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TEST 6 – UNITS 8-10


1. Circle the correct answer. (10 x 2 = 20 points)

I like discussing / wondering football with my friends. It’s my favourite sport.

One of the advantages / competitions of mobile phones is that you can surf the Net on them.

What time does your mum return / graduate home from work?

It’s a special day for us today. Let’s attend / celebrate!

Can I rest / borrow your geography book for a while? I forgot mine at home.

My grandparents live in Italy, but we visit them regularly / lonely.

The ambulance took the man immediately to the hospital after the car emergency / accident.

Will Tom join / breathe us for a coffee later?

Kate didn’t prepare / reply to Daniel’s message and he is angry with her now.

We should organise / decorate something special for mum’s birthday this year.


2. Complete the sentences with the phrases from the box. (5 x 2 = 10 points)

turn on       take up       take place       take part      let me know

Where are the next Olympic Games going to ________________________?

A lot of contestants are going to ________________________ in the TV music show this year.

Write back and ________________________ if you are coming to the wedding.

Don’t ________________________ the radio! Frank is sleeping!

Patrick has got a lot of free time in summer, so he wants to ________________________ a water sport.



3. Complete the sentences using will and the verbs given. (8 x 2 = 16 points)

Oliver ____________________ (go) for a walk when he finishes his lessons.

Sylvia isn’t here, but you can wait for her. I’m sure she ____________________ (not be) late.

___________ you ____________________ (give) us some information about which places to visit in Rome?

Maybe I ____________________ (not invite) James at my graduation party. I don’t like him very much.

I’m sure grandpa ____________________ (bring) us some presents from Scotland.

___________ Bob ____________________ (watch) his son’s school performance next Friday?

– It’s cold in here. – I ____________________ (turn off) the air conditioning.

___________ you ____________________ (have) some fries with your burger, sir?


4. Complete the sentences with be going to or will and the verbs given. (7 x 2 = 14 points)

Mr Jackson ______________________________ (travel) to London for a meeting tomorrow.

I promise I ______________________________ (take) you to the park on Sunday, children!

___________ you ______________________ (move) to Toronto next week?

I’m sure Sophie______________________________ (not come) to the cinema tonight.   She isn’t a cinema fan. 

– Oh no! I must clean the house before mum comes home! – Don’t worry! I ______________________________ (help) you!

I think that Mark ______________________________ (become) the best player of our team in the future.

Maybe we ______________________________ (not spend) our summer holidays on an island this year.


5. Circle the correct answer.  (10 x 1 = 10 points)

I don’t mind _____________ dad’s car today.
a. washing         b. to wash       c.  wash

_____________ is my favourite sport.
a. Swim            b. Swam          c. Swimming

We _____________ hiking with Dylan this weekend.
a. are going       b. going to go  c.  go

– Are you going to stay here tonight?
– No, we _____________.
a. are                b. aren’t          c.  aren’t going

You _____________ enter my room without asking first.
a. shouldn’t      b. should         c.  must

I’m sorry, but you’re sitting on _____________ jacket.
a. my                b. mine           c.  yours

– Is that your sister’s new house? – Yes, it’s _____________.
a. her                b. his               c.  hers

I think you _____________ call Rachel and say sorry.
a. are going to   b. mustn’t       c.  should

You _____________ swim right after lunch! It’s very dangerous!
a. will               b. mustn’t       c.  should

Are those shoes _____________, Andy?
a. yours            b. your            c.  their



6. Read the article and mark the sentences with T (true) or F (false). (5 x 2 = 10 points)

On 3rd April 1973, an engineer of a big phone company made the first call from a mobile phone, but people started buying mobile phones in 1983. The first mobile phones were big, heavy and expensive. However, some years later, in the 1990s, mobile phones became smaller and cheaper and had stronger batteries. People used them to make calls and send messages to others.

Nowadays, mobile phones are smartphones. This means that they are like small computers and people can do a lot of different things with them. For example, they can have Internet access, take pictures or videos and listen to music.

Experts are making mobile phone technology much better nowadays. So, in the future, mobile

phones will be even smarter and people will use them even more than they do now!


According to the article, …

… people started buying mobile phones after 1980.

 … the first mobile phones were cheap.

 … in the 1990s, people surfed the Net from their
mobile phones.

 … a mobile phone is a means of entertainment.

 … in the future, mobile phones will do more than
they can do now.



7. Listen and circle the correct answer. (5 x 2 = 10 points)

Jenny had an accident yesterday/ today.

Jenny fell off her motorcycle / bicycle.

Jenny is / isn’t going to the doctor’s this evening.

Jenny should put some ice / cold water on her leg.

Jenny should put a plaster / bandage around her leg.



8. Write a paragraph about how schools will be in the future. (10 points)                                                                                                        

Write about:

•    school buildings

•    classrooms

•    books

•    teachers or any other ideas of your own

I think that schools in the future will be very different from now. ______________________

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