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When he was younger, he spent two years in prison for robbery, but he assures us that he has ……….. and will make a good employee.


A) reformed                   B) Increased           C) declared                 

D) deteriorated               E) appointed


Since my father has a problem with his blood pressure, he has to be careful not to eat anything that ……….. salt.


A) discharges                                 B) contains             C) manufactures      

D) recovers                    E) relieves


I do hope that dinner is all right, since I couldn't find the ……….. and had to do it according to what I could remember.


A) additive                     B) flavour               C) division                  

D) description                E) recipe


He speaks ……….. good French, though I would not say that he is fluent.


A) instantly                    B) intensely            C) entirely                  

D) fairly                         E) visibly


I will not accept any excuses since I ……….. remember telling you that I wanted everything ready today.


A) seriously                   B) officially            C) distinctly              

D) absolutely                  E) totally


Everyone knows that he is a …………. used car salesmen, and he once even told a lady that a car had had only one careful owner when it had actually been a taxi.


A) hazardous                  B) faithful               C) deceitful                 

D) negligent                   E)temperate


While restoring his old American car, Sarah's father had to get some parts specially made as they are ……….. manufactured by Ford.


A) no longer                   B) any more            C) as long as              

D) anyway                     E) by far


The climbers were determined not to give up ………. they had reached the summit of the mountain.


A) while                         B) by the time         C) until                       

D) just as                       E) no matter


………. I really wanted to go out last night, I knew I would be in trouble if I didn't stay in and get my work done.      


A) Since                         B) Due to                C) Unless                   

D) While                        E) As though


The weather forecast called for snow and sleet; ………… it turned out to be a marvellous day.


A) thus                           B) otherwise           C) furthermore          

D) however                   E) provided that


The wheel is the basis ……….. all wheeled things, ………. roller skates to racing cars.


A) on/under                    B) for/from            C) by/with                  

D) with/about                                 E) over/upon


Professional sumo matches ……… two huge wrestlers dressed only …….. their special clothes, mawashi. are held in rings of sand.


A) among/for                 B) upon/with          C) between/in           

D) in/from                      E) about/on




The salesman spoke so persuasively that he ………. me ……….. completely, and now I am stuck with a car that doesn't run.


A) took/in                       B) brought/up         C) put/away              

D) wore/out                    E) turned/down


Alcatraz is the name of the prison ………… they used to keep America's most dangerous criminals.


A) why                           B) where                 C) what                        

D) who                           E) which


I've never wanted anything ………. I wanted a new bicycle for my birthday.


A) as bad as                   B) so badly that      C) too badly               

D) so badly as                E) bad enough


Until my friend explained the rules to me, I hadn't realised ………. complicated the game of cricket is.


A) as                              B) like                     C) what                       

D) much                         E) how


Though Britain spent ………. on defense this year than usual, it still did not spend ………. on social  welfare programs.


A) fewer/more                B) any/some           C) less/enough          

D) much/many               E) none/most


There are ………. new films showing at the new cinema complex, but ………. appeals to me.


A) several/none              B) both/either          C) no/all

D) few/neither                                E) much/one


Please take the coffees through to the living room. The coffee on the right is ………. aunt's and the other one is ………. .


A) my /yours                  B) ours/myself        C) his/us                    

D) your/him                   E) herself/them


By the time winter ……….. we hope he ………. to his position at the company's headquarters.


A) arrived/returned

B) has arrived/would return

C) was arriving/had returned

D) will arrive/Is returning

E) arrives/will have returned


Hardly had we finished eating when they ……….. they ……….. which we found extremely rude!


A) have said/are leaving                 B) were saying/had left

C) had said/left                               D) said/were leaving

E) would say/have left


You ………. into something as risky as that unless you ………. the other people involved very well.


A) don't get/have known                B) shouldn't get/know

C) aren't getting/will know             D) didn't get/had known

E) weren't getting/knew


The injured woman ………. out loud cries while she ………. to the ambulance.


A) was giving/had been carried

B) had given/had been carrying

C) gave/was being carried

D) would give/has been carrying

E) has given/would be carried





It's obvious that they ………. late because, according to the news bulletin, a major accident ………. on their route just an hour ago.


A) have been/was happening

B) will be/has happened

C) are/may happen

D) are going to be/happened

E) were/would be happening


You are risking your life by going to that region, you know. I don't think I ………. there even if someone ………. me a free holiday.


A) would go/offered

B) have gone/were offering

C) will have gone/was offered

D) might go/would have offered

E) were going/would offer


Although he loved her, he said he wouldn't be able to marry her ……… .


A) so they set the date for the second week in June

B) until he was earning enough money to support them both

C) and it was one of the nicest weddings anyone had ever seen

D) when he had a better salary and could support her in style

E) since he was making good money and thought it was time to

     start a family


He has lived in China for five years and claims to be fascinated by the country and culture, ……….


A) which he speaks like a native

B) yet he speaks not a word of the language

C) that he has never lived anywhere else for so long before in his


D) so he has never made an attempt to learn their history

E) in order to make a thorough study of the language


………; on the other hand, it offers very few leisure facilities.


A) There is nothing to do on the school premises, except for

attending lectures

B) Socially and academically, it has the wort,i reputation of any

     British university

C) Having such a superb academic reputation in the country

D)The materialism of the 1990s is very dull compared with the

       idealism of the '60s

E) Academically, it is supposed to be one of the best universities in



……… that he was persuaded to get a job.


A) As his new book was reviewed very favourably

B) When, after years of trying, he finally achieved success as an


C) It was only after his three books had failed to secure him any


D) Though he had lived happily enough on welfare for ten years

E) Having written his best and most popular book for years


In the event of rain during tomorrow's celebrations, ……… .


A) we will just have to change our plans and do something indoors

B) as there is always a chance of severe flooding if it does

C) after we had made such elaborate plans, it was really a


D) we knew that the weather forecast had predicted it would be


E) everyone has brought their umbrellas along just in case








The two great boxers, Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson are not contemporaries, ……… .


A) that is, they both became very famous in the same country

B) whenever they met, their match used to be watched by the

     millions the world over

C) although he is getting too old to ever be champion again

D) the former was the youngest heavyweight champion of all time

E) but many believe that the latter could never have beaten the

     former in his prime


The hotel was awful not simply because it was miles from the beach and town, ……… .


A) moreover there was a good night club there

B) and besides it was the perfect place to relax

C) nevertheless there were no other guests

D) but also because there was nothing to do at night

E) there weren't many activities for the entire family


………. the company was going through hard times and couldn't afford to pay any more.


A) Because he has been a model worker for the past two years

B) Although his boss agreed that he deserved a higher salary

C) While the present economic situation is unfavourable

D) However much the boss might oppose increasing anyone's


E) As a result of increased sales leading to one of the best financial

      years ever


Having only recently completed his university education, ……. .


A) there were only poorly-paying jobs available

B) the company could not offer anything very attractive

C) he could hardly expect to get a top-paying job right away

D) the bank was still after him to pay _ back his student loans

E) he is sure to get a first-class honours degree


35.-37. soruları  verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.             


The development of geology owes much to the work of non-professional observers. In no other science, with the possible exceptions of astronomy and archaeology, has the keen amateur participated so actively or contributed so much. This is mainly because experimental methods of investigation involving complicated apparatus typical of chemistry, physics and biology are of only limited use in geology, which results from the fact that geological processes work slowly and depend on factors beyond human control. The advance of geological knowledge has depended on simple observations, patiently gathered, of the outcrops of rocks, their thicknesses, their angles and their fossil content.


The purpose of the passage is to explain


A) some experimental methods of geological investigation

B) why geology is a science suitable for enthusiasts' contribution

C) gradual developments in the field of geology over the years

D) why it is so difficult to gather geological information

E) how experts analyse geological data gathered in the field


It is clear from the passage that complex equipment for geological investigation


A) is vital to almost every part of the geologist's work

B) is of no use whatsoever in the developmeHt of geology

C) may be easily mastered and used by the amateur

D) only plays a small part in the field of geology

E) is much the same as that used in other scientific fields


The author informs us that because of the way geological processes take place,

A) humans will never really understand how geology works

B) sophisticated equipment is vital to the geologist's work

C) several other sciences can be useful to the study of geology

D) data needs to be gathered over a long period of time

E) it takes a long time to train in order to become a geologist


38.-40. soruları  verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.             


In Memphis, Tennessee, the unofficial capital of the Mississippi Delta, many people, black and white, have always been drawn to the blues music. It is this racial cross-over that helped inspire Memphis's most famous adopted son, Elvis Presley, to fuse black blues and white country and gospel music into rock'n'roll. Whereas rock'n'roll became universally popular, very few black blues musicians gained commercial success, and the blues remained no more than a side-show, appreciated mainly by the poor blacks who created it in the first place. Surprisingly though, it was white rock groups from Britain, particularly the Rolling Stones, who popularised the great American blues guitarists and singers by acknowledging their debt to them,


According to the passage, rock'n'roll


A) is a combination of black and white music

B) helped to inspire Elvis Presley

C) has never been appreciated by the black population

D) has always been a side-show

E) is most popular among poor blacks


The author tells us that rock'n'roll


A) has never been as popular as the blues

B) achieved more popularity than the blues

C) became popular owing to blues musicians

D) became most famous in Memphis, the capital of Mississippi

E) is better sung by whites than blacks


The author finds it surprising that


A) the Rolling Stones became so famous outside Britain

B) Elvis Presley gained world fame as a rock'n'roll singer

C) blues musicians were brought to public attention by white British rock groups

D) blacks and whites in Memphis could get along so peacefully

E) the Mississippi Delta has produced so many famed musicians,

     both black and white


41.-43. soruları  verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.             


Of the countries of Latin America, none has had a more melancholy history than Paraguay. For nearly 180 years, from 1811, when the country became independent from Spain, it had a succession of dictators, some bad, some very bad. One allowed no newspapers or schools. Another claimed half of the country for himself. When the last one was overthrown in 1989, it was assumed that Andres Rodriguez, the general who organised the coup against his old master, would be a dictator too. To many people's astonishment, starting a democratic movement, he freed political prisoners, ended the ban on opposition political parties, lifted newspaper censorship, and successfully stood for president in what was acclaimed as the cleanest dirty election in the country's history.


It is stated in the passage that Paraguay


A) was ruled by decent, fair-minded leaders only for a short period

B) has suffered a series of unworthy dictators during its history

C) is still affected by the traditions of the colonial period

D) has never had enough newspapers or schools for its population E) had its worst times during the rule of the dictator Andres



The most surprising thing about General Andres Rodriguez is that he ……. .


A) was a hero of the independence movement, which ended in


B) was overthrown by a dictator in 1989

C) became a dictator exactly like his predecessors

D) claimed about half the country as his own personal property

E) introduced democracy even though he came to power in a coup






The passage implies that …….. .


A) all of the countries of Latin America have had a sad history

B) the most recent election in Paraguay was completely free and


C) Paraguay's first ever elections took place under Andres


D) there has never been a completely free and fair election in


E) Paraguay remained under the influence of Spain even after



44.-46. soruları  verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.             


Britain's Andy Green, piloting what looked like a wingless jet plane, became the first man in history to break the sound barrier on land in October, 1997. The car is powered by two jet engines, which develop a thrust equivalent to that of 1000 Ford Escort cars. Though the pilot, the vehicle and the team are all British, the feat was accomplished in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada, USA, because it is the flattest usable surface on the Earth. Coaxing his ten-tonne vehicle toward the legendary Mach 1, the measure used for aircraft flying at the speed of sound, which is 750 mph. Green culminated the two-minute, 13-mile run with a supersonic spurt that sent him over the 760 mph mark for almost 60 seconds.


"Mach 1" in the passage refers to


A) a unit of measure for supersonic speed

B) an extremely powerful jet engine

C) the name of the vehicle which broke the sound barrier

D) a spot in the Black Rock Desert

E) a wingless jet


It is stated in the passage that ……. .


A) 1000 cars took part in the attempt to break the sound barrier

B) the sound barrier can only be broken by aircraft

C) flight over the speed of sound is called supersonic

D) a jet plane without wings has broken the sound barrier on land E) a British team broke the sound barrier on land in the USA


We learn from the passage that before October, 1997, ……. .


A) it used to take 13 miles to reach the speed of sound

B) the engines of 1000 Ford escorts were used for supersonic craft

C) Andy Green had already travelled at over the speed of sound for

      one minute

D) no one had gone faster than the speed of sound on land

E) a few other speed tests had been carried out in the Black Rock



47.-49. soruları  verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.             


The man responsible for greatly reducing the suffering resulting from surgery was Joseph Lister, who was born in 1827. In 1886 he made the discovery that wound infections following surgery were due to bacteria, and he began to use carbolic acid in an attempt to destroy the bacteria in the air around the operating table. Clean, sterile operating theatres as we know them were unfamiliar in Lister's day, and he was the first surgeon to realise the importance of antisepsis — killing the bacteria in and around the incision that is necessary for the operation. It was his pioneering work with antiseptics which led to the strict routines which surround modern operating theatres, where surgical instruments are sterilised before use, and all the theatre staff have to "scrub up" and wear sterilised gloves and clothing.


Before Joseph Lister's discoveries, …… .


A) clean, sterile operating theatres were unknown

B) there was an inefficient method of sterilisation

C) theatre staff followed strict preparation routines

D) surgery was always very dangerous

E) nobody, took his theories seriously




We learn from the passage that ……. .


A) the sterile conditions in a modern operating theatre are the

      result of Lister's work

B) surgery includes danger despite all precautions

C) doctors had long suspected the importance of antisepsis

D) incisions are not necessary for minor operations

E) Joseph Lister was the greatest surgeon of his time


The passage mainly deals with ……. .


A) the type of bacteria which cause infections

B) why it is important for everyone in an operating theatre to be


C) how Joseph Lister changed the course of surgery with his


D) how sterilised conditions reduced the numbers of post-operation


E) the use of carbolic acid in destroying bacteria


50.-52. soruları  verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.             


In recent years, a whole new generation of cargo vessels have begun sailing the oceans of the world at speeds that in the past were confined to fast passenger liners. They are known as container ships, monsters with powerful engines developing up to 90,000 horse power. These ships are primarily important due to the fact that the container method of transporting goods has revolutionised maritime cargo carrying because of the speed at which they can be loaded and unloaded when they arrive at a port specially equipped to handle the containers. These containers look like giant building blocks and are made to a standard size.


The main advantage of container ships is that they are ……. .


A) bigger than other ships

B) as comfortable as fast ocean liners

C) able to compete with fast ocean liners

D) loaded and unloaded extremely fast

E) the most recent invention of mankind


It is stated in the passage that container ships ……. .


A) are the fastest ships in the world

B) can travel so fast because they are loaded with standard size


C) have virtually replaced passenger liners

D) are described as "monsters" because they are ugly

E) have recently begun sailing the oceans


We learn from the passage that………. .


A) container vessels come in all sizes

B) container vessels have been around for as long as passenger


C) passenger liners still have a number of important advantages

      over container ships

D) because containers are of a standard size, they can be used as

     building blocks

E) container vessels can only be loaded and unloaded at specially

     equipped ports


53-58. sorularda anlam bakımından parçaya uygun olmayan cümleyi bulunuz.


(I) Of all the weapons used by ground forces in modern warfare, tanks are probably the most formidable. (II) The tank, a British invention, first appeared on the battlefields of France during the First World War of 1914 to 1918. (III) It was intended to clear enemy trenches and help protect advancing infantry. (IV) It was also in World War 1 that airplanes made their first appearance in war. (V) These early tanks were slow, cumbersome, and armed with only light machine guns, although their sudden appearance demoralised the Germans.


A) I               B) II            C) III               D) IV               E) V



(I) Charles Babbage, a British mathematician, designed a machine in 1812 to calculate in decimal numbers which he called a "difference engine". (II) By this time another delicate instrument, the maritime chronometer, had already been perfected. (Ill) The mechanical construction was so delicate that he had to train workmen and design special tools to build the gears required. (IV) Unfortunately, because of a dispute, the machine was abandoned in 1842. (V) Babbage, however, went on to produce improved designs, and the last one, which he called an "analytical machine", was the ancestor of today's computers.


A) I               B) II            C) III               D) IV               E) V


(I) Blown out to sea by a hurricane, 15 iguanas survived the seas between two islands in the Caribbean. (II) There have been severe disasters caused by the hurricanes in the Caribbean. (Ill) A tree branch was all they had for a life raft. (IV) They were only trying to survive, but scientists have found their journey interesting. (V) Researchers say that the iguanas' cruise shows that land animals can migrate between islands through accidental voyages.


A) I               B) II            C) III               D) IV               E) V


(I) Since their introduction in schools in the early 1980s, computers and computer software have been increasingly accessible to students and teachers.  (II) They are present in classrooms, computer labs, and school libraries. (Ill) By the mid-1990s there were about 4.5 million computers in elementary and secondary schools throughout the United States. (IV) Today, on average, students spend an hour per week using school computers. (V) Thanks to recent software, even a typical personal-computer can execute complicated graphics programs.


A) I               B) II            C) III               D) IV               E) V


(I) From the earliest days of television, teachers have looked for ways of using this seemingly marvellous educational instrument. (II) However, they have not been outstandingly successful. (Ill) It can't be denied that many television companies have devoted much time and thought to creating suitable programs for children. (IV) A lot of children benefit from television so much that they can read and write before Ihcy start school. (V) But still their programs, while containing much interesting material, are of little educational value.


A) I               B) II            C) III               D) IV               E) V


(I) In the early 1900s, an American engineer named Henry Ford founded a motor manufacturing company in Detroit. (II) Today, Detroit is still known as the centre of motor manufacturing. (Ill) His aim was to produce a light, last car at the lowest possible price. (IV) Ford realised that to achieve this, his vehicle would have to be produced quickly and in large numbers. (V) Thus, he developed the idea of mass production.


A) I               B) II            C) III               D) IV               E) V


59.-66. sorularda verilen Türkçe cümlenin İngilizce dengini bulunuz.


Aşın yemek yeme ve bundan kaynaklanan hastalıklar özellikle gelişmiş ülkelerde giderek yaygınlaşmaktadır.


A) Over-eating often results in diseases which are increasingly

      common especially in developed countries.

B) It is not uncommon to find people over-eating and suffering

from diseases resulting from that especially in developed countries.

C) Over-eating and the diseases resulting from this are increasingly

      common especially in developed countries.

D) Over-eating and the diseases resulting from it are more

      common in developed countries.

E) An increasing number of people, especially in developed

countries, are over-eating and suffering from diseases as a result of this.




Acemi sürücülerin ilk kazalarını genellikle, kendilerine olan aşın güven yüzünden yaptıkları söylenir.


A) It's said that inexperienced drivers usually have their first

      accidents due to the over-confidence they have in themselves.

B) He said that it was the inexperienced driver's over confidence

     that he had in himself that caused his first accident.

C) It is believed that experienced drivers usually have accidents as

     a result of an over-confidence they have in themselves.

D) Inexperienced drivers often say that it was their lack of

      confidence in themselves that led to their first accident.

E) Inexperienced drivers often don't have enough confidence in

      themselves, which can result in their first accident.


Sömürge döneminden beri Güney Amerika'da, ekilebilir arazinin çoğuna nüfusun çok küçük, varlıklı bir kesimi sahiptir.


A) In colonial times, the tillable land in South America made a

      small section of the population very wealthy.

B) Most of the tillable land in South America belongs to a small

but wealthy segment of the population, who have fanned it since the colonial era.

C) Since the colonial era, a very small, wealthy segment of the

population has owned most of the tillable land in South America.

D) The very small segment of the population that has been tilling

the land in South America since colonial times has become very wealthy.

E) The very small segment of land which is fertile in South

America, owned by a few wealthy people, has been tilled since the colonial era.


Bilimsel ve teknolojik gelişme bakımından 20. yüzyıl, insanoğlunun altın çağı olmuştur.


A) Because of the scientific and technological progress made, the

      20th century will be the golden age for human beings.

B) A golden age for human beings, the 20th century has been a

     time of scientific and technological progress.

C) The scientific and technological progress achieved has made the

     20th century a golden age for humans.

D) In terms of scientific and  technological progress, the 20th

     century has been the golden age for human beings.

E) The 20th century has been a golden age for mankind, especially

      in the areas of scientific and technological progress.


Kuzey Kore'de kışlar uzun ve soğuk olduğu için tarım arazisinin çoğu yılda sadece bir kez, yazın ürün vermektedir.


A) Since winters are long and cold in North Korea, most of the

      farmland yields crop only once annually. In the summer.

B) The long and cold winter in North Korea means that only one

     summer crop is harvested a year.

C) Most farmland in North Korea brings only one yield per year, in

     the summer, because winters are generally long and cold.

D) The winters in North Korea are getting longer and colder, so the

      farmland will soon only yield one summer crop.

E) Winters in North Korea are long and cold and summers short

and hot; consequently, the farmland yields a harvest only once yearly.


Güvenli bir anne-çocuk ilişkisi, çocuğun güçlü bir kişilik geliştirebilmesi bakımından çok önemlidir.


A) A child who is part of a secure mother-child relationship has the

      greatest chance of developing a strong personality.

B) Strong personalities in children have usually developed as a 

      result of a secure mother-child relationship.

C) The child's relationship to his mother is of great significance in

     helping him develop a strong personality.

D) The most significant relationship in order for a child to develop

      a strong personality is that with his or her mother.

E) A secure mother-child relationship is of great significance in

     order for the child to develop a strong personality.




Bazı aydınların eğitimin ilerlemesine önderlik ettiği Costa Rica, en gelişmiş Orta Amerika ülkelerinden biridir.


A) It is Costa Rica's intellectuals that have led the advancement of

education there and made it one of the most progressive Central American countries.

B) As Costa Rica is one of the most progressive Central American

countries, it has produced several intellectuals who have led the

advancement of education.

C) As Costa Rica, which is progressive for a Central American

country, makes progress in the educational area, it produces more and more intellectuals.

D) Costa Rica, where several intellectuals have been leaders in the

advancement of education, is one of the most progressive Central American countries.

E) There has been great progress in education, led by several

Intellectuals, in the most advanced Central American country, Costa Rica.


1960'larla kıyaslandığında, bugün hastaların lösemiden kurtulma olasılığı iki kat daha fazladır.


A) Patients are twice as likely to die of leukemia today as they

      were in the 1960s.

B) In comparison to the 1960s, twice as many patients are expected

     to survive leukemia today.

C) Compared to the 1960s, patients are today twice as likely to

     survive leukemia.

D) The survival rate for patients with leukemia has doubled since

      the 1960s.

E) Today, leukemia claims the lives of half as many patients as it

     did during the 1960s.


67.-72. sorularda parçada boş bırakılan yere uygun düşen ifadeyi bulunuz.


Recently there has been a revolution in the attitude of blue-marlin fishermen. Put simply, blue-martin fishing is no longer a bloodsport. ……….. because they don't kill the fish any more. It is enough for them just to tag a martin: reeling it close, marking it and putting it back into the water, in order to fight another day.


A) Earnest Hemingway was extremely fond of blue-marlin fishing

B) Fishermen rarely seek an obligatory photo beside their dead fish

      hooked up over the dock

C) Only the rich indulge in blue-marlin fishing because of the time

      and expense involved

D) In Britain, bloodsports attract almost as many protectors as


E) Some people say that an instinct for hunting has been handed

      down to us by our ancestors


In rural Albania, it can be easier to find heavy artillery than to find a telephone. Therefore, when a quick-thinking villager needed to call the police to the scene of an accident, he used what was handy. ……… . The police appreciated his idea enough not to arrest him. They did, however, take away the gun.


A) This points out just how convenient it can be to have a mobile


B) It was lucky that there happened to be a telephone nearby

C) There is a great deal of weaponry left over from the days when

      Albania was invaded

D) This happened to be his very own anti-aircraft gun

E) There are not very many police, either, in rural Albania


Rose Hawthorne Lathrop, the youngest child of the author Nathaniel Hawthorne, also began a literary career, publishing several works. ……….. . Under her leadership, two homes for sufferers of incurable cancer were opened in New York.


A) She wrote 'A Story of Courage' with her husband in 1894

B) Rose spent an enjoyable childhood with all the pleasures of

     refined surroundings

C) She married George P. Lathrop in 1871

D) Her father wrote the renowned novel, The Scarlet Letter'

E) But later, she became a nun, devoting her life to caring for the

             terminally ill

In recent years, there has been an advance in the technique known as transplant surgery. This means the replacement of a diseased or damaged part of the body by a healthy one from another person. ……… . This is because our bodies' natural defence against any invader, as with a transplanted organ, is to attempt to destroy it.


A) People can now carry "organ donor" cards, giving permission

     for their organs to be used after their death

B) The biggest stumbling block in this area of medicine, however,

             has been the body itself

C) There are even transplants from certain animals to humans

D) Occasionally, there are moving stories of parents who donate

     their organs to their dying children

E) Only a few years ago, no one would have believed this possible


Margarine was introduced into the United States in 1874 and immediately aroused the opposition of the dairy industry. Taxes were imposed on the substance; in some states, yellow-coloured margarine could not be sold; and federal laws required, among other strict rules, that restaurants serving margarine post a conspicuous notice of that fact. ………. and now Americans eat as much margarine as butter.


A) However, the consumption of margarine has grown

B) Later types of margarine used animal fats and vegetable oils

C) Laws vary from state to state, but serious crimes are referred to

     as federal crimes

D) Whale oil was used originally for lamp fuel and later as an

      ingredient of other products

E) However rapid societal changes created a demand for fast food



Medgar Evers was the first field secretary of the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People in the state of Mississippi. During the late 1950s and early 1960s, he registered black voters and organised boycotts of firms that practised racial discrimination. ………… . A white supremacist, Byron De La Beckwith, was tried three times for the murder. The first two trials ended in a mistrial, but he was finally convicted and  sentenced to life imprisonment in 1994.


A) In 1963, he was shot and killed by a sniper in front of his home

B) Of the total population of Mississippi, thirty-five percent is


C) In that same year, more than 200,000 blacks and whites

      marched to the Lincoln Memorial

D) Racial segregation in South Africa is known as apartheid

E) Abraham Lincoln effectively freed all slaves in the

     Emancipation Proclamation


73-80. sorularda verilen İngilizce cümlenin Türkçe dengini bulunuz.  

I intend to prepare my graduation thesis on childhood illnesses that may leave permanent effects.

A) Sanırım mezuniyet tezimin konusu, kalıcı etkiler bırakabilen

      çocuk hastalıkları olacak.

B) Mezun olmadan önce, kalıcı etkiler bırakabilen çocuk

      hastalıkları üzerine bir tez hazırlamak istiyorum.

C) Mezun olmak için hazırlayacağım tezin konusunu, kalıcı etkiler

     bırakabilen çocuk hastalıkları olarak belirledim.

D) Niyetim, kalıcı etkiler bırakan çocuk hastalıklarını, mezuniyet

      tezimin konusu olarak kullanmak.

E) Mezuniyet tezimi, kalıcı etkiler bırakabilen çocuk hastalıkları

     üzerine hazırlamak niyetindeyim.


As the sea was extremely rough that day, our plan to make some part of our journey by sea was spoilt.

A) Deniz yoluyla seyahat etme planımızı bozan, büyük ölçüde, o

      günlerde denizin aşın dalgalı olmasıydı.

B) O günlerde denizin aşırı dalgalı olması bizi, yolculuğumuzun

      bir bölümünü deniz yoluyla yapma planımızdan vazgeçirdi.

C) O gün deniz aşırı dalgalı olduğu için, yolculuğumuzun bir

     bölümünü deniz yoluyla yapma planımız bozuklu.

D) Gün boyu deniz aşırı dalgalı olduğu için, yolculuğumuzun

      deniz yoluyla olan bölümü berbat geçti.

E) O gün denizin aşın dalgalı olması nedeniyle, planımızı

    değiştirip, deniz yoluyla seyahat etmekten vazgeçtik.


With its smoking volcanoes and frozen tundra, glaciers and virgin forests, Alaska is a land of spectacular contrasts.


A) Duman tüten volkanlar ve buz tutmuş tundura, buzullar ve bakir

ormanlar gibi tezatlanrı bir arada bulunduğu Alaska, görülmeye değer bir ülkedir.

B) Bir tezatlar ülkesi olan Alaska'da, duman tüten volkanlar ve buz 

     tutmuş tundura, buzullar ve bakir ormanlar bir aradadır.

C) Alaska'da, duman tüten volkanlar ve buz tutmuş tundura,

      buzullar ve bakir ormanlar harikulade bir tezat oluşturur.

D) Duman tüten volkanlar: ve buz tutmuş tundurası, buzulları ve

bakir ormanlarıyla Alaska, görülmeye değer bir tezatlar ülkesidir.

E) Alaska'da, duman tüten volkanlar ve buz tutmuş tundura,

buzullar ve bakir ormanlar gibi tezatları bir arada görmeniz mümkündür.


Apparently, I was not the only person unaccustomed to the city's changeable weather, for there were plenty of people in the street not dressed suitably for the weather.


A) Sokakta havaya uygun giyinmemiş bir sürü insan görünce,

şehrin değişken havasına alışamayan tek kişinin ben olmadığıma sevindim.

B) Belli ki şehrin değişken havasına alışkın olmayan yalnızca ben

değildim çünkü sokakta havaya uygun giyinmemiş bir hayli insan vardı.

C) Benim gibi, şehrin değişken havasına alışamamış insanlar

sokakta, havaya uygun olmayan giysileriyle hemen belli oluyordu.

D) Galiba şehrin değişken havasına alışamayan bir tek ben

değildim çünkü sokak havaya uygun giyinmemiş insanlarla doluydu.

E) Şehrin değişken havasına alışkın olmadığım her halimden

belliydi çünkü sokakta, havaya uygun giyinmemiş benden başka kimse yoktu.


The farmers whose crops were greatly damaged by the hail were all very upset.


A) Ürünleri doludan büyük hasar gören çiftçilerin hepsi de çok


B) Çiftçilerin hepsi de çok üzgündü çünkü ürünleri doludan büyük

      hasar görmüştü.

C) Çiftçileri üzen, dolunun ürünlerine verdiği zararın bu kadar

     büyük olmasıydı.

D) Dolunun ürünlerine verdiği zararı görünce, çiftçiler çok üzüldü.

E) Dolu, ürünlere o kadar çok zarar verdi ki çiftçilerin hepsi çok



Its strategic location on Western European trade routes has made Belgium one of the world's most advanced countries.


A) Dünyanın en gelişmiş ülkelerinden biri olan Belçika, Batı

      Avrupa ticaret yolları üzerinde stratejik bir konuma sahiptir.

B) Belçika, dünyanın en gelişmiş ülkelerinden biri olmasını, Batı

     Avrupa ticaret yollan üzerindeki stratejik konumuna borçludur.

C) Batı Avrupa ticaret yollan üzerindeki stratejik konumu

      Belçika'yı, dünyanın en gelişmiş ülkelerinden biri yapmıştır.

D) Belçika, dünyanın en gelişmiş ülkeleri arasına, Batı Avrupa

      ticaret yollan üzerindeki stratejik konumu sayesinde girmiştir.

E) Belçika'yı dünyanın en gelişmiş ülkelerinden biri yapan. Batı

      Avrupa ticaret yollan üzerindeki stratejik konumudur.


The best-known hero of spy action in the late 20th century is James Bond, the creation of British novelist lan Fleming.


A) 20. yüzyılın en tanınmış casus romanı kahramanı James Bond'u,

      İngiliz yazar lan Fleming yaratmıştır.

B) Casus romanları içinde en tanınmış olanı, ingiliz yazar lan

      Fleming'in 20. yüzyılın sonlarında yazdığı James Bond'dur.

C) Tanınmış casus romanı kahramanı James Bond'u, İngiliz yazar 

      lan Fleming 20. yüzyılın sonlarında yaratmıştır.

D) 20. yüzyılın sonlarında en tanınmış casus romanı kahramanı,

      İngiliz yazar lan Fleming'in yarattığı James Bond'dur.

E) 20. yüzyılın sonlarında, İngiliz yazar lan Fleming'in yarattığı

     James Bond dizisi, en çok okunan casus romanıdır.

The eruption of Krakatoa Volcano in 1883 created giant waves that inundated whole districts in Java and Sumatra.


A) 1883'de Krakatoa Volkanı patlayınca, onun yarattığı dev

dalgalar, Java ve Sumatra'da bütün bölgeleri sular altında bırakmıştır.

B) 1883'te Java ve Sumatra'yı sular altında bırakan dev dalgalar,

             Krakatoa Volkanı'nın patlaması sonucu oluşmuştur.

C) En son 1883'te patlayan Krakatoa Volkanı, aynı zamanda

yarattığı dev dalgalarla, Java ve Sumatra'nın sular altında kalmasına neden olmuştur.

D) 1883'te Java ve Sumatra'nın büyük bir bölümünü sular altında

bırakan dev dalgaların nedeni, Krakatoa Volkanı'nın patlamasıdır.

E) 1883'de Krakatoa Volkanı'nın patlaması, Java ve Sumatra'da

bütün bölgeleri sular altında bırakan dev dalgalara yol açmıştır.


81-87. sorularda verilen durumda söylenebilecek sözü bulunuz


While working as an au-pair in England, you feel that the family is making you work too hard. You are expected to take care of three children, cook, clean, and do the shopping. This does not leave you with much time to study English, the main reason you came to England. One day you try to explain your complaint to the lady of the house, saying:


A) I'm going to quit unless you give me more money.

B) I really need more time to go to classes and do my homework.

C) Your children are so naughty, and they're teaching me bad


D) If I had known 1 was going to be treated like a slave, I wouldn't

     have come.

E) l don't mind doing the shopping, as it's good for my English, but

     I really hate cooking and cleaning.


Someone has invited you to dinner on Saturday night at 7 p.m. At 8 p.m, you are cooking your own dinner, when you suddenly remember that you were supposed to go to your friend's house. Extremely embarrassed, you phone and say:


A) We decided not to come after all, but I thought I should phone

      and tell you.

B) We couldn't actually make it tonight, but we'll be there next

     Wednesday at 7 p.m.

C) You won't believe this, but 1 forgot all about our dinner

     arrangement. I'm so sorry!

D) I'm a strict vegetarian, you know, so I'm making something to

     bring along.

E) Was it today that we were coming to yours for dinner, or



A friend has been proudly telling you about her son who is studying to be a doctor. According to her, he spends all his time either in classes or studying very hard. Then one day you see him in a pool hall in your neighbourhood, playing billiards at a time when you know he should be attending lectures. You pass the place every day, and every day you see him there. Realising that he is lying to his mother, and that he does not study at all, the next time you see her, you say to her, without being too reproachful:


A) Don't you realise that your son is actually a liar, and that he

      spends all his time playing billiards?

B) Perhaps your son can make a living playing billiards because he

     plays every day.

 C) I think you should have a word with your son. He may not be

      as serious about his studies as you think.

D) Though your son may not study much, at least he is learning a

      useful skill.

E) I was at the local pool hall for a game with your son the other

     night. He's really good.


Arnold has been trying to impress a girl at his university who seems to come from a rich family. He is not well-off and has to work at a fast-food restaurant because his parents can't afford to send him to university. One day he is working at the counter when she comes in. She looks at him in amazement and asks him what he is doing there. A little disturbed by this, but not wanting to lie, he replies:


A) Isn't it obvious? I'm working on a special management trainee

      course that is part of my business studies.

B) How nice to see you! What can I get you?

C) The hamburgers here are really good. Since you're my friend,

     you can have yours for free.

D) Actually, my family have very little money, so I am working

      here to support myself through university.

E) I get paid on Saturday, so we can go out on Saturday night.


One day you run into a friend whose father has recently passed away. Though you did not know his father well, you know they were close, and you want him to know you feel bad about his loss. For this reason, you say to him carefully:


A) I was awfully sorry to hear about your father. How is your

     mother taking it?

B) I know it is a shock, but sometimes things all turn out for the


C) I hope your father is feeling better.

D) Why don't you and your father come around for dinner next


E) It happens to everyone sometime. I'm sure you'll get over it in a

     few days and start enjoying your life.


One of your colleagues at the office has been in trouble recently for arriving late and not doing his work properly. The boss has just had a talk with him and now he looks very serious. As you are leaving for home, you notice that he is working late. Wanting to encourage him, you say:


A) It looks as if you are really in trouble this time.

B) How could you be so silly? If I were the boss. I'd sack you.

C) I'm glad to see you're finally waking up to reality.

D) There's still time to turn things around. I'm sure it will all work


E) Why did it take you so long to realise you were digging your

      own grave?


You get into a taxi, and after you have gone only a short way, you notice that the meter is going too fast. You know that it will do no good to argue over the fare, but you want to let the driver know that you are aware of his cheat, so wlien you have reached your destination, you say to him, sarcastically:


A) Stop here. I won't continue my journey in a taxi with a broken


B) l didn't expect it would cost so much? Has the fare been

    increased recently?

C) I think it's better if you take me to the police station, where we

     can sort this out.

D) I'm sure your meter is broken. I know that's not the proper fare. E) Your meter must have been in a hurry as it was going faster

     than us.


88-93. sorularda verilen cümleye anlamca en yakın olan seçeneği bulunuz.


You might be able to get there before dark, though I doubt it.


A) I'm absolutely certain that you will arrive at your destination

      after it gets dark.

B) The chances are good that you will find yourself at your

     destination well before it gets dark.

C) It's improbable that you will arrive during the daylight hours, as

      darkness comes very early at this time of year.

D) The sooner you leave, the more chance you'll have to get there

     while it is still light.

E) There could be a slight chance that you will arrive there while it

      is still light, but I'm not very hopeful.



You must have known about the meeting as there were signs for it posted everywhere.


A) You can't have been unaware of the meeting since there were

      notices about it all over the place.

B) Despite the signs, which were everywhere, you don't seem to

      have been notified of the meeting.

C) Everybody must be informed of the meeting, which is why

      there are so many posters for it.

D) Although it was well-publicised, nobody seemed to have told

     you there was a meeting.

E) You should have attended the meeting — this was made clear

    on the signs, which were everywhere.


Better technology does not necessarily lead to decreased prices.

A) Due to improved technology, it has been necessary to increase


B) Lower prices are generally a result of new breakthroughs in


C) Advances in technology are not always followed by reduced


D) Life today is gradually getting cheaper thanks to technology.

E) Decreasing prices are considered bad no matter what the state of



Even after having assessed the potential of his new students, the teacher was not entirely sure what to expect from them.

A) After carefully estimating the capacities of his students, the

      teacher knew how each one would perform.

B) Potential students are generally assessed by their teachers

      before entering university.

C) Techniques for assessing potential students have improved to

     the point where students always take the most suitable courses.

D) An appraisal of the abilities of his students was not enough to a

      allow the teacher to predict their performance.

E) Having carefully considered the abilities of his students, the

      teacher was not satisfied with the results they'd got.


Most soft drinks used to be sold in returnable bottles.

A) Disposable bottles for soft drinks have now totally disappeared.

B) One used to be able to take the majority of soft drink bottles

      back to the shop.

C) Most people would prefer to buy soft drinks in bottles that

      could be returned.

D) People used to use soft drink bottles for all sorts of purposes.

E) Disposable bottles didn't used to be available at shops.


There was far too much evidence to the contrary for the judge to believe his story.

A) The judge believed his story because he presented so much

      information in his own favour.

B) The proof against him was not sufficient for the judge to

      convict him.

C) The judge pronounced him guilty, though there were few facts

      to support this decision.

D) While the judge wanted to believe his story, there was just not

       enough evidence to support it.

E) The facts presented against him were so overwhelming that the

      judge discounted his story.


94-100. sorularda karşılıklı konuşmanın boş bırakılan bölümünde söylenmiş olabilecek sözü bulunuz.


Susan: What do you fancy doing for the summer holiday?

Mark:   ……….

Susan: That's a good idea. I'm a little tiied of the seaside myself.

A) If we went to the coast, we could impress everyone with our

     tans when we get back.

B) Let's go to the seaside. It should be lovely at this time of year.

C) Why don't we go to the small coastal village where we spent

     our honeymoon?

D) It's very hot this year, so I suggest going to the mountains for a


E) We may not be able to afford one this year as we'll have to

      spend some on the repairs to the house.

Michael: Hey, what's wrong? You look really down.

William: Thanks for your concern, but it's something I really can't

        talk about to anyone.

Michael: ………..

William: Yes, but this is something that's just too personal.


A) Oh. have I done something wrong to disturb you?

B) I'm glad you got that sorted out. It's been bothering you for a

     long time.

C) You know, sometimes it's better to discuss tilings openly.

D) Is it the low mark you got on the test that is bothering you?

E) Oh, then I hope you feel better soon.


Stella: What's on TV tonight?

Harry: ………..

Stella: I seem to remember there was a drama I wanted to watch at


Harry: Well, then turn it on and try the different channels.


A) Here's the paper. Why don't you have a look yourself?

B) How should I know? We forgot to get a paper today.

C) It doesn't matter. The TV is broken and the repairman didn't


D) Have you forgotten? We're going to my boss's house for dinner.

E) I told you, I'm watching the year-end sports special all evening.


Paul: …………

Sophie: That's right, but we've got so few clients at the moment

that I have to do administrative work here for the time   being.

Paul:      Tough luck. I'd rather be out calling on customers than

                      sitting behind a desk.


A) What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be out

      visiting clients now?

B) Congratulations, I hear you're going to be our new director.

C) I hear you've quit and are going back to university. Is it true?

D) I wish we wouldn't have so many elderly clients, as it is really

      hard to deal with them.

E) How many clients do you have to deal with a day, on average?


Customer: Oh dear, these aren't the things I meant to get. I'll have

                          to go and replace them.

Cashier:      But Madam, there is a long queue of customers behind

           you, and they are getting impatient.

Customer: ………….

Cashier:     Yes, perhaps that's best.


A) Well they can just wait! My money is as good as theirs.

B) But it won't take me more than five minutes, and I can get

      something î forgot at the same time.

C) Oh well, I guess I'll just have to leave it for this time.

D) It doesn't matter. I haven't got enough money to pay for

      everything anyway.

E) It's not your job to tell me what I can and can't do.


99- Jody:   Can I have a return ticket to London, please, departing

    tomorrow morning?

Agent: I'm sorry, all the flights to London tomorrow are booked


Jody:   …………

Agent: We can put you on stand-by for tomorrow, and guarantee

     you a seat for the next day.


A) I need to get there quickly. When is the next flight you can get

      me on?

B) There's no hurry. Are there any flights available next week?

C) I've heard that it's cheaper if I wait till the holiday season is

     over. Is that right?

D) Why would anyone want to go to London at this time of year? E) I guess I'll just forget about it then.


100- Policeman: Just calm down, Sir, and tell us what happened.

Charles:       ………..

Policeman: Was there anything valuable in it?

Charles:      Not really. Just a little cash. I'd left my credit cards at


A) Two men held us at gunpoint and kidnapped my wife!

B) Just look! When I arrived home, I found that my house had

      been broken into.

C) That lorry wasn't even looking where it was going and crashed

      into the back of my car.

D) Three men came up behind me. Two of them held me and one

      took my wallet.

E) I thought I'd parked my car right here before I went into the




1.A 2.B 3.E 4.D 5.C 6.C 7.A 8.C 9.D 10.D

ll.B 12.C 13.A 14.B 15.D 16.E 17.C 18.A 19.A 2O.E

21.D 22.B 23.C 24.D 25.A 26.B 27.B 28.E 29.C 3O.A

31.E 32.D 33.B 34.C 35.B 36.D 37.D 38.A 39.B 40.C

41.B 42.E 43.D 44.A 45.E 46.D 47.A 48.A 49.C 50.D

51.E 52.E 53.D 54.B 55.B 56.E 57.D 58.B 59.C 60.A

61.C 62.D 63.A 64.E 65.D 66.C 67.B 68.D 69.E 7O.B

71.A 72.A 73.E 74.C 75.D 76.B 77.A 78.C 79.D 80.E

81.B 82.C 83.C 84.D 85.A 86.D 87.E 88.E 89.A 90.C

91.D 92.B 93.E 94.D 95.C 96.B 97.A 98.C 99.A 100.D

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