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2012 Kpds Ingilizce Sonbahar

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2012 Kpds Ingilizce Sonbahar

2012 Kpds Ingilizce Sorulari ve Cevaplari Sonbahar

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1.                  The basic unit of currency of the Ottoman Empire was the silver akçe in which all the revenues and —- of the state were calculated.

A) precautions        B) conventions        C) expenditures           D)   placements                E) establishments


2.                  A new historical record offers —- evidence that Africans and their descendants contributed enormously to the formation of Mexican culture.

A) frustrating           B) inferior                 C) redundant           D)   devastating                E) compelling


3.                  Scientists have developed a new blood test for Alzheimer’s disease that can —- identify 93% of people who have the condition.

A) severely              B) accurately            C) separately             D)   abusively                    E) incidentally


4.                  Phobias are intense, irrational fears which cannot be —- even when the sufferer is aware, as is usually the case, that there is no reason for the fear.

A) spoilt                  B) undergone           C) foreseen             D) nitiated   E)

—-, while in sailing ships the wind has been an essential source of power for even longer.

  1. Windmills have been used for at least 3,000 years, mainly for grinding grain or pumping water
  2. In Germany, scientists have constructed a new wind turbine that generates a great amount of electricity
  3. Wind power has come to fall into disuse with the advent of cheap fossil-fuelled engines
  4. There is now a reappraisal of wind energy because of the dramatic increases in crude oil prices
  5. Lately, there has been widespread interest in using wind energy for remote dwellings

In addition to the normal problems of working out a satisfactory marital relationship, —-.

  1. the expansion of a family could happen in a variety of ways, including having a child and the moving in of a relative
  2. people now seem to prefer getting married at a later age when compared to the past
  3. most relationships are exchanges of valued resources and involve an analysis of costs and benefits
  4. couples from different cultures may have to cope with social discrimination and isolation
  5. more needs to be done for parents who are unable to meet the educational needs of their children

As the population of Asia’s wild tigers has declined over the years, —-.

  1. the improved health of Thailand’s forests suggests that the tiger population could continue to grow
  2. it is known that global alarm for the species first sounded in 1969 following a peak in the tiger skin trade
  3. they are also regarded as powerful swimmers and can supplement their diets with marine life
  4. these legendary animals have become a thing of the fable as much as reality
  5. they are not picky about their food and environment like pandas

Though a stronger global recovery would ease some of the pain in recruitment, —-.

  1. some governments will introduce extensive programs focusing on young people
  2. labour experts believe the problem of youth unemployment demands special attention
  3. the gap between the skilled and unskilled workforce has been filled with in-service training
  4. those who graduate from universities have now more difficulty in finding a job than in the past
  5. the employment of young people is said to overcome recession in developed nations

—-, because it is driven uniquely by its financial returns.

  1. Conventional tourism management lacks adequate market assessment
  2. Tourism is, after all, a social activity that many people enjoy
  3. A tourism development plan is important for a city to manage visitors
  4. The implementation stage in tourism development includes plan objectives and public concerns
  5. Tourism planning usually fails to take environmental and social impacts into account

 For hundreds of thousands of years, human civilizations tended to barter for goods, trading shells and precious stones for food and other important commodities. For the first evidence of money as currency, we need to go back 5,000 years to where modern-day Iraq now sits, to find ‘the shekel’. Though this was the first form of currency, it was not money as we know and understand it today. It actually represented a certain weight of barley, a kind of plant, equivalent to gold or silver. Eventually, the shekel became a coin currency in its own right. In much the same way, Britain’s currency is called ‘the pound’, because it was originally equivalent to a pound of silver. The ancient Greeks and Romans used gold and silver coins as currency, with the Latin ‘denarius’ ultimately giving birth to ‘dinar’ in various countries including Jordan and Algeria, and providing the ‘d’ that served as an abbreviation for the British penny before decimalization in 1971. It also gives us the word for money in Spanish and Portuguese – ‘dinero’ and ‘dinhero’. The first ever banknotes were issued in 7th-century China, though it took another 1,000 years before the idea of paper money was adopted in Europe, by Sweden’s Stockholms Banco in 1661.

According to the passage, the earliest form of exchanging goods —-.

  1. did not involve any form of currency
  2. was confined to trading precious shells and stones
  3. led to the development of commodities
  4. first appeared in some parts of the Middle East
  5. paved the way for people to become civilized

As it is clearly stated in the passage, ‘the shekel’ —-.

  1. was transformed into Britain’s contemporary pound
  2. was equivalent to the idea of money as we accept it today
  3. was invented 5,000 years ago in what is now Iraq
  4. first came to be used in place of silver coins
  5. precedes the use of shells and stones for bartering



  • What a relief, I’ve finally submitted my PhD thesis! I can officially have the ‘Dr.’ title now.


  • Great! Will that grant you any advantages in your workplace?

Oğuz:   —-


  • That shouldn’t be a cause of concern for you, as you can always get around that social problem.
  1. I’m so exhausted, and I don’t want to hear anything related to academic works.
  2. My chances of getting a promotion there are slim to none; why have I wasted so much time!
  3. The title itself won’t do much, but I’ll definitely feel more motivated.
  4. Since I’ve achieved what I’ve wanted, I shouldn’t be concerned about any of that paperwork.
  5. Plenty, but I’m worried about the jealousy my colleagues will have.


Disparities in wealth are less visible in Americans’ everyday lives today than they were a century ago.

  1. A hundred years ago, it was not easy to see the differences between the wealthy and the poor in America in terms of their daily lives.
  2. Everyday life in America is very different today from what it was a century ago, because people are much wealthier now.
  3. The differences in the way that wealthy American people lived a hundred years ago were more obvious than the current ones.
  4. In American daily life today, you can’t see such big differences in the distribution of wealth as you could a hundred years ago.
  5. The everyday lives of most Americans show disparities in wealth which were not seen a century ago.

After several months of seeking a position as a computer engineer, you’ve recently been accepted by a big international company. In your second week at work, you start thinking that it doesn’t live up to its reputation. When asked by a relative whether you would consider working there for a long time, you say: —-

  1. I’m open to new opportunities, as I couldn’t find what I was looking for in this company.
  2. Well, it’s very easy for me to find a job as a computer engineer, so I just don’t let it bother me.
  3. We’re talking about one of the world’s biggest companies, why would I want to leave such a place?
  4. I’ve heard some rumours about this company, but I think they are all lies.
  5. The promotion possibilities in the company might be poor, yet I’m determined to work my way up.


Home entertainment spending, which includes DVD sales and film rentals, has been falling since hitting a peak in 2004, but it remains an important part of a film’s revenue. According to some information services, the death of that market is somewhat overblown. The DVD market peaked much earlier than studios would have liked, but the overall viewing of the video at home continues at the same rate as ever. It is a much more mixed market between DVD, video streaming and rental services.

—- For example, DVD sales of the movie Avatar totalled $600 million, and another $57 million was spent on renting the movie.

  1. A studio will typically take 40% of DVD sales and rentals, and that can generate some healthy sums.
  2. A big name actor can expect an up-front payment, so $10-$20 million would not be unusual.
  3. Popping a DVD into the TV set at home is no substitute for seeing a film in a cinema.
  4. What makes movies popular in a short time is the cast they have rather than DVDs that are available soon after release.
  5. A producer can be thought of as the chief executive of the film who shepherds it from the script page to the premiere.

Genetics sprang up with the discovery by Mendel that observable hereditary characteristics are determined by factors which are invariable and transmitted from one generation to the next.

  1. Genetik biliminin ortaya çıkmasını sağlayan etken; Mendel’in, gözlemlenebilir kalıtsal özelliklerin değişmeyen ve nesilden nesile aktarılan faktörler tarafından belirlendiğini keşfetmesiydi.
  2. Genetik bilimi; Mendel’in, gözlemlenebilir kalıtsal özelliklerin değişmeyen ve nesilden nesile aktarılan faktörler tarafından belirlendiğini keşfetmesiyle filizlendi.
  3. Genetik bilimi; Mendel’in, değişmeyen ve nesilden nesile aktarılan faktörleri gözlemlenebilir kalıtsal özelliklerle açıklamasıyla ortaya çıktı.
  4. Mendel’in gözlemlenebilir kalıtsal faktörlerin nesilden nesile aktarıldığını keşfetmesiyle genetik bilimindeki değişmeyen özellikler ortaya çıktı 
  5. Mendel, gözlemlenebilir kalıtsal özelliklerin değişmeyen ve nesilden nesile aktarılan faktörler tarafından belirlendiğini keşfetti ve böylelikle genetik bilimi filizlendi.

Özellikle ekonominin 2010’da % 9,3’lük bir büyüme kaydetmesinden bu yana, Filistin’deki yabancı yatırım ciddi artış göstermektedir.

  1. Especially after the economy recorded a substantial growth rate of 9,3% in 2010, serious foreign investment has grown in Palestine.
  2. With the Palestinian economy recording a growth rate of 9,3% in 2010, the direct foreign investment has grown substantially.
  3. Foreign investment in Palestine has been growing substantially, especially since the economy recorded a growth rate of 9,3% in 2010.
  4. As of 2010 when the economy recorded a substantial growth rate of 9,3%, foreign investment in Palestine has seriously grown.
  5. Especially following a record growth rate of 9,3% in 2010, foreign investment in Palestine has seen substantial increases.

 (I) Do sinking ships suck nearby objects down with them? (II) In the early 20th century, this was held to be the case, and the advice for lifeboats launched from a sinking ship was to row hard away to avoid being pulled down with it. (III) This may have contributed to the loss of life on the Titanic, as only 13 survivors were pulled from the water. (IV) However, some survivors report struggling against a powerful suction, while others claim to have been able to step off the sinking ship without their head even going under. (V) Two surveying ships with the help of the US Navy made the discovery of the wreck, which required a huge amount of equipment.

A) I               B) II                  C) III                D) IV                     E) V

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