Simple Past Tense Board Game

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Simple Past Tense Board Game

Simple Past Tense Board Game

Board Game

Teacher tips: Sometimes students will need to use some extra words to make correct sentences – e.g. My girlfriend got even angrier. Make sure to correct pronunciation if needed (e.g. started).

Simple Past

‘A Terrible Day’

TIP: After playing the game, why not tell or write the whole story using connecting words (e.g. and, so, then, first, after that, finally, etc). Have fun!

(wake up) late this morning

(cut) myself shaving

(not have) time for breakfast

(have) a flat tire on way to work

(arrive) late at work boss

(not be) happy

(take) taxi to the cinema tickets

(be) sold out

(take) a walk in the park

(use) public restroom phone

(fall) in toilet bowl

(do) some work morning she

(throw) a shoe at me it

(start) raining there

(be) power outage she

(start) screaming it

(be)  bad dream a dog

(jump) on me and (bite) me

I (lose) all my work

girlfriend (get) even angrier

I (wake up) in my own bed

(run) away  and (slip) banana peel

(not have) lunch  until 13.15

(eat) hot dog instead

(not take) me to hospital

my girlfriend (call) an ambulance

I (fall) in a manhole

I (twist) my ankle

(go) home at 18.45 unfortunately

(be) closed

(go) to nice restaurant

girlfriend (be) angry

(be) late for date

(have) a date at 19.30

(get) stuck in traffic



Answer Key

I woke up late this morning.

I cut myself shaving.

I  didn’t have time for breakfast

I had a flat tire on my way to work.

I  arrived late at work.

My boss wasn’t happy.

We took a taxi to the cinema.

All the tickets were sold out.

We took a walk in the park.

I used a publicrestroom.

My phone fell in the toilet bowl.

I did some work in the morning.

She threw a shoe at me.

It started raining.

There was a power outage.

She started screaming at me.

It was just a  bad dream.

A dog jumped on me and bit me.

I lost all my work.

My girlfriend got even angrier.

I woke up in my own bed.

I ran away  and slipped on a banana peel.

I didn’t have lunch  until 13.15

We ate a hot dog instead.

They didn’t take me to hospital.

My girlfriend called an ambulance.

I fell in a manhole.

I twisted my ankle.


I went


at 18.45.



it was



We went to

 a nice restaurant.


My girlfriend




I was


for my date.


I had

a date

at 19.30.


I got stuck

in traffic.

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