6 sinif ingilizce dedective at workcriminal words


arson to intentionally start a fire, intended to hurt people or buildings

assault to attack or attempt to attack and physically hurt a person, with or without a weapon

bullying to tease, upset, hurt physically, socially and emotionally another person

burglary to enter unlawfully to a place to commit a felony or a theft

counterfeiting to falsify, with intention to use, money or other paper documents

crime scene the place where the illegal act took place

evidence proof of the crime taking place and who did it

fraud to convert or obtain money or properties under false pretense for example bad checks

homicide to kill another human being

kidnapping to illegally restrain someone against their will, with the intention of getting money for their release

mugging to illegaly obtain another person’s posessions in an open public place. Can include violence

murder to kill intentionally another person

music piracy to buy music (online or physically) which is not produced by the recording company

pickpocketing to take out things like phones, iPods, wallets, from the clothing pockets of someone without them noticing

robbery to take, or attempt to take anything of value from somebody else by force or threat of violence

shoplifting to take something from a shop knowingly without paying for it

steal to take someone’s property without their consent

vandalism to willfully and maliciously destroy or injury any sort of public or private property without the owner’s consent

witness the person who sees a crime and who did it and can verify it

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