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TEST 5 – UNITS 8&9 Vocabulary

1. Circle the correct answer. (10 x 2 = 20 points)

Tom and Kim’s wedding ceremony / emergency was amazing.

Sarah broke her leg! Let’s call an invitation / ambulance!

All doctors of the hospital are going to attend / enter the meeting tomorrow.

Can you prepare / breathe the food for the party, Alice?

Ι haven’t got enough money for this MP3 player. Should I borrow / imagine some from Joe?

I need a plaster / banner because I cut my finger.

What are you going to do after you faint / graduate from university?

I’d like to make a(n) appointment / decoration with doctor Parker, please.

Ryan wants to send Clark an email, but he doesn’t know his step / address.

Students must follow all the school tours / rules.


2. Complete the sentences with the phrases from the box. (5 x 2 = 10 points)

related to     get ready     thanks to     stay calm     write back

I read an article _________________________ health problems yesterday.

_________________________ Jennifer’s advice, Katie found a solution to her problem.

_________________________, guys! We’re going to leave in a few minutes.

During an earthquake, go under a heavy table and try to _________________________.

_________________________ to Jessie and tell her about my graduation party next week.



3. Complete the sentences with the possessive pronouns from the box. (6 x 1 = 6 points)

mine       yours       his       hers       ours       theirs

– Is this Mike’s car? – No, it isn’t ______________.

– Are those your bikes, children? – No, they aren’t______________.

– Does this house belong to Susan?- Yes, it’s______________.

– Have Liam and Collin got a computer? – Yes! Actually, this computer is ______________.

– I forgot my mobile phone at home! – That’s OK. You can use ______________ if you want.

Are those sunglasses______________, Simon?


4. Circle the correct answer. (8 x 2 = 16 points)

Students must / mustn’t be late for school.

You must / mustn’t see a doctor for those headaches.

You mustn’t / must stay in the sun for long in summer.

You must / mustn’t have the right equipment to hike on a mountain.

Tina should / shouldn’t go to school. She isn’t OK.

Students should / shouldn’t be nice to their teachers.

Mark’s grades were bad. He should / shouldn’t try harder.

Anna should / shouldn’t go to bed late. Her flight is at 5:00 tomorrow morning.


5. Complete the sentences using be going to and the verbs given. (8 x 1 = 8 points)

Angie _________________________ (meet) her friends later this evening.

Beth and Mike _________________________ (get) married next year.

________ you _______________________ (invite) Luke to your opening party?

We _________________________ (not work) next weekend.

________ your brother _______________________ (move) to London in September?

Julie _________________________ (not join) us at the concert tomorrow.

My wife _________________________ (decorate) our new house.

________ Ron and Charlotte _______________________ (leave) for Paris next week?


6. Circle the correct answer. (10 x 1 = 10 points)

I want to thank you for _________ to my party.
a. coming          b.  come               c.  you come

My parents go _________ at the supermarket every weekend.
a. for shopping  b.  to shop            c.  shopping

_________to different countries is the best way to spend your holidays.
a. Travelling      b.  Travel              c.  Travelled

We are looking forward _________ you at our anniversary party.
a. see                 b.  to seeing          c.  to see

Your keys are on the table, but I can’t find _________.
a. my                 b.  I                       c.  mine

Doctors say that people shouldn’t _________ fast food.
a. eat                 b.  eating               c.  not eat

_________ physics teacher is from Spain.
a. Ours              b.  Our                  c.  We

– Are you going to have a lunch break at 2:00?  – No, I _________.
a. ’m not            b.  ’m not going    c.  not

We _________ throw a party for Helen at home.
a. are going to    b.  are going          c.  going to

Visitors_________ be quiet in the hospital.
a. must              b.  shouldn’t         c.  mustn’t



7. Read the dialogue and mark the sentences with T (true) or F (false). (5 x 2 = 10 points)

Dr Wells: Hello, Mr Smith. Have a seat, please.

Mr Smith:       Thank you, Dr Wells.

Dr Wells: What’s the problem?

Mr Smith:       Yesterday, I had a terrible headache. And today, I have a sore throat.

Dr Wells: Well, I see you have a fever, too. You’ve got the flu,      Mr Smith.

Mr Smith:       Should I take any medicine?

Dr Wells: Yes, you should take these pills. Also, you shouldn’t leave the house for two days.   

                   Try to get some rest. And drink a glass of orange juice every day.

Mr Smith:       OK, Dr Wells. Thank you. Have a nice day.

Dr Wells: Goodbye, Mr Smith.

Mr Smith had a rash yesterday.

 He has a fever today.

 He should take some medicine.

 He can go out tomorrow.

 He should drink some apple
juice every day.



8. Listen and circle the correct answer. (5 x 2 = 10 points)

Jack is going to have a birthday / graduation party next week.

Sarah is going to prepare the decorations / invitations for the party.

The party is going to take place on Saturday, 6th / 16th June.

The party is going to start at half past eight / eight o’clock in the evening.

Jack’s address is 95 / 59 Spring Street.



9. Write an email to your friend, Sharon, telling her about your plans for your summer

    holidays this summer. (10 points)

Write about:

•    which place you are going to visit

•    when you are going to visit it

•    who is going to be with you

•    what you are going to do there


Hi, Sharon!

How are you? I hope you are fine. I’m writing because I’ve got some plans for my holidays!

I’m going to ________________________________________________________________

So, what about you?
Write back and let me know!

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