6 sinif secmeli ingilizce test

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6 sinif secmeli ingilizce test

6 sinif secmeli ingilizce test



   Circle the correct answer. ( Doğru cevabı işaretleyin.) 20×5=100puan    


  1. Sema: Would you like some spaghetti?      


    Eren: No, thanks. _______________


  1. I like spaghetti.      B) It is my favorite.


C) I’m full.D) It’s all gone.



  1. I ____________ go to the cinema. I don’t like watching films.


  1. usually             B) never


  C)  often                D) always



  1. The ninth month of the year is ______ .

    A) January               B) June

    C) October               D) September


  1. Donald: Do you _______ your friends after     school?

    Kim:   Yes. We play football in the park.

  1. rest                     B) meet

   C) leave                    D) tidy


  1. Alex: What do you do after school?

    Peter: I usually ___________ for an hour because I feel very tired after school.


  1. do my homework     B) play basketball

   C) leave home                 D) rest


  1. Tim:     ______ is your birthday?

     Maria: It is on the tenth of February.

  1. What                            B) Where

    C) When                            D) Why


  1. In the morning , I _________ a sandwich and my cousin ___________ milk.

    1. eat / drink          B) eats / drinks

   C) eats / drink          D) eat / drinks


  1. ______ they go swimming at the  weekends?

    1. Are                       B) Do

   C) Does                     D) Is


  1. DATE : 16/06/1978

A) The sixteen of June, nineteen seventyeight.B) The sixteenth of June , nineteen seventyeight.C) The sixteenth of July, ninety seventyeight.D) The sixteen of July, ninety seventyeight.


10. What is the day between Monday and Wednesday?

A) Tuesday                 B) Thursday

C) Sunday                    D) Saturday


11. I have dance classes _____ 3:30 _______ Fridays and Sundays.


A) at / in                    B) in / on

C) at / on                   D) on / at






  My Daily Routine

Hi, My name is Tom.  I don’t get up early at the weekend. Because I don’t go  to school. I usually have breakfast at nine with my family. I help my mum. Then I meet my friends. We play soccer or basketball together. I like spending time with my friends. I do my homework before dinner. I have dinner at 7 p.m. I read a book. I go  to bed at ten o’clock.

( 12. ve13. Soruları metne göre cevaplayınız.)

12.  What time does Tom have breakfast in the morning? 

A)  At 9.                         B)  At eight.

C)  At six.                       D)  At 10.


13.  What does Tom do before dinner? A) He meets his friends.

  1. He helps his mum.
  2. He reads a book.
  3. He does his homework.


14. Junk food is _________________ .


A) good for health             B) nutritious

C) unhealthy                      D) healthy


15. I like cheese and olives, ______ I don’t like honey and mushroom.

A) because                 B) but

C) and                        D) so


16. Thank you for the omelette. It’s very ______________.

A) favourite              B) unhealthy

C) delicious               D) full


17. A: Don’t eat chips. They aren’t ________.

      B: OK.

A) nutritious              B) unhealthy

C) junk food              D) traditional food




18. Boy: I’m hungry ,mom.

      Mom: OK. What do you want?

      Boy: I want _________ toast.

Mom: I’m sorry. There isn’t ______ bread.


A) any / any             B) some / some

C) any / some           D) some / any



19. Kate: Do you eat vegetables for                 breakfast?

     Tom: Yes, I eat ______________. I really         love them.


 A) cheese and olives     B) eggs and sausages

  1. butter and honey    
  2. tomatoes and cucumbers


20. Son: Can I have pizza mum?

Mum: I’m sorry. It’s ________________


A) full                             B) thanks

C) all gone                      D) yummy

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