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A. Rewrite the sentences. Use the structures in the brackets. ( 8* 3 = 24 points. )

  1. I didn’t eat spicy food till the age of 25, but now I like it ( didn’t use to )

  1. Sally always played in the street after school when she was little ( used to )

  1. Don’t speak loudly or you will be dismissed from library ( had better )

  1. My father was never in the habit of driving fast. ( didn’t used to )

  1. Is wrong of you to ignore your mother’s advice ( shouldn’t )

  1. Avoid chewing gum when you are in formal situations ( should / shouldn’t )

  1. There was a cinema at this corner in the past. ( used to )

  1. It was possible for her to speak Italian because she was born in Italy. ( could )

B. Fill in the blanks with the right form of the verbs in the brackets ( 11 * 3

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