that they will have another one

C) they want to reduce the chances of having a second one

D) they should have given it up years before anyway

E)  they can count themselves lucky that they survived it


Everyone agreed that he had been a terrible Prime Minister; ……. .


A)  on the other hand, he was one of the most corrupt politicians in

      the country

B) however bad his term in office had been

C) nonetheless, he lost the next election by a large vote

D) moreover, he had a terrific reputation for honesty and efficiency

E) furthermore, he was so corrupt that no one trusted the government

     any more


35.-37. soruları  verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.             


For the first time after the Apollo moon landings, NASA is launching a mission into outer space to bring back extraterritorial material. This time, NASA is going after comet and interstellar dust. "Stardust", the robotic spacecraft that will collect the tiny grains, is scheduled for a journey of seven years that will cover 5.1 billion kilometres. It is NASA's first attempt to bring back pieces of a comet. This particular comet, Wild-2, rarely came close to the Sun until the 1970s, and so still should contain the original, frozen components of the solar system. By studying samples from this well-preserved comet, scientists hope to better understand how icy, rocky comets may have provided the water and organics necessary for life to form on the Earth, and possibly elsewhere.


According to the passage, so far, ….. .


A) the Apollo spacecraft has brought back several pieces of comets

B) NASA has regularly sent missions to bring back material from

     outer space

C) the "Stardust" spacecraft has completed some other major


D) pieces of a comet haven't been brought back from space by


E) the comet Wild-2 has never come close to the Sun


The passage suggests that the Wild-2 comet ……… .


A) came close to the Sun for the first time in 1970

B) travels about 5.1 billion kilometres every seven years

C) was discovered in the 1970s

D) probably consists partly of frozen material

E) is the first comet to come dangerously close to the Earth


Scientists wish to study the comet because it……. .


A) seldom comes near the Sun

B) is full of extraterritorial material

C) could help them explain how life started

D) is considered to be the oldest comet in the universe

E) may melt if it goes too close to the Sun






38.-40. soruları  verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.             


In order to avoid the traditional form, writers like the Irishman James Joyce tried to find other structures around which to build their novels. Joyce broke away from the regular beginning, middle, and end technique of earlier writers with his novel 'Ulysses'. Using the Greek mythology contained in The Odyssey1, written by Homer, Joyce devised a completely new technique which combined Greek mythology with tales of modern life. In the novel, the adventures of Homer's Ulysses are paralleled to the happenings of one day in the life of a group of characters in Dublin, Ireland. As this novel shows, if a writer actually describes every single thing a character does throughout one day, that one day can easily produce a whole long novel.


James Joyce's novel 'Ulysses1 …….. .


A) is a traditional novel with a beginning, middle and end

B) was a modern translation of Homer's 'Odysseus'

C) revolutionised classical Greek literature

D) was written in one day

E) was meant to be different from novels written up to that time


Accoiding to the passage, 'Ulysses' reflects similarities between ….. .


A)  the lives of a mythological figure and a group of contemporary


B)  the writing techniques used by Homer and James Joyce

C)  the moral values of Homer's day and those of Joyce's own

D)  the lives, over a number of years, of a number of people in


E) a writer in ancient Greece and one in contemporary Ireland


The passage states that the action of the novel takes place …….. .


A) in a traditional setting

B) over a long period of time

C) in ancient Greece

D) in a single day

E) in a mythical setting


41.-43. soruları  verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.             


Under the great Moghul emperors, artists emerged from their previous anonymity. They were allowed, for the first time, to sign their work, and even encouraged to include self-portraits in their paintings. And the artists' skills did not go unrewarded: one emperor even presented a favourite painter with an elephant, the ultimate status symbol of the age. Yet little is known about the artists' lives. The more successful may have enjoyed an economic status similar to lower-level nobles. However, their simple dress in the self-portraits suggests that the rewards for many painters did not always match their unquestionable talent.


In the passage, the word "anonymity" in the first sentence refers to a condition in which ……… .


A) the people had to live in extreme poverty

B) the artists were well-respected

C) the emperors employed only very talented artists

D) the artists worked for very little money

E) the artists of paintings were not known by name


At the time of the Moghul emperors,


A)  artists could only earn very little money

B)  not all the artists earned well

C) artists had the same status as the nobles

D) most of the artists were not rewarded for their paintings

E)  every artist was allowed to have his own elephant


We can infer from the passage that one way artists were able to become better known was by ……… .

A)  including pictures of themselves in their work

B)  riding status symbols through town

C) selling paintings to Moghul emperors

D) having an economic status similar to lower-level nobles

E) matching their unquestionable talent with simple dress

44.-47. soruları  verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.             


Four years ago, Cratg Keilburger, a Canadian boy then only 12 years old, founded Free the Children, a youth organisation aimed at ending child labour and encouraging youth involvement in community service. Since then, hundreds of local chapters have formed all over the world, participating in everything from letter-writing campaigns to programmes like "Rugmark", a labelling system for carpets made without child labour. Now 16, Keilburger has travelled extensively, meeting children from Pakistan to Brazil and giving speeches on child exploitation.


According to the passage, Free the Children is …….. .


A) an association opposed to children having to work

B) an organisation which was founded 16 years ago

C) dedicated to teaching children how to write letters

D) a group of adults who want to help children

E) a charity founded in Canada, but now active in Pakistan and



It can be inferred from the passage that ……. .


A) Craig Keilburger is now 19 years old

B)  child labour has been ended because of the efforts of Free the


C) Free the Children is one of the most effective organisations in the


D) children are often exploited in making carpets

E)  Canadians understand the world better than other people


The passage states that Craig Keilburger ……. .


A) has personally founded hundreds of local chapters of Free the


B) has become one of the youngest successful businessmen in the


C) travels around the world lecturing on the exploitation of children

D) labels carpets made without child labour

E) believes that children should help to support their families


47.-49. soruları  verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.             


The producer is the person who starts and controls the whole process of making a film. He may buy the film rights to a book or employ a scriptwriter to write a script. He employs all the staff, both technical and creative involved in the making of the film, including the director. He is also in control of the finances of the film, and it is his responsibility to see that the cost does not exceed the budget allowed. Unlike today, in the golden age of Hollywood in the 1930s and '40s, the famous names were the producers like David Selznick and Samuel Goldwin, and not the directors.


We learn from the passage that ……. .


A) the producer is the most creative person involved in making a


B) producers have not been very important since the 1940s

C) the producer is responsible only for technical parts of film-


D) the director plays the most important role in making a film

E)  the producer is involved with every aspect of making a film


It is implied in the passage that


A) directors and producers have equal status today

B) producers finance films, but other people are more important in

     making a film

C) producers usually write scripts for their films

D) producers are no longer as famous as they once were

E) films were better in the 1930s and '40s than they are today







According to the passage, ……. .


A) the cost of a film often exceeds its budget

B) it is the producer who oversees the finances of a film

C) today, the producer and the director of a film are usually the same


D) films with the largest budgets are always the most successful

E) no contemporary producer has ever been as successful as David

    Selznick or Samuel Goldwin


50.-52. soruları  verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.             


At present, there are only two people in the world who have undergone successful hand transplants. This operation has only recently been available and the second successful transplant was carried out in January, 1999. Since this operation, more than one hundred people have contacted the doctor who carried out the operation. Potential candidates are put through medical, psychiatric and psychological tests. Their medical histories are scrutinized. Moreover, they are bluntly told of the risks of the medication that suppresses the immune system. This is necessary to prevent the body from rejecting the foreign tissue in the new hand, which is taken from a dead body.


The passage tells us that ……. .


A)  more than one hundred people have recently had hand


B) having a hand transplant is a new craze in cosmetic surgery

C) effective techniques for transplanting human hands have only

      been recently developed

D) two people have recently died due to the failure of their immune

      systems during hand transplants

E)  the same doctor has carried out more than a hundred operations



In the case of a hand transplant, the immune system ……. .


A) might reject the new hand if not controlled

B) plays the major role on the psychological situation of the


C) is suppressed to reduce the risk of spreading the infection

D) is risky to people with certain medical histories

E) of a dead body might not be compatible with that of the person

    receiving the hand


It is implied in the passage that …… .


A) most hand transplant operations are successful

B) the doctor who carried out the second successful operation is

     advertising for more business

C) only the person whose immune system functions well is

    considered suitable for the operation

D) there may be psychological as well as physical problems for

     those who receive the operation

E) it is still too soon to tell how successful the two most recent

    operations have been


53.-60. sorularda verilen Türkçe cümlenin İngilizce dengini bulunuz.


Yapı ve işleyiş bakımından farklılık gösterseler de artık pek çok ülkede çocuk mahkemeleri vardır.


A) Many countries try juveniles in special courts which have a

      different structure and procedure.

B) The structure and procedure followed in Juvenile courts vary

     according to which country you are in.

C) Juvenile courts, which can now be found in many countries,

     differ considerably in structure and procedure.

D) Although they may vary in structure and procedure, it is now

     common for countries to have separate Juvenile courts.

E) Juvenile courts now exist in many countries, though they vary in

    structure and procedure.




Havalandırma, kimyasal işlem fabrikaları ve boya dükkanları gibi zehirli ya da yanıcı gazların birikebileceği yerlerde zaruridir.


A) The accumulation of combustible or poisonous gases in chemical

processing plants and paint shops makes good ventilation essential.

B) Ventilation is essential in such places as chemical processing

plants and paint shops, where poisonous or combustible gases can accumulate.

C) Such places as paint shops or chemical processing plants should

have ventilation; otherwise, poisonous or combustible gases will accumulate.

D) Poisonous and combustible gases accumulate in chemical

     processing plants and paint shops creating a need for ventilation.

E) If a ventilation system is not fitted in such places as chemical

processing plants or paint shops, poisonous or combustible gases may accumulate.


Kirpi korktuğu ya da saldırıya uğradığı zaman, yaralanması mümkün yüzünü ve karnını korumak için kendini bir topa dönüştürür.

A) The vulnerable parts of a hedgehog, the underparts and face, can

be protected by the animal rolling itself into a ball during an attack.

B) When a hedgehog is frightened or attacked, it rolls itself into a

      ball to protect its vulnerable face and underparts.

C) The way a hedgehog protects itself, including its delicate face and

     underparts, is by rolling up into a ball when under attack.

D) A frightened or threatened hedgehog generally rolls itself into a

     ball, and thus it protects its vulnerable face and underparts.

E) A hedgehog rolled up in a ball is either frightened or under attack,

     and is staying in this position to protect its vulnerable parts.


Şu anda çok zorlandığını biliyorum ama azmedersen başaracağından eminim.

A) What I know is that if you persevere, you are sure to get out of

      these difficulties with success.

B) With such perseverance, it's certain that you will succeed, though

      things seem difficult at the moment.

C) If you are finding it very hard at the moment, as I believe, you'll

     need some perseverance to succeed.

D) I know you are finding it very hard at the moment, but I'm sure

      you'll succeed if you persevere.

E) I'm confident that perseverance in these hard times will lead to

     success in the end.


Gazeteler politikacının, bir skandala karıştığı için istifa ettiğini iddia ediyorlar.

A) The newspapers allege that the politician resigned because he

     was involved in a scandal.

B) The newspapers state that the politician should resign after being

     involved in the scandal.

C) Allegedly, the politician resigned as he was involved in a scandal

     that was published in the newspapers.

D) The newspapers accuse the politician of being involved in a

      scandal which lead to his dismissal.

E) The newspaper reported that the politician resigned after he was

      involved in the scandal.


II. Dünya Savaşı sırasında şehir merkezinin yaklaşık yüzde 9O'ı zarar gördüğü halde, Köln'ün görüntüsü hala zengin tarihini yansıtmaktadır.

A) Had 90 percent of the central city of Cologne not been damaged

during World War II, the city's appearance would reflect the country's history.

B) The city of Cologne still manages to appear a historic city even

though 90 percent of the central area was  flattened in World War II.

C) Although about 90 percent of the central city was damaged

during World War II, Cologne's appearance still reflects its history.

D) About 90 percent of the central city was destroyed during World

     War II, but the presence of the remaining buildings still show

     Cologne's history.

E) Cologne's central city was rebuilt in a style reflecting its rich

     history after 90 percent of it was damaged during World War II.

Çok hızlı büyüyen ve derin ve sağlam kökleri olan söğüt ağaçlan, toprak erozyonuna karşı çok etkilidirler.


A) Because willow trees have deep, tough roots, growing rapidly,

     they prevent soil erosion where they grow.

B) Soil erosion can be effectively halted by planting willows, which

     grow rapidly and have deep, tough roots.

C) Willows, which grow rapidly and have deep, tough roots, are

      very effective against soil erosion.

D) Willows, growing rapidly with deep tough roots, are often

      planted to effectively prevent soil erosion.

E) Willows, effective against soil erosion because of their deep,

     tough roots, grow rapidly.


Onun terfi edebilmesi için herşeyden önce müdür yardımcısının emekli olması gerekiyor.


A) Once the assistant manager has retired, she will probably be the

     first to be promoted.

B) Before she can be promoted, the assistant manager has to retire.

C) The assistant manager decided to retire in order that she could be


D) If the assistant manager retires, it will be necessary, before

     anything else, for somebody to be promoted.

E)  In order for her to be promoted, first of all, it is necessary for the

     assistant manager to retire.


61-67. sorularda anlam bakımından parçaya uygun olmayan cümleyi bulunuz.


(I) During the 19th century, factories in Manchester spun raw Indian cotton into cloth, then shipped it back to be sold in Indian bazaars. (II) Today Indian writers spin masterpieces from Britain's great export — the English language — and sell them to the West. (Ill) .English is often the only common language shared by people from different parts of the world. (IV) One such masterpiece. Vikrem Seth's "A Suitable Boy", which is said to be the longest English language novel of the century, brought him a $1 million advance from his Indian, British and American publishers. (V) Another example, the $1 million advance Arundhati Roy received for "The God of Small Things" is thought to be the largest advance awarded a first-time novelist.


A) I               B) II            C) III               D) IV               E) V


(I) Television means literally "seeing at a distance". (II) Pictures and sound from all over the world can be seen and heard on a small screen in your own home. (Ill) There are far more channels today than anyone dreamed of just a few years ago. (IV) This is achieved by translating picture and sound information into ultra high frequency waves. (V) These can be transmitted, like radio, then re-translated into picture and sound through an electronic gadget: the television set.


A) I               B) II            C) III               D) IV               E) V


(I) In England in the 1800s, coal was found conveniently close to deposits of iron ore. (II) This made it comparatively easy and cheap to make large quantities of iron, burning the coal to melt down the ores. (III) Today matters are seldom so easy. (IV) The huge miners strikes of the 1980s came close to turning into a civil war. (V) Mining companies now have to spe'nd a lot of money prospecting in inaccessible places.


A) I               B) II            C) III               D) IV               E) V


(I) Anti-war activists often target the big chemical producers for producing weapons like napalm. (II) For the big chemical companies making widely used chemicals, the main resource required is money committed to the company for an indefinite period. (Ill) This is why we call such an industry "capital intensive": it takes a lot of capital, or money, to build one of the huge plants required. (IV) They are so expensive to build that they have to be kept going 24 hours a day for 365 days a year. (V) That's why big chemical plants are likened to big cooking pots kept permanently bubbling.

A) I               B) II            C) III               D) IV               E) V

(I) Some companies have been able to grow big because of the "franchise system". (II) These companies find people who wish to operate, for example, a hotel or restaurant, and sell them the right to use the name of their larger company, (III) The individuals run their businesses according to set procedures written up in a big manual. (IV) It can be very risky to start a new business on your own in this economic depression. (V) They know that businesses managed according to these procedures tend to be successful because they benefit from advertising on a scale they could not afford themselves.


A) I               B) II            C) III               D) IV               E) V

(I) For two millennia, Jerusalem and the Holy Land have been a focus for pilgrimage and conflict. (II) Abraham, one of the earliest Hebrew prophets, actually came from what is today southern Turkey. (Ill) There have been many masters — Roman, Turkish, Egyptian, British and Jewish — and many religions have held sway over the land. (IV) Jerusalem was considered by many as the centre of the world, and its history is that of many cultures and countries. (V) Today it is no less venerated, and no less fought over, than in any other period of its history.


A) I               B) II            C) III               D) IV               E) V


67-74. sorularda verilen İngilizce cümlenin Türkçe dengini bulunuz.                                 


While some people are rather pessimistic about the future of the world, others keep their hopes up.


A) Dünyanın geleceği konusunda bazı insanlar çok kötümser,

     bazıları ise oldukça iyimserdir.

B) Gelecekte dünyayı çok kötü şeylerin beklediğine inanan insanlar,

     bütün umutlarını yitirmiş durumdadırlar.

C) Bazı insanlar dünyanın geleceği konusunda oldukça

     kötümserken, diğerleri umutlarını koruyorlar.

D) Dünyanın geleceği konusunda umutlarını korumaya çalışan

     insanlar da bazen karamsarlığa düşmektedirler.

E)  Kötümser insanlar, dünyanın geleceği konusunda umutlu olan

     insanları aşın iyimser bulmaktadırlar.


Stress can lead to physical fatigue by keeping muscles tensed.


A) Fiziksel yorgunluğun başlıca nedeni, kasları hep gergin tutan


B) Stres, kasları gergin tutarak, fiziksel yorgunluğa neden olabilir.

C) Stresin fiziksel yorgunluk yaratmasının nedeni, kasları hep gergin


D) Kasları hep gergin tuttuğu için stres, fiziksel yorgunluk


E) Kasların gergin olduğu fiziksel yorgunluk durumu da strese yol



You can't get him to do anything unless you offer him a bribe.


A) Ona bir şey yaptırmak istiyorsan, rüşvet teklif etmek zorundasın.

B)  Rüşvet teklif ederek ona istediğini yaptırabilirsin.

C)  Biliyorsun ki o, rüşvet almadan hiçbir şey yapmaz.

D) Ona istediğini yaptırabilmenin tek yolu, rüşvet teklif etmektir.

E)  Rüşvet teklif etmezsen ona hiçbir şey yaptıramazsın.


She changed jobs five times until she found one exactly as she wanted.


A) Tam istediği gibi bir iş buluncaya kadar beş kez iş değiştirdi.

B)  Beş kez iş değiştirdikten sonra nihayet tam istediği gibi bir iş


C) Bulduğu işlerden ancak beşincisi tam onun istediği özellikleri


D) Ta ki beşinci denemesinde istediği işi buluncaya kadar sürekli iş


E) İstediği özelliklerde bir iş bulduğunda, tam beş kez iş





With the development of the telegraph, for the first time, news or information could he transmitted great distances almost instantaneously.


A)  Haber ya da bilginin çok uzaklara anında gönderilebilmesi ilk

     kez telgrafın geliştirilmesiyle mümkün olmuştur.

B) Telgrafın getirdiği en büyük yenilik, bir haber ya da bilginin çok

      uzaklara anında ulaşmasını sağlamak olmuştur.

C) Bir haber ya da bilgi çok uzaklara, neredeyse anında, ilk kez

     telgrafla ulaştırılmıştır.

D) Telgrafın geliştirilmesiyle, ilk kez, bir haber ya da bilgi çok

      uzaklara neredeyse anında gönderilebildi.

E) Telgrafın geliştirilmesi, bir haber ya da bilgiyi çok uzaklara

      anında ulaştırmayı sağlamıştır.


The decrease in the number of people engaged in farming in the advanced nations results largely from improvements in farming technology.


A) Tarım teknolojisinde gerçekleşen ilerlemeler sonucu, gelişmiş

     ülkelerde tarım alanında çalışanların sayısı hızla düşmüştür.

B) Gelişmiş ülkelerde tarımla ilgilenen insanların sayısındaki düşüş

büyük ölçüde, tarım teknolojisindeki gelişmelerden kaynaklanmaktadır.

C) Teknolojinin tarım alanında da çok yaygın uygulandığı gelişmiş

      ülkelerde, tarımla uğraşan insanların sayısı hızla azalmaktadır.

D) Gelişmiş ülkelerde tarımla ilgilenen insan sayısı çok düşüktür

     çünkü insanlar daha çok teknoloji alanına yönelmişlerdir.

E) Tarımda teknolojinin ilerlemesi, gelişmiş ülkelerde, tarımla

ilgilenen insanların sayısında çok büyük bir düşüşe neden olmuştur.


We were a bit disappointed as all of us had hoped that the play would be more interesting.


A)  Oyun umduğumuz kadar ilginç olmayınca, hepimiz biraz hayal

      kırıklığına uğradık.

B) Biraz hayal kırıklığına uğradık çünkü hepimiz oyunun daha ilginç

     olacağını ummuştuk.

C) Hepimiz çok daha ilginç bir oyun beklentisi içinde olduğumuz

     için bu kadar hayal kırıklığı yaşadık.

D) Biraz hayal kırıklığı yaşamamıza rağmen oyunun,

     umduğumuzdan daha ilginç olduğu söylenebilir.

E)  Hayal kırıklığı yaşamamızın nedeni, oyunun beklediğimiz kadar

      ilginç olmamasıydı.


The technological developments in the area of medicine have greatly facilitated the diagnosis of diseases.

A) Tıp alanında teknoloji o kadar gelişti ki artık hastalıklar kolayca

      teşhis edilebilmektedir.

B) Tıpta teknolojik gelişmelerin etkisi en çok hastalıkların teşhisi

      alanında olmuştur.

C) Hastalıkların teşhis ve tedavisi, tıp alanında gerçekleşecek

     teknolojik gelişmelere bağlıdır.

D) Tıp alanındaki ilerlemeler sayesinde şimdi pek çok hastalık,

     kolayca teşhis ve tedavi edilebilmektedir.

E) Tıp alanındaki teknolojik gelişmeler, hastalıkların teşhisini çok



75.-80. sorularda parçada boş bırakılan yere uygun düşen ifadeyi bulunuz.


Ailen Ginsberg, who died in 1997 in New York, formed the Beat Generation of the 1950s along with William Burroughs and Jack Kerouac. Ginsberg first captured public attention in 1956 with 'Howl', a long poem that raged against a conformist society. …….. . These non-conformist activities parallel his work, for which he drew his inspiration from yoga, Buddhism, Native American mysticism, and Torah, and U.S. poets like William Carlos Williams.

A) He was active in both the hippie and anti-war movements

B) Some people consider them to have been the forerunners of the


C) It was the Vietnam War that brought about the counter-cultural

    movement known as .the hippies

D) Rock groups like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones all joined in

    the counter-culture movement

E) Burroughs and Kerouac were novelists

Captain Matthew Webb swam the English Channel from Dover to Calais, ……….. . For 22 hours, he swam the high seas. Although he lived to tell about it, he was not so lucky eight years later, when he drowned trying to swim the Niagara River.


A) becoming the first person to do so without a life jacket

B) while sitting aboard a 75-foot French-made yacht

C) unfortunately, he had a fatal accident on the return trip to Calais

D) and managed to accomplish this in less than half a day

E) eight years before a similar achievement on the Niagara River


Luigi Galvani was an Italian physiologist who investigated the relationship between electrical currents and animal tissue. ……… and so is the galvanometer, an instrument which is used to detect and measure electrical currents.


A)  He invented the first practical electrical switches

B) The verb "galvanize" is derived from his name

C) He was arrested for animal cruelty in 1798

D) He learnt how electricity is related to nerves

E) The Catholic Church condemned Galvani's activities


…….. . Very occasionally it can get completely out of control, as it did in Germany in the 1920s, when people had to take baskets full of notes to buy a loaf of bread. In China in the 1930s, people eating in restaurants always paid before they ate, in case the price of the meal rose as they were eating. Today, no place in the world is quite that bad, but inflation can be a serious problem for people on fixed incomes, like those living on a pension.


A) A police state is one in which democracy does not exist and

      people have few or no personal freedoms

B)  "Deflation", the opposite of inflation, refers to a fall in prices,

     but is a very unusual situation

C) There are several examples in history of completely militarised


D) A situation where prices keep rising is called "inflation"

E) Money has no value in itself; it is only valuable as a medium of



People once thought that the Earth was flat and that you could fall off the edge. Most of us now think of the planet as a sphere, although it is more accurately described as an "oblate spheroid", being flattened at the poles and bulging at the Equator. …….. . On the other hand, unlike an onion, each layer of the Earth is made of a different material.


A) Though this flattening and bulging can be measured, it cannot be

    seen from a spacecraft

B) It is quite useful to think of the Earth as being rather like an

     onion, that is. a ball made of different layers

C) The Earth is sometimes compared to an onion, but onions tend to

     be pointed rather than flattened at the "poles"

D) A lemon, for example, is just the opposite shape from that of the


E) If you were to slice the Earth down the middle, it would not, in

    fact, look anything like an onion


When there are too many predators, not enough resources and a great deal of competition, an animal population dies out. …….. . This can be just as bad. Such a population explosion happened when the brown tree snake arrived on Guam in the cargo of a military plane 50 years ago. The ecosystem was not ready for the reptilian assault, and the snake had no natural competitors or enemies there. As a result, virtually every songbird on Guam has been eaten by the snakes.


A) A number of species have become extinct within living memory

B)  But when the opposite occurs, the population explodes

C) No one likes to see an animal population die out

D) Mankind can help protect endangered species

E) This sort of pattern is often found in small environments like





81-87. sorularda karşılıklı konuşmanın boş bırakılan bölmünde söylenmiş olabilecek sözü bulunuz.


Ryan: Don't forget to pack plenty of warm clothes for the evenings.

Kelly: ……….

Ryan: Don't you remember what happened last time? We almost


Kelly: Okay, just don't moan about how heavy the bags are.


A) There is enough in here to keep a small army warm.

B) Oh, shall I pack your green cardigan, then? 1 know it's your


C) But I don't think it will be cold there at this time of year.

D) How do you know it's going to be cold? We've never been there


E) Why don't you stop ordering me around and help?


Susie: Why don't we go and visit Grandma this weekend?

Fred:   Don't you remember? She was going to Paris this weekend. Susie: …………

Fred:   She's been that way ever since I can remember — always full

of energy.


A) She is certainly active for a woman of her age.

B) We never seem to do anything like that.

C) Oh, she must be on her way there then, if she took the 9.30


D) It's a good thing she has the Social Services l o take care of her.

E) She has such a boring life, we should go and cheer her up.


Lilly: What a fantastic dress!

Sophie: Thanks. My brother is a fashion designer, and this is an


Lilly:       ………..


A)  Do you know where I can get one just like it?

B) I don't care what you say, I still think it's nice.

C) Maybe so, but I still say it looks like some kind of peculiar


D) It's a shame there aren't any more like it. I'd love to have one.

E) There may be plenty of others like it, but it still looks good on



Lenny: Have you ever been skiing in Switzerland?

Jason:   Oh sure, we go there every year.

Lenny:   ……….

Jason:   Well, yes. There are plenty of cheaper places, but I don't

like the kind of people you meet there.


A)  I prefer the snow conditions in the Austrian Alps myself.

B) You must be quite a good skier then.

C) I'd rather just sit in front of the TV on cold winter days.

D) Do you take your wife and kids along as well?

E)  I suppose it must be quite expensive.


Kate: ……….

Stella: Why? I thought you were doing really well.

Kate:    I was, before I got sick, but I've missed so many lectures and

lab sessions that I don't think I'll ever catch up.

Stella: Well, I can't help yon. I can't stand cutting up animals, so it's

always been my worst subject.

A) Do you think it's a good idea for me to study medicine?

B) I think I'll have to stop my volunteer work for the environment.

C)  I'm so worried about my biology exam.

D) Do you think you can help me with my Chemistry homework?

E) I wish I'd never decided to study Zoology!


Pedestrian:  Hey, you almost ran over me! Why didn't you signal?

Driver: .         ………

Pedestrian:  I was looking right at you, and you didn't give any

indication you were going to turn.

A) Oh, I've seen you before, but I can't remember where.

B) I didn't signal because I didn't think anyone would be crossing.

C) What are you talking about? There are no traffic signals here.

D) it's not my fault. You walked into the road without looking.

E) I know what the traffic code is. You don't need to remind me!


Dawn: How was your holiday?

Janice: It was terrible. There was no water in the hotel, we were miles from the beach, and my husband got sick from the food.

Dawn:    ……….

Janice: Good idea, if you don't want to ruin your holiday.


A) Well, I certainly won't go there next summer.

B)  It really does sound terrific!

C) l bet you're glad I recommended the place to you.

D) Some people will complain about anything.

E)  I knew you'd enjoy it.


88-94. sorularda verilen durumda söylenebilecek sözü bulunuz


Buying apples at a local market, you notice that while the trader has displayed his best fruit in the front, he takes what he gives you from the back. Suspecting that he is giving you inferior apples, but not wishing to make him hostile, you offer carefully:


A) Don't give me that rubbish from the back. I want the good stuff

     from the front.

B) I think you're trying to cheat me. Keep your apples.

C) Do you always take them from the back? It looks like a trick to


D) If you give me any bad ones, I won't come back.

E) Would you mind if I chose them myself?


As you get on a crowded long-distance bus with your ticket that specifies a particular seat, you notice that someone is occupying that seat. Though you feel that one seat is much like another, you know that there will be a lot of confusion if people do not sit in their specified seats. Hoping to do everyone a favour, you say politely to the peison occupying your seat:


A) I'm sorry, but I think you are on the wrong bus.

B)  If you don't get up immediately, I'm going to call the conductor.

C) Why can't people ever sit where they are supposed to?

D) Could I see your ticket, please? There seems to be a mix-up.

E) Can I take a seat by the window please as I feel sick if I have an



You are visiting someone with whom you particularly want to have a long talk. However, the television is on with the volume turned up quite loud. Though it is nothing you are interested in, you find it utterly distracting, so you say:


A)  I've always thought it is a sign of bad manners to leave the TV on when there are guests.

B) Do you really enjoy watching such ridiculous programs?

C) Wouldn't it be easier to talk without the TV on?

D) What a great show! I'm really glad I arrived in time to see it.

E) Isn't there a football match or something more interesting that we

     could watch?


Jack is a student who needs his  part-time job as a pizza delivery man to be able to continue his studies. One Saturday night, when he is working, he delivers five pizzas to a flat where there is a student party going on. The person who answers the door turns out to be a friend from his class. Jack really wishes he could go to the party, but knows that it is impossible, so when he gives his friend the pizzas, he says:


A) How about giving me a big tip since I'm a friend?

B) Have a nice time. I'll see you in class on Monday.

C) I think I'll come in for a while. This job really tires me out.

D) I wish I could have fun on Saturday nights, but poor students like

     me have to work.

E) When I have a party, 1 won't invite you either!








Though Caroline and Debbie were best friends in high school, they have not seen one another since Debbie got married at the age of 17. Seven years later they run into one another in the street. Debbie has three children, looks tired and unhappy. Caroline, on the other hand, has finished university and has had a good job for two years. Feeling sorry for her former friend, but not wanting to make her feel bad, Caroline says to her:


A)  I'm really glad I didn't get married. You look terrible.

B)  I don't know how you cope. I prefer having freedom and lots of


C) Now that you can see how well I'm doing, I'm sure you can see

     what a mistake you made.

D) I really admire the way you handle the situation. I can't bear kids


E) What lovely children! It must be so satisfying being a mother.


Your brother-in-law asks you to tend him 100 dollars. Once before he borrowed 2O dollars from you and never paid it back, so you do not trust him. On the other hand, you do not want to cause family problems by refusing him too abruptly, so you say carefully:


A) What about the twenty you still owe me?

B)  How can I trust you to pay me back after the last time?

C) Are you sure a hundred will be enough?

D) I'm afraid we're a bit tight ourselves this month.

E) Don't you think you're spending too much?


After you get off a bus, someone comes up behind you, taps you on the shoulder, shows you a 50-dollar note, and says that you dropped it. You are embarrassed to have done anything so careless, but are grateful to have the money returned, so you say:


A)  I think you should hand it in to the driver so that he can give it to

      the Lost Property Office.

B) No, I'm sure it's not mine. I would never be so foolish.

C) Oh, how silly of me! I don't know how I could have been so     


D) It can't be mine as I didn't have a 50-dollar note in my bag. It

     must be someone else's.

E)  Oh, how lucky you are! You've found 50 dollars!


95-100. sorularda verilen cümleye anlamca en yakın olan seçeneği bulunuz.


Most people agree that he was the most dishonest president the country has ever had.


A) There is general agreement among people that, although he was

     dishonest, most presidents have been even more dishonest.

B) It's ack

C) Seldom has there been a more honest president than him, and this

     is common knowledge among the citizens of the country.

D) Most people find it difficult to believe that any president could be       

      as dishonest as him.

E) It's accepted by the majority of people that the country has never

     had a more dishonest president than him.


By the time the police arrived, the kidnappers had had time to escape.


A) The police were not needed because the victim had already run

      away from the kidnappers.

B) The police arrived just in time to prevent the kidnappers from


C)  Had the police been any later, they would not have been able to

     help the victim.

D) Before the kidnappers could escape, the police had arrived.

E) The police arrived too late as the kidnappers had already got









Had conditions been more favourable, we might have made a large investment.


A) Because there had been favourable conditions, we were able to

     invest a lot of money.

B) With favourable conditions, there is still a possibility to make a

    lot of money on the investment.

C) The favourable conditions meant that we got a large profit on our


D) The conditions weren't good enough for us to consider investing

      a great deal of money.

E)  If we had waited for the right circumstances, we wouldn't have

     lost so much money.


Until you've experienced scuba diving yourself, it is impossible to know what it's like.


A)  It's difficult to believe that you know so much about scuba

     diving although you've never done it.

B)  Nobody can comprehend the experience of scuba diving unless

      they've actually tried doing it.

C) It's hard to realise the nature of scuba diving before you make an

     attempt to do it alone.

D) Having tried scuba diving myself, I can assure you that it's quite

     an amazing thing to do.

E) Trying to describe scuba diving to someone who's never actually

     done it is quite difficult to do.


While it is not impossible that the mayor will be re-elected, it is certainly unlikely.


A) The mayor has only a very slim chance of winning the elections


B) Because no one dislikes the mayor, it is probable that most

     people will vote for him.

C) The mayor has a very good chance of being re-elected, although I

     don't like him myself.

D) If he had been a well-liked mayor, more people would have voted

     for him.

E) No one ever knows for sure what the result of an election will be

     until the votes are counted.


There is nothing like a good hot bath after a hard day's work.


A) The best thing to do in order to prepare for a hard day's work is to

      have a hot bath.

B) A good bath is the best thing after you've spent a hot day working


C)  Following a hard day's work, there is nothing comparable to a

      good hot bath.

D) A difficult day at the office might well be followed by a hot bath. E) There is not much point in trying to work efficiently on a hot day

without having a good bath now ledged by most people that there have been only a few presidents as dishonest as him.



l.E 2.D 3.C 4.A 5.B 6.D 7.B 8.E 9.E 1O.C

11.A 12.A 13.B 14.D 15.E 16.A 17.D 18.B 19.C 20.A

21.B 22.E 23.D 24.C 25.C 26.B 27.E 28.A 29.D 30.B

31.C 32.E 33.B 34.E 3S.D 36.D 37.C 38.E 39.A 40.D

41.E 42.B 43.A 44.A 45.D 46.C 47.E 48.D 49.B 50.C

51.A 52.D 53.E 54.B 55.B 56.D 57.A 58.C 59.C 60.E

61.C 62.C 63.D 64.A 65.D 66.B 67.C 68.B 69.E 70.A

71.D 72.B 73.B 74.E 75.A 76.A 77.B 78.D 79.B 80.B

81.C 82.A 83.D 84.E 85.C 86.D 87.A 88.E 89.D 90.C

91.B 92.E 93.D 94.C 95.E 96.E 97.D 98.B 99.A 100.C


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