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hobbies worksheet aktivities

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hobbies worksheet aktivities

hobbies worksheet aktivities



1. What is John’s hobby?

M: John, what are you doing now?

J: Nothing special, I want to relax after work.

M: How will you do it?

J: I usually read books, watch TV, go to the movies.

M: Don’t you have any hobbies, like gardening, jogging, stamp or books collecting or things like that?

J: No, I don’t have any hobbies. How about you?

M: I have just only one. It’s photography. It’s very expensive, but it’s a lot of fun!

J: May I see your pictures sometime?

M: Yes, of course. You’ll have a lot of fun!


2. Read and say what you collect:

N: There are a lot of paintings in your house. Do you collect paintings?

B: Yes, of course

N: For how long?

B: My grandmother used to collect them. And now I do, too.

N: Can you draw?

B: Yes, a little. But I’m not a professional artist. I simply do it for myself.

N: Can you tell me about your collection in details?

B: Yes, with pleasure.

N: When may I come?

B: Any time tomorrow afternoon.


3. What are the girls doing?

M: Is it your hobby, Liz?

L: Yes, gardening is my hobby. I’m fond of

planting seeds of flowers and vegetables.

M: Do you work every day?

L: Yes, of course.

M: Can I help you to work in the garden?

L: Sure, you can! Bring me the watering can; I have to water my tomatoes.

M: What else will you plant next?

L: I have some radish seeds to sow. I also have to fertilize my beans.

M: Do you use a chemical liquid?

L: Of course not! I use natural manure.

M: Here is your watering can, what else shall I do?

L: Maybe you can take off the weeds, and then you can take a spade and dig this small plot of land while I am picking up some carrots.


4. Change the underlined words:

A: Do you have a hobby?

B: Yes, I do. I like knitting and judo.

A: Judo? Isn't it by chance a kind of martial art?

B: Yeah, yeah, this is a martial art.

A: But knitting and judo are absolutely different things! Knitting is understandable. Many girls like knitting. But judo! Amazing! When did you start doing judo?

B: 10 years ago. I started doing judo when I was at school. That's why the boys of my class were always afraid of me.

A: I see. And your first hobby?

B: Knitting is a very relaxing activity. My grandma taught me. Besides, it's a way to save money. I knit fashionable scarves, caps and sweaters for myself. Look, I have knitted this sweater myself. Do you like it?

A: It's very… original.

B: It’s fine, even if you don't like it, you can tell the truth, I won't hurt you!


5. Change the dialogue:

T: Do you like music?

L: Yes, I do. I adore music.

T: I like music too.

L: Do you like jazz, Tom?

T: No, I don’t like it very much. Do you?

L: Well, yes, I do. I’m a real fan of Boney James.

T: Oh, does he play the piano?

L: Yes, he does and he also plays the saxophone.

T: Is he a famous musician?

L: Certainly, he is. He played in the famous group of Morris Day. Now he is in the Top40 Billboard. He issued many albums. They are nice indeed.

T: Well, I prefer classical music. Maybe we go to the concert of classical music sometime?

L: That will be nice!


6. Your experience:

What is a hobby? What is your hobby? Is your hobby safe or dangerous? Why did you start your hobby? How many hours a week do you spend on your hobby? Does your hobby interfere with your study? Does your hobby influence your

choice of friends? Does your hobby influence your life? Is your hobby difficult? Is your hobby expensive? Is your hobby useful? Does your hobby help you anyway? Is your hobby relaxing? Can you make money from your hobby? Do your friends like your hobby?

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