Okuma Süresi:59 Dakika, 56 Saniye





A waiter must be careful not to …………. the tray, because If he doesn't hold it level, all the food will end up on the floor!


A) trip     B) fix        C) display         D) stir         E) tilt


When the bank teller saw that the robber had a gun in his hand, she ……….. because of fear.


A) groaned    B) fainted     C) hit    D) chatted  E) exhibited


Because of the bombing at the airport, there are now no Utter bins there for ………… reasons.


A) security                     B) cancellation        C) dominance                 

D) density                      E) explosion


Because the world's population is ………. rising, more ways must be thought of to increase the food supply.


A) barely B) sparsely C) constantly D) casually E) alternately


Some people think that Princess Diana's brother was pretending to be really upset over his sister's death, but I think he was ………… very distressed.


A) superficially              B) uniquely             C) genuinely                   

D) specially                    E) deeply


It could be a really nice hotel, but the ………… decor destroys the atmosphere and spoils the effect of the wonderful setting.


A) fantastic B) tasteless C) inspiring D) Impolite E)abandoned


He switched the TV off ………. it became obvious that his favourite team had no chance of winning.


A) no longer                   B) sooner than        C) so that                       

D) as soon as                 E) in order to


It is important for teachers to keep their classes lively and stimulating; ……….. their students will lose interest.


A) furthermore               B) whereas             C) in case                        

D) meanwhile                 E) otherwise


………. her illness, she was determined not to miss a day of work.


A) In spite of B) Besides C) Even if D) Though E) However


I have recently completed a course in management, and ………… I am looking for a position that will enable me to put what I've learnt into practice.


A) nevertheless              B) because              C) by the way                 

D) consequently             E) on the other hand


There was no possibility of finding seats available ………. a flight to Paris since so many people were going there ……….. the holiday.


A) with/about B) in/with C) on/for    D) upon/on   E) by/with


My nephew bought the best computer ………. the market………. a very reasonable price.


A) for/of   B) with/on   C) to/around    D) on/at    E) during/into


They made sure all the doors and windows were shut properly before they ……….. on their journey.


A) broke in B) pulled up C) put out   D) set off   E) turned down






That's our next-door neighbour, about ……….. wife I was telling you earlier this morning.


A) whom    B) whose   C) what     D) which     E) when


I found it to be ………. an exciting computer game that I wanted to play it again and again.


A) so   B) very     C) much     D) too    E)such

The castle was ……. heavily fortified ……. the enemy even to consider attacking it.


A) so/that   B) very/so   C) too/for    D) so/as    E) as/as


Since ………. people are smoking now than ten years ago, there should have been a corresponding fall in cancer and heart disease.


A) fewer B) a little C) much more   D) not many   E) the least


Henry finished his lunch before the rest of…….. could even eat half of


A) them/them                 B) yours/you          C) ourselves/his            

D) his/him                      E) us/ours


Kirn didn't realise it was her boss's birthday because ……….. had said ………… about it.


A) anyone/everything                    B) someone/nothing

C) everyone/none                           D) no one/anything

E) anybody/something


While I……… in Tibet, I………. some of the world's most remarkable places.


A) travelled/had seen      B) had travelled/would see

C) was travelling/saw     D) am travelling/would have seen

E) have been travelling/see


So far, scientists ………. approximately 5,000 species of sponges, and only about 20 species of them ………. in fresh water.


A) described/are living

B) have described/live

C) will be describing/lived

D) are describing/have lived

E) describe/will be living


Stringent laws to stop the waste and destruction of natural resources ………… by the majority in order for them to be effectively enforced.


A) should be supporting

B) has to be supported

C) will have supported

D) must be supported

E) have been supporting


Many of the relics of early Mesopotamia, one of the areas where civilisations first……….. ……….. from their sites over the years, and are now on display in European museums.


A) used to develop/were removed

B) had developed/have removed

C) have developed/would have removed

D) were developing/had removed

E) developed/have been removed






I imagine the rooms ………… by the time we ……….. to the hotel.


A) are being cleaned/will return

B) were cleaned/have returned

C) have been cleaned/are returning

D) are going to be cleaned/returned

E) will have been cleaned/return


Unless something ……… about it soon, much of the world's wildlife ……… extinct.


A) will be done/is going to become

B) would have done/had become

C) has been done/is becoming

D) is done/will become

E) were done/will have become


………. that even their fans were absolutely amazed.


A) Their brilliant performance in the cup final was so unexpected

B) They only had to win two more matches to be sure of the


C) Even if they had won after such a shocking performance

D) With their expensive foreign players doing so well, they have

      hardly lost a match all season

E) It was the biggest crowd of the season, and probably one of the

     best behaved


As a result of the oil crises of 1974,


A) the British economy has never really recovered from these


B) most car manufacturers began making smaller, more economical


C) really necessitates a large increase in petrol prices

D) pollution in Istanbul is becoming worse and worse as the

     population grows

E) it may even affect some of the countries that produce their own oil


We'd hoped for great things from the new manager……..


A) on the condition that he is really as qualified as he claims to be

B) and we were all disappointed when we heard he was coming

C) but his arrogance soon destroyed our optimism

D) even though he had such a good reputation

E) so he would sort out all our outstanding problems


…….. the meat in the stew was still not tender enough to chew easily.


A) Not having bought it from our usual butcher's

B) So as to make sure that It was delicious

C) Although I had only put it in at the last moment

D) The time given in the recipe must have been wrong

E) in spite of having been cooked for two hours


No matter how many times I look up that word in the dictionary,………


A) I've finally managed to memorise it

B) I just do not seem to be able to remember it

C) my dictionary can't be a really good one

D) there are so many other words that seem to mean the same thing

E) I really hoped that ît wouldn't appear on the exam


In order to learn a foreign language,


A)   a student must be willing to take every opportunity to practise


B) the grammar is sometimes so complicated that it takes years to


C) it can be difficult for people without strong motivation though

D) there are a lot of new words to memorise

E) it is still not possible to be as fluent as a native speaker



………. until you've made an improvement in your work.


A) You used to be one of our best employees

B) Your performance has not been very satisfactory recently

C) I have noticed that you are becoming lazy

D) You will soon be looking for a new job

E) You shouldn't expect to get a promotion


Mel Gibson began bis career in low-quality action films,…….. .


A) though he is unable to play in any serious films

B) so he is, in fact, a surprisingly good dramatic actor

C) while he was still a young man trying to make his way

D) since Jack Nicholson also spent years in the same kind of


E) because he turned out to be an extremely versatile actor


………. before you can expect to obtain a decent job.


A) You have been unemployed for so long

B) You have, unfortunately, failed your entrance examination

C) These days you have to know how to use a computer

D) In a country where university education has always been free

E) The rapid population growth plays a major role


35.-37. soruları  verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.             


The SAT Is a 3-hour test of both verbal and mathematical abilities which is used as part of the process for evaluating applicants for admission to American universities. In 1995, the College Board, which administers the SAT, re-centered the scoring scale for the test. It did so by re-establishing the original average score of 500 on the 200-800 scale. The scale had not been adjusted since 1941, when it reflected the norm of some 10,000 students, frequently from public schools and applying to the nation's most selective universities. Over the years, the average score had shifted below 500 as a larger number of students began taking the test, and verbal and maths scores had ceased to become comparable. Now the scores represent a more diverse university-bound population of about 2 million students.


The passage informs us that the SAT test…….. .


A) has ceased to be used by the nation's most selective


B) is one of the tests used to evaluate potential university


C) is the only criterion used for university acceptance in


D) can only be used to test either maths or language, but not


E) has recently evolved into a multi-million-dollar industry in

     the USA


It's mentioned In the passage that


A) formerly those who entered for the SAT were often from

    public schools

B) the results of the SAT are no longer Important to students

C) the SAT test has become much more difficult over the years

D) the average score on the SAT has remained virtually

     unchanged since 1941

E) no university applicant has ever got an SAT score of 800


The article tells va that the average score on the SAT ……….


A) rose dramatically in 1995 because of the number of students

     taking it

B) can be either 200 or 800 in any given year

C) was achieved by approximately 2 million students in 1995

D) dropped a bit during the period from 1941 to 1995

E) cannot be computed due to the large numbers used





38.-40. soruları  verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.             


In the face of advancing Japanese troops during World War II, US and Filipinp forces under General Douglas MacArthur abandoned Manila and retreated west to the Bataan Peninsula. Crippled by malaria, weakened from their decision to share their food rations with the civilians, and demoralised after MacArthur's departure for Australia, the surviving defenders surrendered when they became convinced that no outside help would arrive. What, followed became known as the Bataan Death March. The Japanese led 55,000 American and Filipino prisoners on a brutal six-day, 120-mile trek to a prison in the Pampanga Province. Each day on the way ended with the slaughter of all prisoners too ill to continue. More than half the captives died in this way and another 25% perished in the camp before the war ended.


According to the passage, General MacArthur………


A) ended the war in the Pampanga prison camp in Bataan

B) ordered his soldiers to march across the Bataan Peninsula

C) suffered from malaria and gave his food to the civilians  –

D) had gone to Australia before the soldiers surrendered

E) decided to march to Australia to avoid being captured


The passage tells -as that the march to Pampanga Province …….. .


A)   started after the prisoners had tried to escape

B) ended at a prison camp after nearly a week

C) was ied by thousands of Americans and Filipinos

D) cost the lives of 55,000 Americans and Filipinos

E) was stopped when everyone was too ill to goon


The author implies that by the end of the war, ……. .


A) fewer than one-fourth of the original prisoners were stilî alive

B) only the Filipino prisoners had survived the ordeal

C) the Japanese had murdered all of the captured soldiers

D) the remaining 40,000 soldiers continued to help in the war effort E) no one had come to help the survivors at the prison camp


41.-43. soruları  verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.             


New research suggests that among smokers who get lung cancer, women are nearly twice as likely as men to develop the most deadly form of the disease. Experts say that the British study represents the first time scientists have discovered a significant difference between the sexes in the risk of small-cell lung cancer. Virtually always caused by smoking, it Is the hardest form of lung cancer to treat successfully. The study showed that women under 65 were 1.7 times more vulnerable than men to small-cell lung cancer, which spreads so rapidly that by the time it is diagnosed, it is usually too tete to operate.


The most deadly form of lung cancer

A) is more likely to develop in men than in women

B) accounts for 17 percent of deaths among women under the age of


C) is more common in Britain than anywhere else

D) is caused by smoking in rare cases

E) tends to spread too quickly to be treated by surgery


It has only recently been discovered that small-cell lung cancer ……..

A) also affects women as frequently as it does men

B) can be successfully treated

C) is the worst type of cancer

D) is more common among women than among men

E) can be diagnosed in earlier stages


It is stated in the passage that……..

A) scientists are hopeful of finding a cure for small-cell lung cancer

B) new research into cancer is good news for anyone suffering from

      the disease

C) the chance of overcoming cancer is the lowest for patients with

      small-cell lung cancer

D) British scientists were the first, to discover small-cell lung cancer

E) small-cell lung cancer is diagnosed 1.7 times more effectively in

     women under 65

44.-47. soruları  verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.             


One of the most famous panics in the United States was begun by a radio broadcast. In 1938, CBS radio broadcast a dramatisation of a science fiction novel by H.G. Wells called 'War of the Worlds". It told the story of an invasion from Mars with the Martians landing in New Jersey and taking over New York fifteen minutes later. The story was told in a realistic fashion with the actors playing reporters giving "live" reports from the scene. At the beginning of the broadcast, there was an announcement that the story was fictional, but most people tuned in too late to hear it. As a result, there were traffic Jams all over New York and New Jersey as people tried to flee what they thought was a real invasion.


According to the passage ………..


A) a panic was caused by people believing a fictional radio


B) H.G. Wells was a famous non-fiction author

C) a reporter named H.G. Wells spread a fictional story to

     frighten people

D) Martians landed in New Jersey in 1938

E) reporters giving live reports played a trick on people


One reason people panicked was that


A) the majority of them missed the announcement that the story

      was fiction

B) New Jersey, which was invaded by Martians, was very close

      to New York

C) people believed that Martians were cruel and frightening


D) CBS radio was known for its serious documentary


E) the television scenes were so realistic that almost anyone

     would believe them


One generalisation we can make from the passage is that……….


A) Martians have the power to take control of New Jersey and

     New York in just 15 minutes

B) New York and New Jersey often suffer from traffic jams

C) H.G. Wells wrote stories credible enough to take in everyone

D) radio stations often broadcast fictional stories deliberately to

      cause a panic

E) sometimes people will believe things no matter how

     improbable they are


47.-49. soruları  verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.             


The worst hurricane In memory to hit the southeastern part of the North Carolina coast was Hurricane Hazel in 1954. This storm destroyed every building on three islands. Apparently, the disaster didn't occupy people's minds for long, as in the decades that followed, beach houses sprang up everywhere, most of which were built by people who had never experienced a major storm. By the time Hurricane Fran struck in 1996, so dense was the development that a storm weaker than Hazel inflicted much greater damage. A man who had lost his newly renovated beach front home commented that he had had no idea that a storm could simply sweep his .house away.


After Hurricane Hazel hit the North Carolina coast in 1954. ….. .


A) strict building codes made it impossible to build in coastal


B) every building in North Carolina was destroyed

C) people seemed to forget how bad the destruction had been

D) the president declared a National Disaster

E) Hurricane Fran followed soon after






It can be inferred from the passage that the beach houses built after 1954 were…….


A) constructed by the native inhabitants of the area

B) mostly built by newcomers to the area

C) better built than the earlier ones

D) mostly destroyed by Hurricane Hazel

E) able to withstand more powerful storms due to new building


It is stated in the passage that compared to Hurricane Hazel, Hurricane Fran ……… .


A)   inflicted greater damage because it was a much stronger storm

B) was responsible for more deaths because the area was more

     densely populated

C) was a weaker storm and so caused less damage

D) led to about the same amount of destruction

E) caused greater destruction even though it was a weaker storm


50.-52. soruları  verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.             


The prospectors who braved the Canadian winters to find gold In the Yukon and Klondike Rivers experienced the most difficult conditions imaginable. Every man who entered the area had to carry a year's supply of food and mining equipment over the steep and frozen mountain passes. In order to do this, each man had to carry 25 kilos of stores about 10 kilometres, leave it there, and return for another load. Therefore to move all of his stores less than 80 kilometres, each man had to walk nearly 1500 kilometres. It is estimated that of the 100,000 men who set out for the Klondike, fewer than 40,000 actually arrived. Only 4000 ever found gold, and very few of these became rich.


It is stated in the passage that……..


A)   about 40% of the men who tried to find gold in the Klondike

      became rich

B) only about 4% of the people who set out for the Klondike actually


C) each of the 40,000 men had to walk about 1500 kilometres just to

     carry 25  kilos of stores

D) more than 60,000 of the people trying to reach the Klondike failed

     on the way

E) nearly everyone who reached the Klondike was able to find some



The conditions around the Yukon and Klondike Rivers were so difficult because ……. .


A)   the gold mines were all on the steep and frozen mountain passes

B) each man needed 25 kilos of stores to get him through the winter

C) the area was not big enough to support all of the 100,000 men who

     set out for the Klondike    

D) of a number of reasons including difficult terrain and harsh

    weather conditions

E) they were nearly 1500 kilometres away from the nearest store


We can conclude from the passage that…..


A) very few of the prospectors actually achieved what they'd aimed


B) searching for gold in the Canadian winter is the quickest way to

     get rich

C) it is less difficult to find gold in Canada than in some other places

D) there is still plenty of gold waiting to be found in the Yukon and

      Klondike Rivers

E) a prospector is someone who lends money to people searching for










53.-58. sorularda parçada boş bırakılan yere uygun düşen ifadeyi bulunuz.


Charlotte, Emily and Anne Bronte were the novelist daughters of a country parson. Charlotte wrote Jane Eyre. Emily's most famous novel was Wuthering Heights, which she first published under the name Ellis Bell. …………. though she was a talented writer too.


A) We don't know where they got their talent from

B) Anne did not achieve the fame of her two sisters

C) It is true that she never had any novels published

D) Charlotte was the oldest of the three sisters

E) Anne wrote several novels under her own name


For a number of years, radio telescopes have been trying to pick up signals from outer space, so fax without success. There are, however, millions of possible radio frequencies, and there is no reason why a completely alien civilisation should not use a different type of communication, such as X-rays, or even a type of wave we have not yet discovered. ………. . For example, if we made contact with beings 300-light years away — relatively close as space distances go — by the time we had sent an answer and received their response, the earth would be 600 years older.


A) The most famous radio telescope of all is at Jodrel Bank in


B) We may have discovered only a few of countless types of

      waves that could be used in this way

C) And then there is the problem of how to carry out contact

     over such vast distances

D) According to Einstein's Theory of Relativity, it is impossible

      to travel faster than the speed of light

E) Science fiction writers have been speculating over the nature

      of alien beings for decades


In the United State», a large number of university students suffer from "student shock": seveie depression stemming from Inability to cope with student life. Universities have been trying a number of ways to help students cope with the pressures they face. Many universities are upgrading their psychological counselling centres. Additional staff are being hired, and experts are doing research to learn more about the psychological problems of university students. ………. Finally, stress management workshops have now become common on university campuses.


A) A remarkable number of students become so depressed that

     they commit suicide

B) With such competition for good jobs, students are more

      nervous over good grades than ever before

C) The end of a relationship can be a large contributing factor to

      student shock

D) Also, older and more successful students are being trained to 

      counsel their younger peers

E) In addition, some students should get proper jobs and learn

    what life is really like


It was in 1961 that John F. Kennedy, then President of the United States, gave the "go-ahead" for his country to make the maximum effort to put a man on the moon before the end of the decade. ……. . They were Americans Nell Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. A third astronaut, Michael Collins, remained aboard the command module, which continued to orbit the moon.


A) The launch of Sputnik in 1957 alerted Americans to the fact

      that the Soviets were well ahead in some scientific fields

B) Thus the first true men on the moon landed in its sea of

      tranquillity on 21st July, 1969

C) The first Americans to orbit the Earth went in tiny cramped

     capsules, which look very primitive today

D) People struggling to feed themselves in developing countries

      might have wondered what the point of it all was

E) Tom Wolfe's book, The Right Stuff, documents the

     experiences of the first American astronauts

………. Known as fossil fuels, they took about 250 million years to form, and although new coal and oil are being formed in parts of the world, this happens very slowly, so the coal and oil now being extracted at an extremely fast rate are not being replaced. This means that alternative energy sources must be found and developed.


A) In many parts of the world It Is still Very difficult to keep warm in

      the winter

B) Coal production was reduced in Britain because of the life-

     threatening smogs of the 1950s

C) When we burn coal, we are actually reproducing sunlight which

      nurtured plants and animals millions of years ago

D) Before its dangers were fully realised, nuclear power was once 

     thought to be the key to future power supplies

E) Man's principal energy supplies coal and oil are unable to

     reproduce themselves


Nine rotten teeth from such notable mouths as Queen Victoria, Florence Nightingale and Princess Mary are to be sold at auction. The blackened teeth are thought to have been collected by a society dentist and acquired at the turn of the century by an antique dealer………… One reveals that Queen Victoria's 23rd tooth was removed when she was 12 years old in 1832. The collection features four of her teeth and two of her mother's.


A) Each tooth is accompanied by a tiny hand-written note

B) It is not known how much he might have paid for them

C) Why anyone would want to buy hundred-year-old rotten teeth has

     not been explained

D) The history of dentistry reveals some strange facts

E) The question arises of whether it is entirely ethical or not to collect

     such artifacts


59.-66. sorularda verilen Türkçe cümlenin İngilizce dengini bulunuz.


Yaklaşık 2.5 milyon kilometre karelik alanıyla Arabistan, dünyanın en büyük yanmadandır.


A) The world's largest peninsula, with an area of approximately two

     and a half million square kilometres, lies in Arabia.

B) Approximately two and a half million square kilometres of the

     area of the world's largest peninsula lies in Arabia.

C) With an area of approximately two and a half million square

     kilometres, Arabia is the world's largest peninsula.

D) Arabia's peninsula is approximately two and a half million square

     kilometres larger than the area of any other in the world.

E) The largest peninsula in Arabia, and the world, has an area of

     approximately two and a half million square kilometres.


Salon bitkilerinizi düzenli sulamaz, onlara gerekil vitaminleri vermezseniz, sağlıklı görünmelerini bekleyemezsiniz.


A) Even if you water your indoor plants regularly, you mustn't expect

    them to look healthy if you don't give them the necessary vitamins.

B) If you water your indoor plants regularly, it is not. necessary to

     give them vitamins if you think they are looking healthy.

C) Unless you water your indoor plants regularly and give them the

     necessary vitamins, you can't expect them to look healthy.

D) Even if you water your indoor plants regularly and give them the

      necessary vitamins, you can still fail to make them look healthy.

E) Only if you don't water your indoor plants regularly or forget to

give them the necessary vitamins should you expect them to look unhealthy.













En koyu taraftarlar bile maçı, takımları iyi oynadığı için değil, diğer takım çok kötü oynadığı için kazandıklarını kabul etti.

A) Although the keenest supporters Insisted that they won the

match because their team played well, the others felt that the team had played quite badly.

B) Even the keenest supporters agreed that they won the match

not because their team played well, but because the other team played so badly.

C) Despite the fact that their team had played well and won the

match, even the keenest supporters agreed that the other team had played very badly.

D) Only the keenest supporters argued that their team had won

because they had played well, and not because the other team had played so badly.

E) The supporters agreed that if they won the match, it wouldn't

be because of their team's good play, but because of the other team's bad performance.


Yakınlarını uğurlamaya gelenler, tren gözden kaybolana dek peronda durup el salladılar.

A) Those who had come to see their relatives off stood on the

      platform waving until the train was out of sight.

B) The relatives of those who were going had come to stand on

     the platform and wave until the train disappeared.

C) Those who had relatives to come and see them off, stood on

      the platform with them and waved at them as the train left.

D) Those whose relatives had come to see them off waved at

them, as they stood on the platform, until the train was out of sight.

E) Those who stood on the platform waving until the train

     disappeared had come there to see their relatives off.


Umduğumuzun aksine, partide hepimiz çok eğlendik.

A) If we hadn't had expectations, we would all have enjoyed the

     party very much,

B) Not having any prior expectations, we all enjoyed the party a

     great deal.

C) As we'd expected, we all had a very enjoyable time at the


D) Contrary to our expectations, we all greatly enjoyed

     ourselves at the party.

E) Although it wasn't what we expected, we all really enjoyed

     ourselves at the party.


Esas olarak ürünlerin dağıtımı sorununu çözmek için yaratılmış olan fuarlar, bugün de aynı amaca hizmet etmektedir.

A) Fairs, which were originally created to solve the problem of

      the distribution of goods, still serve the same purpose today.

B) The original problem of the fair distribution of goods, which

     was created on purpose, is still the same today.

C) Fairs, which originally provided the solution to the problem

    of the distribution of goods, still have the same purpose today.

D) The problem of the distribution of goods, which fairs were

     originally created to solve, still exists today.

E) Fairs, which created and solved the problem of the

     distribution of goods, still have a purpose today, all the same.


Hollanda ekolünün önemli bir ressamı olan Rembrandt, portre ve 17. yüzyıl Hollanda yaşamından manzaralar üzerine yoğunlaşmıştır.

A) An important Dutch school produced the artist Rembrandt,

who concentrated on portraits and scenes from 17th-century Dutch life.

B) An important painter in the Dutch school, Rembrandt, chose

to paint portraits and then in the 17th century, concentrated on scenes of Dutch life.

C) The portraits and scenes of 17th-century Dutch life which

Rembrandt concentrated on made him an Important painter in the Dutch school.

D) By concentrating on portraits and scenes of Dutch life in the

17th-century, Rembrandt became a major artist in the Dutch school.

E) Rembrandt, a major artist in the Dutch school, concentrated

      on portraits and scenes of 17th-century Dutch life.


Bir akvaryumdaki suyun ısısı, barındırdığı canlıların doğal ortamlarındaki ısıyla aynı olmalıdır.


A)  An aquarium must contain water the temperature of which is

unvarying, like that of the natural habitat of the creature contained inside it.

B) In order to become a natural habitat for the creatures inside, an

     aquarium must have water whose temperature is always the same.

C) The temperature of the water in an aquarium must be the same as

     that of the natural habitat of the creatures it houses.

D) The aquarium's water temperature must be the same so that it may

     become the creature's natural habitat.

E) The temperature of the water in an aquarium must always be the

same, no matter what natural habitats the creatures inside come from.


67-74. sorularda verilen İngilizce cümlenin Türkçe dengini bulunuz.           

In addition to lungs, birds have air sacs, which are connected with the lungs by small tubes.


A) Kuşların, küçük tüplerle akciğerlere bağlı olan hava torbacıkları,

     daha rahat hava almalarını sağlar.

B) Kuşların, akciğerlerin yanı sıra. küçük tüplerle akciğerlere bağlı

     olan hava torbacıklar vardır.

C) Kuşlar, akciğerlere ilaveten, küçük tüplerle birbirine bağlı

     torbacıklar yoluyla da hava alır.

D) Kuşlarda, akciğerler yerine, küçük tüplerle birbirine bağlanmış

     olan hava torbacıkları vardır.

E) Küçük tüplerle birbirine bağlanmış olan hava torbacıkları

     kuşlarda, akciğerlerinkine benzer bir işlev görür.


Her reply to my direct question was so ambiguous that I didn't know how to interpret it.


A) Net bir yanıt alabilmek ve doğru yorum yapabilmek için sorumu

     dolambaçsız bir biçimde sordum.

B) Soru o kadar belirsizdi ki yorumumun ve vermeye çalıştığım

     yanıtın doğruluğundan emin değildim.

C) Bu kadar direkt sorulan bir soruya böyle karmaşık bir yanıt

     verilmesi karşısında söyleyecek bir şey bulamadım.

D) Benim dolambaçsız soruma verdiği yanıt o kadar belirsizdi ki

     nasıl yorumlayacağımı bilemedim.

E) Soruyu nasıl sorduğumdan çok, anlaşılır olması önemliydi çünkü

     yanlış yorumlanmasını istemiyordum.


At last, the sides reached a compromise that was mutually beneficial for employers and employees.


A) Görüşmeler sonunda elde edilen sonuç, hem işverenlerin hem de

    işçilerin lehine olmuştur.

B) Sonunda taraflar, işverenlerin ve işçilerin ortak yararına olan bir

     uzlaşmaya vardılar.

C) İşveren kadar işçilerin de yararına olan uzlaşma, tarafların uyumlu

      çabası sonucu sağlanmıştır.

D) Nihayet tarafların anlaşmaya varmasıyla, işveren ve işçilerin

      karşılıklı çıkarları dengelenmiştir.

E) Varılan anlaşma, sadece işverenlere değil işçilere de yarar

     sağlayacak biçimde sonuçlanmıştır.


By not answering the journalist's question, the chairman implicitly admitted to the accusations.


A) Gazetecinin sorusuna yanıt vermeyerek başkan, suçlamaları

      dolaylı olarak kabul etmiş oldu.

B) Gazetecinin sorularını yanıtlamaktan şiddetle kaçınan başkan

     suçlamaları üstü kapalı reddetti.

C) Başkan, gazetecinin suçlamalara ilişkin yönelttiği sorularını

     yanıtlamaktan şiddetle kaçındı.

D) Suçlamalara cevap vermeyeceğini ileri süren başkan, böylece

      gazetecinin sorularını da reddetmiş oldu.

E) Gazetecinin sorularını yanıtlamaktan kaçındığına göre, başkan bir

     anlamda suçlamaları kabul etmiş sayılır.


French physiologist Claude Bernard made major discoveries concerning the role of the pancreas in the digestive system.



A) Pankreasın, sindirim sisteminin önemli bir parçası olduğunu

      ilk keşfeden kişi, Fransız hekim Claude Bernard olmuştur.

B) Tıp alanında önemli buluşları olan Fransız hekim Claude

Bernard, pankreasın sindirim sistemindeki rolünü de açıklayan kişidir.

C) Fransız hekim Claude Bernard, pankreas ve sindirim sistemi

      üzerinde önemli çalışmalarıyla tanınır.

D) Pankreasın, sindirim sisteminde en önemli rollerden birini

      üstlendiğini bulan kişi Fransız hekim Claude Bernard'dır.

E) Fransız hekim Claude Bernard, pankreasın sindirim

     sistemindeki rolü ile ilgili olarak önemli buluşlar yapmıştır.


A very great earthquake usually occurs at least once a year in some part of the world.


A) Hemen her yıl, dünyanın herhangi bir yerinde çok şiddetli bir

      depremin olmasına artık neredeyse alıştık.

B) Dünyanın belli bölgeleri, genellikle yılda en az bir kez

      şiddetli bir depremle sarsılmaktadır.

C) Genel olarak yılda en az bir kez dünyanın herhangi bir

      yerinde çok büyük bir deprem olmaktadır.

D) Dünyanın belli bölgelerini hemen her yıl sarsan depremler,

      bazen çok şiddetli olmaktadır.

E) Dünyada, yılda en az bir büyük deprem olmaktadır ve

      genellikle her yıl farklı bir bölge sarsılmaktadır.


Regarded as a land of extremes and contrasts, Asia is the largest and the most populous continent in the world.


A) Aşırı nüfusuna rağmen Asya, çok büyük bir kıta olduğu için,

      fazla kalabalık bir yer olarak dikkati çekmemektedir.

B) Çok büyük ve kalabalık bir kıta olan Asya'da aşırılık ve

      zıtlıklarla karşılaşmak çok olağan kabul edilmektedir.

C) Aşırılıkların ve zıtlıkların yeri olarak kabul edilen Asya,

     dünyanın en büyük ve en kalabalık kıtasıdır.

D) Çok büyük bir kıta olan Asya'da baza bölgeler aşın

     kalabalıkken, bazılarının tam tersi olduğu gözlenmektedir.

E) Dünyanın en büyük ve en kalabalık kıtası Asya, pek çok

     aşırılık ve zıtlıkları içinde barındırmaktadır.


Despite so much research, precisely to what extent emotions are brain-produced is still unknown.


A) Pek çok araştırma, duyguların ne kadarının beyin tarafından

      üretildiğini gösteren kesin sonuçlar vermemiştir.

B) Bunca araştırmaya rağmen, duyguların tam olarak ne

      dereceye kadar beyin tarafından üretildiği hala bilinmiyor.

C) Yapılan tüm araştırmalar, duyguların büyük ölçüde beyin

      tarafından üretildiğini kesin olarak söylemeye yetmiyor.

D) Duyguların ne kadarını beynin ürettiği konusunda yapılan

araştırmaların hiçbiri henüz kesin bir sonuca ulaştırılamamıştır.

E) Duyguların beyin tarafından üretilip üretilmediğini anlamak

için pek çok araştırma yapılmaktadır ama sonuç hala kesin değildir.


75-80. sorularda anlam bakımından parçaya uygun olmayan cümleyi bulunuz.


(I) The interior of the sun is like a hydrogen bomb of enormous size, (II) In it, hydrogen is changed into another gas called helium. (III) Hydrogen was once used in the great zeppelins, but as it was flammable and dangerous, it was later replaced by helium. (IV) As this change takes place, some matter is converted into energy, which radiates out into space. (V) 3ome of this energy reaches .the earth in the form of heat, as you can discover for yourselves if you lie on the beach ön a hot summer's day.


A) I             B) II            C) III           D) IV          E) V

(I) Carbon is one of the most important and valuable elements. (II) Pure carbon exists as diamonds and also as graphite, the "black lead" in pencils, (III) Minerals such as limestone contain carbon, as do fuels such as coal and oil. (IV) Oil is a form of petroleum, which is found underground between layers of rock. (V) A radioactive form of carbon, carbon-14, helps archaeologists determine the age of their findings.


A) I             B) II            C) III           D) IV          E) V


(I) The term social mobility refers to movement up or down the socio-economic ladder, (II) Social mobility can be measured by comparing an Individual's position to that of his.or her parents, or by measuring the degree of success or failure experienced in a lifetime, (III) Children who attend expensive private schools generally have a better chance of success in life. (IV) Those who improve their living conditions are said to display upward mobility, for example, a college professor whose father was an auto mechanic. (V) Those who do not live as well as their parents did are said to display downward mobility, for example, a cleaner whose mother was a doctor.


A) I             B) II            C) III           D) IV          E) V


(I) Many people dispute the claim that Columbus discovered America and insist that that was done by a Viking explorer. (II) Before the discovery of America, there was a kind of insect that lived in the mountainous regions of the United States. (III) It fed on several different kinds of plants. (IV) When Europeans started planting crops, however, it changed its eating habits and began to live on the potato plant. (V) It is called the Colorado potato beetle because it was first noticed there.


A) I             B) II            C) III           D) IV          E) V


(I) Electric cars are often thought to be a new development, but there were battery-powered cars as early as 1898. (II) By the early 1900s, there were hundreds of electric cars and trucks on the roads of New York, Paris and London. (III} Though a solar-powered car has crossed Australia, it is not yet big or powerful enough to be practical. (IV) However, no electric car of the day could compete with the petrol engine for speed, acceleration, and most important of all, range. (V) The best of the electric vehicles could manage little more than 96 kilometres before its battery had to be recharged, and its top speed was no more than 48 kph.


A) I             B) II            C) III           D) IV          E) V


(I) Most people today think of Nike as a brand of sportswear, (II) However, the original Nike was known as the Greek goddess of victory, (III) Another Greek goddess. Iris, represented the rainbow. (IV) In legend, Nike was the daughter of Pallas and Styx, and she was generally portrayed as a winged goddess, (V) There is a sculpture representing her as such in the Louvre, in Paris.


A) I             B) II            C) III           D) IV          E) V



81-88. sorularda karşılıklı konuşmanın boş bırakılan bölümünde söylenmiş olabilecek sözü bulunuz.


Francesca: I wish I earned more. I never have any money to put aside.

Lucy: ………..

Francesca: I suppose you're right. I can't seem to get into the  habit of



A) Why? You earned more last year but you came here, saying there

      was no job satisfaction there.

B) Well, even if you earned more, you'd still spend all of it.

C) There's plenty of overtime available if you want to increase your


D) I heard about a good secretarial job abroad. You should apply for


E) Me too. And 1 also think that this job is extremely boring.

Gerry: What's the matter with your husband? I saw him yesterday and he looked terrible.

Jean:   ………….

Gerry: He should know better. Why doesn't he cut down?

Jean:  He says he will, as soon as the busy period is over.


A) Didn't you know? He had a heart attack last month.

B) You may think he looks terrible, but he looks fine to me.

C) Don't say that to him. He's really happy that he lost so much


D) l know. Since he retired, he's been just sitting in front of the

     TV all day eating.

E) He's been working too hard lately, and he's suffering from



83-  Julia:   I've never been so embarrassed  in ray life I

       Harry: What have I done this time?

       Julia:   ………..

       Harry: I don't know what you're talking about. Everyone seemed

    to enjoy them.


A) You ate so much dessert that there wasn't enough left for

      anyone else.

B) You didn't talk to anyone all night. You just sat there and

     watched that television program.

C) You were extremely rude to my parents after I'd told them so

     much about you.

D) You made a complete fool of yourself telling those stupid

     jokes of yours.

E) Ella and Maggte aite my two oldest friends, and you djdn't

     even talk to them.


84- Jim:       I wonder if I could have a couple of days off next week.

    Mr Htt.

      Mr Pitt: You've already had three days off this month, Jim.

       Jim:       …………..

       Mr Pitt: Well, all right, if It's really necessary. Give her my

                      regards and tell her I hope she feels better.


A) Well, you see. Sir, 1 promised my fiancee that I'd take her on

      a trip.

B) I know, but I have to visit my elderly mother in Scotland.

     She hasn't been well lately.

C) But I had flu then, and 1 suspect that I'm having a relapse.

D) This is important. My aunt died last week, and I have to be in

      Scotland for the reading of the will.

E) The biggest match of the year is next Tuesday. You wouldn't

      want me to miss it, would you?


85- Captain: ………..

Sailor:     Isn't there a harbour nearby where we can take shelter? Captain: No, there's nothing but rocky coastline for miles. Sailor:     I guess we'll just have to ride it out then.

A) He looks as if there is some stormy weather ahead.

B) We're taking in water. I'm afraid the ship is going to sink.

C) Have you been through such terrible weather before?

D) The engine is broken. Is there anyone who knows how to fix it?

E) It looks like smooth sailing right across the Atlantic,


86-  Lucy:     Hi Jackle, are you all ready for the big exam?

Jackle: …………

Lucy:     Oh no! What are you going to do?

Jackie: I guess I'll just have to hope I know enough to pass it



A) No. My roommate broke up with her fiance, and kept me awake all night telling me the story.

B) I should be, but I studied until so late last night that I'm a bit sleepy.

C) No way! I was sick last week, so Professor Jones is going to let me take the exam later.

D) l don't need to study as I know all the answers anyway.

E) Can you lend me your notes from yesterday? I missed the lecture.

87- Customer: I'd like this skirt shortened, please.

Tailor:        Certainly. How much do you want it taken up?

Customer: ………….

Tailor:        That would be fine. It's the skirt-length in fashion this



A) No, this length doesn't suit me at all.

B) Well, 1 think definitely not more than £5.

C) Oh, I'd like it to be just above the knee.

D) I wouldn't have liked it to be too short.

E) Hmm, let's see. 1 don't think I can wear too short a skirt.



88.-94. sorularda verilen durumda söylenebilecek sözü bulunuz


88- You are trying to buy a birthday present for a four-year old child. Not

having children yourself, you are finding it difficult to choose something appropriate. While you are in the toy shop, you see a woman with a child of about four years. Ton decide to ask the woman for her help, so you approach her, saying politely:

A)  May I borrow your child for a moment, because I want her to choose herself a gift,

B) I wonder if you'd mind helping me by suggesting a suitable gift for a four-year old.

C) I don't like children, so I'm finding it very hard to Buy a present for my sister's daughter.

D) Can you recommend another shop to me where they sell cheaper toys?

E) Do you think the prices of toys in this shop are reasonable?


89- Fred is a motorcycle mechanic. One day someone brings him an old

rusty motorcycle, which he asks him to put back into running order. Fred recognises this as a very rare and valuable old model, and he suspects that his customer does not know its real value. Eager to have the motorcycle for himself, he says honestly to the customer:

A) It would cost so much to repair it that you would be better off

     selling it to me for scrap metal.

B) Do you know what you’ve got here? It looks like a museum piece.

C) Once I fix this up, you'll be amazed at what you've got.

D) I'll offer you a really good price for this, if you consider selling it,

     because it's so valuable.

E) I can't be bothered with a piece of old rubbish like this. Take it

     somewhere else.


90- There is a film that you really want to see, but you hate going to the

cinema by yourself. On the other hand, you are shy about asking someone to go with you because you are afraid people will think you have no friends. Trying to appear confident, the next time you are with a group of people, you say:

A) I really wish I had someone I could go to the cinema with.

B) Some people like going to the cinema with others, but I enjoy the

     story more if I go on my own.

C) I was thinking of going to see that new film. Has anyone here seen


D) There is a terrible film on now. I don't know why anyone would

      want to see it.

E) Can someone please go to the cinema with me so that I won't feel



91- One of your neighbours has been in the habit of bringing her child

over to your house for you to look after, whenever she needs a few hours to do something. You've never minded doing it, but your final exams are in a few weeks, so you can't afford the time any more. You've explained the situation to your neighbour, so when she asks you again, you refuse, saying:

A) Look, this is the last time I can do this — I've got exams coming


B) I've never liked looking after your child, so please don't ask me


C) If you expect me to be your regular baby-sitter, I think you should

     pay me.

D) It won't be a problem as long as I can do my work while he's


E) I was happy to baby-sit before, but it's quite impossible at the


92- Your friend has just been to the hairdresser and spent a lot of

money getting her hair dyed. Her hair looks nice, but you can't see any difference in the colour. She asks you what you think. Not wanting to spoil her excitement, you reply tactfully:


A) I hate to be blunt, but I think your hairdresser has

      overcharged you.

B) I can't really see any difference. What colour is it meant to


C) I think they look fantastic and the colour is absolutely


D) It's nice enough, but next time let me take you to my


E) The colour is subtle and natural, and your hair looks



93- A Mend is very proud of her ability to speak French. You are

attempting to do a business deal with a French person, and though you speak a little French, you think it would be helpful to have your friend translate. It soon becomes apparent, however, that her French is not as good as yours, and that your French acquaintance is having trouble understanding her. She seems quite confident, but you are eager to continue the conversation on your own, so , trying not to offend, you say to her:


A) I think he's shy In front of a third person. Maybe it's better if I

      struggle on my own.

B) I thought you told me you could speak French, but as you see,

     I'm much better.

C) You're amazing. You sound just like a native speaking


D) I don't know how I would have managed without you. Thanks

     so much for your help.

E) I don't think he can understand a word you are saving. 1 can

     do better by myself.


94- It Is 3 o'clock in the morning, and you are trying to sleep on a

night bus. One of the passengers, however, insists on having the video on. Most of the other people on the bus seem to want to sleep like you, so you decide to insist on silence. Having decided that you will get further by talking to the conductor rather than the passenger, you say:


A) Don't you have any better films with lots of action?

B) Most of the passengers would rather sleep, and the video is

     disturbing them.

C) Can we see that last one again, please? I slept through part of


D) Do you think it is legal to show videos on buses?

E) This passenger is bothering me. Could you put a video on to

     distract him, please?


95- Tourists often find Hawaii an ideal place, but what they fail to

realise is that local residents have to put up with high prices and low wages.


A) Hawaii can be a paradise for locals and visitors alike because

      of the excellent climate and economic conditions.

B) The income generated by tourism has led to an improvement

      in the life style of ordinary Hawaiians.

C) Unaware of the difficult economic conditions faced by local

     residents, tourists often think of Hawaii as paradise.

D) Because of the surprisingly high prices they find there, many

tourists agree with local residents that it is less than an ideal  place.

E) Though tourists' dollars fail to benefit most local residents,

     Hawaii is still an ideal place to live.









96-100. sorularda verilen cümleye anlamca en yakın olan seçeneği bulunuz.


96- I was amazed that my ordinarily humourless boss could come up with

      such a hilarious joke.


A) It was so uncharacteristic of my boss to tell a really funny joke

     that 1 was thoroughly surprised.

B) My boss's jokes are usually funny, but this one was even funnier

      than usual.

C) Since my boss has such a great sense of humour, I was astounded

     to hear him tell such a bad joke.

D) If anyone can tell a good joke, then my normally stern and

      unsmiling boss can too.

E) The surprising thing about my boss is the way he can suddenly

     seem to have no sense of humour at all.


97- Widespread unemployment is a problem that has concerned many

       governments over the past two decades.


A) Because more and more people didn't want to work, governments

     started looking at the problem twenty years ago.

B) So many people are unemployed now that it will take twenty years

      to solve the problem and get them all back to work.

C) A number of governments over the last twenty years have

     increased welfare benefits for the growing number of unemployed.

D) The trend among governments of the last twenty years has been to

     attempt to solve the problems of unemployment.

E) For the last twenty years, many governments have had to deal with

     a high rate of unemployment.


98- The meeting was a pointless, overly lengthy conference, just as I'd

       said it'd be.


A) I thought the conference would be boring and not have any good


B) As I left the conference, I said I knew it would be long and dull.

C) It came as a surprise to the others that I foresaw a long and useless


D) Exactly as 1 predicted, the conference was too long and lacked a


E) After the conference, I said that It had been quite lengthy and

     rather pointless.


99- Tense relations between the two groups make a peaceful settlement


A) The lack of a peace agreement between the two groups is causing


B) Inter-society conflicts are disturbing the otherwise peaceful life In

     the community.

C) It is doubtful that aggression will be avoided, due to bad feeling

     between the two groups.

D) There is such trouble between the two families that there will

     probably be fights.

E) The two groups are trying to disturb the peace by angering family



The official figures show that average earnings In Brunei are quite high, but most of the wealth is possessed by just a few people.


A) Everyone in Brunei makes a lot of money though some people

      among officials make more than others.

B) Though statistics indicate that Bruneins have, on average, large

     incomes, in reality there's only a small financial elite.

C) There are a lot of very rich people among the officials in Brunei

     because they all earn very large salaries.

D) The wealth of Brunei is distributed between its citizens quite

      evenly so that everyone has got a high standard of living.

E) As well as there being some very rich people In Brunei, the

     normal people are. on average, pretty well-off.








l.E 2.B 3.A 4.C 5.C 6.B 7.D 8.E 9.A 10.D

ll.C 12.D 13.D 14.B 1S.E 16.C 17.A 18.E 19.D 20.C

21.B 22.D 23.E 24.E 25.D 26.A 27.B 28.C 29.E 30.B

31.A 32.E 33.C 34.C 35.B 36.A 37.D 38.D 39.B 40.A

41.E 42.D 43.C 44.A 45.A 46.E 47.C 48.B 49.E SO.D

51.D 52.A 53.B 54.C 55.D 56.B 57.E 58.A 59.C 60.C

61.B 62.A 63.D 64.A 65.E 66.C 67.B 68.D 69.B 70.A

71.E 72.C 73.C 74.B 75.C 76.D 77.C 78.A 79.C 80.C

81.B 82.E 83.D 84.B 85.A 86.A 87.C 88.B 89.D 90.C

91.E 92.E 93.A 94.B 95.C 96.A 97.E 98.D 99.C 100.B

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