Unit 8 Summary Worksheet

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Unit 8 Summary Worksheet

Unit 8 Summary Worksheet



Requesting ( Ricada bulunmak )

Will you help me  in donig the housework, please? (requesting assistance)

Will you vacuum the floor ,please?

Will you dry the clothes for me, please?

Will you help me  maket he dinner, please? (requesting assistance)

Will you cut the grass and take the dog for a walk, please?

Will you help me to do the shopping, please?  (requesting assistance)

Can you drive me to the supermarket ?

Will you make me a cup of tea ?

Can you put some milk,please ?

Instructing or Directing others to do something ( Başkalarını bir şey yapma konusunda bilgilendirmek ya da yönlendirmek)


Finish cleaning the floor immediately and iron the clothes!

You haven’t ironed the clothes well. Iron them again !

Put the rubbish out!

Be quick,Cinderella!


Accepting  ( kabul Etmek )                                          Refusing  ( reddetmek)

Ok.                                                                                  I’m sorry.

That’s alright.                                                               I’m sorry, I can’t.                      

Sure.                                                                              No.

Yes,of course                                                               


Expressing Gratitude ( Memenuniyet, Şükran ,  Minnettarlık ifadeleri)  

Thank you

Thank you very much

Thank you so much

I appreciate you ….


Paige : It was a tiring day for me. I feel tired. Can you do the shopping for me,  Brad?

Brad : Of course, I can do the shopping for you. What do you need?

Paige : Just a couple of things, here’s the list.

Brad : Is there anything else that you want me to pick up?

Paige : No, I think that’s all.

Brad : Is there any other place  you would like me to go for you ?

Paige : Well, my pills have finished. I haven’t taken them since Monday. Can you pick up my medicine from the pharmacy?

Brad : Sure, no problem. I hope you get better when you take your bills.

Paige : I really appreciate you doing this for me . Thank you so much, Brad.

Brad : You’re welcome, Paige. What will you do then when I’m out ?

Paige : I’ll finish the housework. I have already done the washing up and the laundry, but I haven’t vacuumed the floor yet.

Brad : don’t do it. I’ll do it for you when I come back.

Paige : Really? Thank you very much,Brad. You are my best friend.

Brad : Not at all, Paige . That’s what friends are for ?


Read the dialogue and fill in the blanks with the appropriate  expressions .

Requesting & Requesting assistance





Accepting                                                                                  Expressing Gratitude

____________________________                         ______________________________________________________

____________________________                         ______________________________________________________

____________________________                         ______________________________________________________





Önemli not

You’re welcome   ( önemli değil)                  Not at all ( önemli değil)

Adjectives              Adverbs

selfish                     selfishly              Ali is a ____________ boy. He behaves ______________

helpful                    helpfully            Sue is a ____________ girl. She  bahaves  _____________

happy                       happily             “ I’m very ___________” she said _______________

good                         well                   You  are a __________person. I know you very _________

quick                         quickly              Be _________ please. We should get  home  __________

bad                           badly                  ___________ people   thinks  ___________

clean                       cleanly                I like  wearing  __________ clothes.

easy                         easily                  I can  solve __________ problems ___________

careful                    carefully             _____________ drivers drive their car  ______________

slow                        slowly                 Snails are very _______ animals. They move __________.

beautiful                beautifully         Cinderella is a ____________ girl. So, her stepsisters are

                                                             jealous of her.

Expressing your Feelings               Expressing your thoughts , ideas about a manner or person

I’m  very    BORED.                                      This film is very BORING.

I’m INTERESTED in taking photos.            I like taking INTERESTING  photos.

I ‘m very TIRED                                            because  working in the garden is too TIRING.

I’m very AMUSED.                                      Making cookies are  AMUSING.

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