11 sinif ingilizce listening exam

PAST TENSE (Each correct answer is 5 points. Total 50 points.)

A.LISTENING I-) Part I- Listen to Maggie and choose the correct alternative

1. When did Maggie fly to Puerto Rico?

a) July 23rd b) August 4th c) July 22nd

2. Who was worried on the plane?

a) Maggie b) Pablo c) her friend

3. When did Maggie meet her host family?

a) July 23rd b) August 4th c) July 22nd

4. What language did Pablo and Sonia speak?

a) English b) Puerto Rican c) Spanish

5. Maggie felt _____________ because she didn’t understand them.

a) excited b) frustrated c) exhausted

Part.II Listen to these statements and choose T (true) or F (false).

1. Charlie and Maggie were on a trip. T F

2. Maggie was worried on the plane. T F

3. Pablo and Sonia weren’t friendly. T F

4. Charlie’s Spanish was good, so he wasn’t frustrated. T F

5. Maggie and Charlie weren’t homesick after the first few days. T F

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